28 February 2024 Jubilee montly meeting

Present: Ciel, Katleen, Louise, Justin, Jesse, Ronny

Meeting with MuHKA & CKV (Nav & Evi), Ronny presented the mapping tool and the outline of our program proposal. They responded positive.

NB: CKV is (partly) Erfgoed, so there was a question regarding the funding of specific activities that would benefit CKV - on 4/03 Ronny spoke to the art administration of VG, and they mentioned that it was about the working relation between inviting institution and artists. So indeed we concluded that CKV should contribute as a separate entitity to the program budget. Also provide a separate letter of support.

Meeting with Kunsthal - online... Ronny presented the mapping tool and the outline of our program proposal. Danielle responded positive.

Louise & Julie send a more detailed proposal "Outline Legal programme Jubilee Common Shards Mapping tool" Process, internal relationships, external relationships.
Agreements written/unwritten /Ownership over 'Ghent: How to live together', Danielle is interested. Not interesting without Grace, but not sure how to approach. Actually, Grace's position is more applauded than ours. Who can help her represent it? Kate Mayne/SOFAM?
Amsterdam Sandberg: MFA on archiving

Part of the nadine programme: hackaton meeting to find existing practices to open up the law and generate new points of view: what do they find in the law that could lay the basis for interesting questions/ inspiring approaches to the law. (Constant yes or no? OSP yes, Maria Francesca De Tulio, academics. Erik Bordeleau could be interesting to involve for the legal approach of digital commons. Artists should also be involved(?) )

MuHKA and CKV: interrsting/problematic overlaps of institutional roles and floating notions of 'archive' and 'collection' See: https://wp.assets.sh/uploads/sites/4943/2020/02/WHITEPAPER_CKV_2017.pdf

The legal programme should not merely be a legal programme: important to find parallels and format to facilitate them.

Ciel made a 3-fold sketch of the tool design. See mail.

Name of the tool: see "naming.doc". Let's vote by listing the names you'd be happy with. Name that is most often mentioned wins?

Calender / Dates for the program: 1/Summerschool, integrated in the first residency period in Kunsthal, should be 1 -> 6 July 2024, so that we can spread the programme properly.

2/Second residency period is now proposed as: 30/09 to 3/10/2024

3/Kunsthal festival / Openbare Werken: 22 - 25/05/2025

3/Muhka: current proposal either Feb or June 2025: three weeks with public moments during weekends

(from now on in the meeting we worked in the spreadsheet about the programme)