31/01/2024 Artist's meeting at Vincent's studio Clémentine, Ronny, Jesse, Vincent, Max, Katleen

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Agenda -preparing the project application deadline 15 March      .outline doc      .function      .planning      .title      .overview of upcoming meeting with partners      .work planning application -short evaluation reading room -planning annual report vgc (Deadline 31 March) + date general assembly + Board Meeting - new members vzw? - supernova coop - Smart stops their activity as an SBK/interim, meaning they won't do interim contracts anymore. Who of us uses this? -Jubilee for project application Brussels Artist-run Network (Anderlecht Cultuurdienst)? -An invitation to Jubilee for a first meeting on Kanal's Commons Project with Gregory Castera. Jesse, Ronny & Katleen will go to hear more about potential plans/proposals/ideas... -Anyuta Wiazemski aks Jubilee to support her project application - Vincent VAF Impulspremie - Proposal to support the application of Asa and Mercedes to 'Nalatenschap Kunstenaars'

Proposal to support the application of Asa and Mercedes to 'Nalatenschap Kunstenaars' for Sturm & Lie They applied and made it to the second round, but have been refused because weren't embedded enough. Ronny introduced them to Kunsthal They lack insitutional network and context (the proposal lacked an objective point of view). DYI. Very . Book linked to a little - church Collage of churches in Athens. From 1993. Book from 2021. Jubilee is approached for support - by letter and organise a programme with them to contextualize their work. - Summer school: 24 works from the past to build the narrative of their application. - Shards programme: Mapping tool as archiving instrument ? Keep Sturm & Lie's archive dynamic - to reactivate some ?

organising a public program around their archives at projection room, many videos online from 1989 onwards: https://www.sturm-lie.be/

Vijai is working at Kiosk as an embedded artist - enactment of his proposal. Merzedes is working in that context, organising the public programme.

-> R&K ask for their first proposal. Intention: keep work/archive alive. Aesthetics are close to Montevideo, Anne-mie Van Kerckhoven, etc

New members vzw? Stijn is working together with Elien Ronse, who also often came to our events. We can invite her to join the vzw? Try to collaborate at least once, and not just invite? We need to get to know her practice. When can we see her work? -> Jesse asks

Asa found Jubilee through Katya's residence performance at Kanal/K10. She often comes, with Merzedes, no question of becoming a member but could be interesting to consider relationships. Not clear if she's still artistic as an artist - but the archive is very relevant artistic research. Let's get to know them better, possibly through inviting them for Summer School/programme to be organised.

More members: benefit or are there limits? How many people can we comfortably work with?

Proposal Anyuta Wiazemski (coordinator of NICC) Married a woman here, Fiction & reality. (Kim Snauwaert - part of Clem's master). Russian. Belgian citizenship acquired. Project application 15th March : Her becoming a belgian was a non event. The procedure works as follows: If you don't receive any news related to your application, then it means that you are. A ritual is missing. The proposal works on the missed welcome celebration Had a walking project with Nadine. TO FOLLOW UP: R&K get more information on the proposal and question to us.

Project Application avoid disparity of practices so three central ideas as the porte-manteau (to put the meat on the bone). See https://ethertoff.caveat.be/w/jubilee_meetings::2024_01_22-3.md

  • Tool as narrative device
  • Tool as collective organisation
  • Tool as distribution / presentation module to an audience and peers -Tool as federation model (warning it looks like a fourth part, inbetween internal collective and external peers)

To Translate into a tool

important is that the three phase are : - experiment - instrument - distribution


  1. ARTMap as artistic experiment (collective storytelling medium)
  2. the idea of counter mapping (no static map)
  3. from which arises a specific forms and activities (collective curation)
  4. that allow a certain fragmented narrative dynamics that activate relationships between the different charged documents activate from the different practices vb: publication tool, archiving, bibiography, performance....

  5. INFRASTRUCTURE Map as a collective tool (internal management)

  6. economic fact - how to concretize this: fair license? open source? coop?
  7. collective curation - a social dynamic underlying how the tool generates content, but is also managed
  8. commoning and mutualism - pursuing collective,long-term funding

  9. PROLIFERATION Map as community, external peers and audience (distribution) Ecology of research practices Local : our peers (production-presentation) / the public / cultural partners International : federate - foreign peers currently active in proto-type may eventually develop their own map/local dynamics how to keep this together ? how to multiply the map....


Production Reflection and Presentation

PROGRAM - can only start 15 September. Muhka -10 K- how this could be smthg to help them to put their archive online. Nadine -5K- 4 conversations (2 speaking partners Nad + 2 speaking partners Jub ) it is in one of their program Kunsthal -10K- 2 x1 week residency + public presentation (collective authorship)

VG : 50-60.000 €

Severine developing a sale contract for / Agency Science Po will move from Namur in Paris -

  • following the idea of the Caveat programme in Muhka - LODGER Mapping tool as an "excuse" to make those programmes. Everyone has to prepare a presentation (including preparation + a production moment )

programme is a build up in 3 parts towards the tool being used and spread

Future Perspective - distribution

It's a long term plan. How to distribute the tool...is too early. By 15 September the tool needs to be filled. Or by the time the commission reads the proposal? Limit programme to 1 year in order to not ask too large a budget?

Kunsthal / Danielle also interested in archiving the Tondelier project

Festival Openbare Werken April 2025 - possibility for a presentation of the tool. het festival “Openbare Werken” in de publieke ruimte van Gent, georganiseerd door Tot in de Stad! (TIDS), een Gents netwerk van 9 partnerorganisaties, waaronder Kunsthal Gent, het Stadsatelier van VIERNULVIER (het vroegere Vooruit), de Koer, Manoeuvre, Jong Gewei, CAMPUSatelier en de beide kunstscholen.

How to provide longterm financing

Jesse suggests using Jubilee as the "excuse" rather than the tool itself. "a reflection on artistic ecologies" Vincent: but now we're working for peanuts, a programme like this needs serious funding. This is a solution to do things with the sort of money that we can get at the moment. Max: but we need a project, Jubilee is not a project Ronny - the tool is the thing that we gather around - an externalisation of the collaboration. It's a practical response to the funding problems. an object / artistic proposal that would work as a topic for project application

As the function is Production: What is the "object" : trace + public + framework? Programme wirh activities and exhibition, on 3 levels - so it has relevance on levels of artistic, governance and distribution

15 march deadline costs can start only after 15 September Non-public preparations can be done before and paid for by co-producers.

each meeting with the partners should be a "workshop" - paid. Then we can work more intensely on the tool, but not necessarily public. that can be only in Sept.

Programme like at Lodgers, with conversations, small exhibition, etc.

Vincent - Maybe Kanal is a way to get more funding. Careful: R&K will apply for project funding for their Kanal walks - 15 September. Part of the project is its implication for the Kanal collection.

Gregory has a budget for a three year program "Museum of the Commons". Commoning in different contexts, including major institution but not exclusively. Our meeting must be seen in this context: he's meeting all (local) commoners. Detailed stragegy in June, main outline: -world history of the commons -20 events May 2024 and December 2026, various formats. To what extend can them bring perofamtive works intot their collection ? Guy invited Kate Mc Intosh (SPIN). Testing scenario for collecting live art - what kind of contract do we need for this ? Ronny said he could be part of that discussion. Symposium + walks.

Having Kanal as part of the application for the mapping tool would jeopardise it. TO FOLLOW UP: Vincent will add the precise description of the programme that Gregory Castera will develop over the course of the next 3 years at Kanal

Diving deeper into the outline of the project application

  1. ARTMap as artistic experiment (collective storytelling medium) 1) translating walking practices, or outside practice into a mapping tool (7 walks, Atlas of Ovens) 2) a bibliography (connecting to the Dewey redaing rooms) 3) immaterial heritage 4) a publication tool (Atlas of Ovens, Lactating Bodies) 5) consider a narrative of countermapping (more dynamic, chaotic,... ) or Emily Rosamont : surveillance capitalism linked to finance 6) how can the map function as presentation tool (parallel program of the individual show) 7) reseach tool

  2. INFRASTRUCTURE Map as a collective tool (internal management) 8) relational tool, necessity of management: shared authorships ) - how to govern the tool . during meetings "what did you upload" a way to interact with each's research in process, towards a collective decision on what can be connected. 9) an archiving tool in a dynamic form 10) the map as an economical framework 11) the map as a legal framework 12) Maintenance of the map

Vincent: Many functions. Risk of coming accross as chaotic in the application. To what extent is the mapping tool accessible for others? It needs to come with narratives that are readible, workable.

Can we activate references from the history of mapping that can be used as a support to understand the subjects we are treating

Narrative of countermapping: programme on Tupaia, Piranesi, Debord, Calvino, Borges, etc Frederique Aït Touati. + Alexandra Arènes, Paris (Terra forma) http://s-o-c.fr/index.php/ncd/ Teresa Castro / Paris - Cinema program ? https://www.revue-textimage.com/03_cartes_plans/castro1.htm

critical zone : exhibition : https://zkm.de/en/exhibition/2020/05/critical-zones Jérôme Gaillardet (geochimist) : https://journals.openedition.org/rac/25340#ftn1

Robert Storr (US curator) / Maps & legends / NYC Maps by artists https://assets.moma.org/documents/moma_catalogue_436_300293631.pdf

-> Thinking Images / Iconography level to indtroduce each chapter

  1. PROLIFERATION Map as community, external peers and audience (distribution) To be looked at in a double sense: How can the tool address an audience? Think of it as an instrument that needs to be played, the tool needs to be activitated. Audience wouldnt have access to the tool, but to specific activations of the tool. 13) Project application should be focusing on a collective programme on counter mapping (as an artistic experiment, as a tool, as a community infrastructure) ? Maps as property-making machine

Counter mapping film programme: Teresa Castro,

Come up with innovative notions on how to keep the mapping project afloat: governance/finance/maintenance, activities that bring a social dynamics

Programme on collective authorship:
AC explained their specific ways of working with open source tools: consider a cooperative as a model to understand how to govern a tool. Legal form that takes multiple authorship

In practice, authorship of the tool and its contents is something that needs to be solved beforehand. Caroline Woolard

So the production is a series of public moments to talk about the mapping tool in the making?

Why don't we include the tool? AC has been working in isolation, we have hardly been working on it. Clementine & Max have worked on it all day yesterday, VH will tomorrow with Nadine.

Planning annual report vgc (Deadline 31 March) + date general assembly + Board Meeting

27 March Jubilee meeting in afternoon. Board meetign & General Assembly in the evening?

Jubilee for project application Brussels Artist-run Network (Anderlecht Cultuurdienst) - Introduce a budget at the commune ! 5k, need a legal body, Jubilee could do it, Jesse as coordinator of Jubilee, came to known all of the actors of the scene, then it makes sense to support the application through Jubilee

Vincent VAF Impulspremie / filmlab For new film "The Storyteller" based on the writings byWalter Benjamin Ibiza : issues about narration in reltion with "experience". Through Jubilee, but with Genevieve as an adviser/producer for the budget part + contact part on how to raise the budget needed.


Katya Kusntendecreet project Katya is willing to introduce a projectsubsidy for Lactating Bodies - which otherwise finishes as a project - or a Beurs. FrART has been sent.

Received money for Development, which is now continuing with resdiencies in Strombeek and Kunsthal. (Julie is managing the residency programme at Strombeek at the moment) Strombeek residency is supposed to be sculptural, but no according budget. Production budget would be a possiblity, Strombeek and Kunsthal would be ideal co-producers, but conversations need to happen. Budget draft looks like 4 projects, actually. Vincent: do less, kill some darlings.
Include subproject for publication in application for performance-video or the one for sculpture.

Supernova coop Jubilee can become a cooperant. -> Jesse will set in action.

Reading Room debrief
Filip could have explained a bit better why Dewey and the library are so relevant. How is The School of Public Life interesting for him and his practice. Maybe it was a bit too much like the previous reading rooms.
Audience could have been more: invite more actively ? But the space is also very limited. What if 15 people show up ?
Clémentine has a plan for next RR around Ranciere's Ignorant Schoolmaster To be dsicussed with Filip & Helene