Jubilee Monthly Meeting 24 April 2024

Present: Ciel, Clem, Ronny, Max, Stijn, Katleen, Jesse. Online: Katya

Proposal agenda (possibly to reorder when deciding time per item):

NB: do timekeeping, be sharp on decisions and create a to do list. try to do things in tandem. NNB: interventions should be concise...4h meetings are very/too long and everyone should feel encouraged to bring topics to the meeting AND to speak up. -Presentation Eavatea using DasArts feedback method + working groups (1-1:30h) /Break/ -Date/location Reading Room 32 by Atlas of Ovens team (10min) -Programme summer school & residence Kunsthal 1st week of July + working group (30min) -Dates Casco September (5 min) -Dates Monthly Meetings September-December (10 min) -Situation Meyboom (10 min)
-Meyboom Festival 4 & 5 May - possibility to screen films/show works & publications, etc (10 min) -28 & 29/5: ruangrupa @KFDA (5 min) -International Artist-run Hangout 14-16 June (15 min) -To do list / report edit: by whom -...what else? Idea working groups?

Timekeeping, be sharp on decisions and create a to do list. try to do things in tandem. Ronny: how about sharing responsibilty for the monthly meeting? Who sends out the invitation with the agenda? Who is leading the meeting? Katleen

Interventions should be concise Max proposes the gesture of sawing the lower arm with the hand.

Presentation Eavatea using DasArts feedback method + working groups (1-1:30h) Strict method. One maker showing a work in development, and a group giving feedback. Maker receives all remarks as presents, taking notes, not speaking (too quickly). More about the work than who is speaking. If they speak, speak from a third place/objective/distance, not subjective/personal. Maker presents, and then 4 rounds of 10 minutes each. In our case, 1 maker has responsibility of taking the notes: Katleen.


Presentation by Max on Eavatea

DasArt feedback method by Ciel (Adapted below according to pictures taken) (katleen)

Affirmative Round by non-makers

Stijn: aestehics work well interaction between gestures, traces, practices

Katya: structure on right column content and design well structured navigation short and concise

Jesse: balance visual and text visual prominence without being gratuit balance level of relations

Stijn: geogaphic relations and many other relations, not one taking prominence

Clementine: layering of practices, not one single practice: landscape practices

jesse: not talk about projects

Ronny: order in overwhelming amount of info. generates own dynamic.

Stijn: positive it stays chaotic

Katya: crediting contributors.

Katleen: possibility to show, create active relationships collaborate and activate at the moment of using the tool what is not possible in another website

I NEED Round

Jesse: replace words like projects with gesture nice but we need to explain it: glossary of terminology used.

Stijn: complexity of certain practices, can one overpower others (this is a question, not need)

Katya: more lightness in visual form. need 3 or 4 D dimension to it multidimensional, other perspective like a globe do the forms stay black? Yes, more mysterious landing page, and concrete further on.

Clementine need more reference to a map and the sea between shards/islands distinction between all levels; gestures, traces:::

need more contemporary design
need understand that it is a map

Max: more about storytelling intro and context

Max: tell the story of collaboration frame collaborations, describe them, not only clicking from one to the next


-Who will use the platform?

Katja: how to make it alive, relationships, how can a flow of life pass through it?

Stijn: From which disciplinary fields will users come from?

Jesse: how to keep an overview when it gets too full of shards. For example use depth, landscape, colors. How to keep it meaningful, interesting and readeable.

Katja: how to make clear what is new, important, different than other websites

Max: how can it be performed for the visitor and producer outside of the web? In a program, public presentation?

Jesse: how to contact the tool? Contact the contributors? How can the tool be shared?

Clem: not try to upload everything, what is the minimum content to show the potential of this tool? Choose content In relation to other projects, not only your own projects. What is the scenario?

How is it curated? Which practices are allowed?

POST-IT ROUND (adapted according to pictures taken (Katleen)

write topics on post-it notes that relate to the tool: how to improve the tool through creating working groups

topics written down:



Image Selection/Editing

testing Group, Working with external contributors

Scaling/new domains/partners

Back Office/ Uploading/ governance/ finance

Performing Physical ways of expressing the tool

Curation CARE( self-censor) / not gatekeeping/ share/ distribute Inclusion/exclusion/accessibility

Censor Commission

Qualifying links/Quality rather than quantity of relations. Showing in more clear ways (explaining would kill them)

Storytelling/trajectories/ timeframe

user friendliness/Collective uploading protocol

Research presentation tool (individual and collective research)

Activating the tool

Collaborating tool

Open it to other users/federating

Creating working groups to improve the tool


GRAPHIC DESIGN: easy navigation, visual storytelling, design of landing (gesture) page

PERSPECTIVE: innovation and research, relations, visualizing, relational dynamics, research tool, visual representation of connections between practices, qualifying links-storytelling links

curate the tool, coordination of curation, censor commission, editing text and images, image selection, proof reading, create meaning with trajectories between elements, care for links, share and distribue the tool, inclusion and exclusion (who, what gets access)

uploading protocols, human interface, uploading sessions, user friendly and easy and intiuitive uploading,

governance of the tool

governance, financing, creation of working groups

how to activate and perform the tool in the digital AND physical world, tool for collaboration

COMMUNITIES OF USERS: accessibility, working with external contributors, external meetings and generation of views on the website, 
groups that test new things, include new domains, disciplines and partners, scaling the tool, federate to make collaborations with more communities possible without making physical meetings impossible.

= WORKING GROUPS General issues

Graphic design_ Uploading and Backoffice_content fermentation: working sessions of small working group with AC: discovering bugs, needs, uploading problems, design...

= WORKING GROUPS for Summerschool

Graphic design: Katya has examples? Content fermentation: Dewey Library (Vincent?), Scott's Ale project Governance: Ronny & Jesse on Vooruit visits with Katinka, Stijn: artist cooperative in Ghent Activation: 4 July live conversation nadine in Ghent Communities of users: Ciel and Max: 4 July visit to common garden in Moeskroen Perspective: V&H: 5 july public moment: presentations Eric Bordeleau, Aline, Louis

-> Everybody: which theme do you feel affinity with? Forming working groups.

Brief discussion to end the session:

Grid doesnt help to mapping as a storytelling device. It's not what we wanted, how to solve it? A more organic constellation, grouping in terms of content. K: I like the shaded beaches, rather than a nature-like representation (islands-sea). That would make the map into a god’s eye view representation, which we wanted to avoid. The Tupaia map is also a combination of the mercator grid and of his own representations of navigating (based on stories, movement of fish etc...) M: Does not have to be a god’s eye view representation Cl: Find a balance between our existing notions of maps and new ways of mapping. Ci: At the moment, geographic maps aren't really visible. R: How to recompose the torn-off fragments of a cartesian map?


Date/location Reading Room 32 by Atlas of Ovens team (10 min)

RR 31 yesterday worked well, also as an example of how the mapping tool could work if you're in the same place. Even if Vincent wasn't there.

Max Clem & Ciel could consider swapping because they have an intervention at KFDA (Kitchen Stories) on 29th. Skipping that one. Maybe doing it on 11 June, instead of Louise, who could do hears during Summer School at Kunsthal early July. -> Ronny asks Louise

Proposals dates Reading Rooms, Monthly Meetings September-December, Casco September (15 min)

Casco: weekend 20-22 September? NB 15/9 VH will send funding application. Before that, they're absent. Ciel & Max ditto. Presentation of Eavatea - performing the practice through the tool. And governance elements, commoning <-> cooperative. VH & Atlas of Ovens. VH's show opens on the 29/9-12/10 -> Check/confirm with Aline Casco

Monthly meetings: 18/9 16/10 13/11 11/12

-> Ronny tries to confirm Kunsthal residency, week starting 18 or 25 Nov

Reading rooms: 24/9, Stijn 22/10 19/11 17/12

-> Jesse proposes these dates and creates a collective calendar in Nextcloud

Programme summer school & residence Kunsthal 1st week of July + working group (30min)

On dynamics between a commons and a cooperative. Ghent as a cooperative city. (Clémentine and Filip won't be there, Vincent very uncertain)

Everyone proposes a topic? Ask Stijn, Louise, Katya, Jesse ? Garden in Mouscron, Ciel proposes. Needs to be Thursday ? Visit to Godin factory in Guise Thursday & Friday public moments, evenings Work on the mapping tool collectively. Organise multiple working sessions, maybe using the themes that came out of today's feedback session? Connecting planned activities to themes for the mapping tool (governance, perspective, activation would work for sure). Maybe not all need to be represented during summer school.

Activitation: 4/7 Live Conversation nadine

Perspective: -Visits. -> Jesse finds out about relevant places to visits. Check contemporary artist's cooperative (Zakelijk leider Kunsthal knows). Check Katinka's research at Viernulvier.
-5/7 public moment Eric B, Aline H, Louis

Governance (Ronny): -Vooruit/Viernulvier

Working sessions connect 3, working on Dewey Library: -Graphic design -Content fermentation -Uploading & backoffice

Communities of users: -4/7 Jardin ouvriers Mouscron

Eavatea finalizing

Bugs need resolving, but not all bugs are in the quote by AC. -> How to solve this? Who takes contact with Julie?

Situation Meyboom (10 min)

2nd floor is out per 15 September, most probably. Koramic sees some possibilities but none of them are very likely.
-> Jesse forwards letter

Do we need an office? Using space at MAX? Zinneke? Constant?

Meyboom Festival 4 & 5 May - possibility to screen films/show works & publications, etc (10 min)

-> Jesse forwards programme

28 & 29/5: ruangrupa @KFDA (5 min)

30/5, 18-19:30 Atlas of Ovens at KDFA Kitchen Talks

International Artist-run Hangout 14-16 June (15 min)

Sunday afternoon: public programme. -> Jesse forwards programme

Jubilee news May & June + 1st week of July

-> Everybody send info, images+captions, link

Editing this report: by Max <3