Jubilee Artist meeting 23 Oct 2023

Vleugelstraat 100, Schaarbeek Present: Max, Louise, Stijn, Vincent, Ronny, Katleen, Jesse Excused: Katya, Clementine, Filip, Helene, Ciel, Justin

agenda: 1. board of directors 1. daily management 1. debriefing project application 1. monthly meetings planning 1. plan 2024 1. budget 2024 1. kunsthal gent event 1. innoviris 1. upcoming news & newsletter?

  1. board of directors Zeynep proposes to step back from the board; since this requires to be published in the Moniteur we should also consider other upcoming changes (see also under 2.). These are all linked to the recent enlargment of Jubilee to allow for nex people that recently joined to step in if they want to:

Justin's board position should be rotated? Who would like to step in?

-> board members carry the legal responsibility of the acts of the organisation. -> 2 meetings per year: one to approve the budget for the next year; one in combination with a General Assembly to acquit the board members.

  1. daily management Daily management needs to be rotated or renewed The current composition Jesse (coordination > 20/12), Vincent (artistic dir), Ronny (admin dir).

As a team of people carrying responsiblities. can continue with 3, but could also be more. Tasks: Phone & mail Bookkeeping (VAT or not?) & financial followup Payments and invoices Communication: website, newsletter, social media Fundraising & reporting Contracting

What can we do with the little structural funding? What can be done with additional project funding -> case per case decision?

NB mapping partners do provide a budget, independently of project funding BUT are for the project and shouldn't be spent before Sept 2024. : 10.000 Kunsthal 10.000 MHKA 5.000 nadine

-Film fund counts 17,5% of project budget as overhead cost.
-Max & Ciel did budget overhead as well, more ad hoc than a percentage....
-Stijn's project for Muizen will be managed by Stijn & Eline themselves, but paid for simply as artist's fee.

Communication: newspage, newsletter, social media...but which projects? (Artists themselves provide information, images etc)
Optional, in case project budget allows: Jubilee newsletter format for individually communicated project news.

Max & Ciel have a non-profit 'Heisa', which could be continued.

Proposal: 17,5% could inscribed in the budgets of all projects, as of now. The percentage is based on film fund VAF practice. The percentage could be added to the actual cost of producing the project, and then that amount is redistributed to different overhead costs: rent, admin cost, accounting, insurance, coordination. In that way it can cover costs that relate to: -co-writing project applications -managing all project money (grants, co-production, sales) -paying invoices (out) / writing invoices (in) -accounting + VAT accounting -co-writing final reports -communication (newspage; newsletter; social media) -archiving

INDICATIVE EXAMPLE: artist X applies for a grant OUT: 58.750,- for artist fees, collaborators' fees and material costs to realize a work to a total of: 50.000,- overhead costs added (17,5%): 8750,- this is distributed over: rent: 500 admin cost (supplies, telephone...): 750 accounting: 1500 (based on average accouting cost 2017-2022: 3%) coordination work: 6000,-

IN: 58.750,- co-production: 6000,- grant Flemish Comm: 52.750,-

Result of the application: Grant Flemish Comm. obtained 40.000,- (instead of 52.750,-)

Recalculation of IN: 46.000,- Recalculation of OUT: artist fees etc: 37.950,- (82,5%) overhead: 8050,- (17,5%)

1 Full time coordinator costs 65.000,- / year This mode of operating will only work on condition that all artists participate in it...

Since there is at this moment no financial basis to fall back onto it is the only way to have a kind of continuity in the Jubilee office in the future. The projects that are currently running do not need to be considered under this mode of working, they can contribute on a voluntary basis, but it is clear that we need to come to a decision if this is the mode of opertating for future applications.

Extra consideration 1: If a grant application is successful then the costs for overhead will not be invoiced to the artist. If the application is not successful, then the costs for co-writing the application will be invoiced to the artist a rato of 50,-/hour (excl 21% VAT).

Extra consideration 2: What if 6 of 11 artists want to apply for funding on 15 March? How would we deal with the overload of work? What kind of planning would it take? Would outsourcing part of it be advisable?

Max: what if the reporting isn't accepted and the last tranche isn't granted....who takes the risk, artist or Jubilee? Ronny: Jubilee has never been in this situation. If the report is handed in too late, because of negligence on the part of the aritist, then it would be his responsibility. If it's based on misuse of money (which in principle is not possible because Jubilee manages the budget), it would also be the responsibility of the artist. If it's money not spent, due to delays in the planning - we can usually prolong the spending period, but worse case we can come up with overlapping costs of we can use an invoice for future work to be executed. Both scenarios should be avoided.

  1. debriefing project application


Vincent: calender was very short after July 5 meeting and as a first exercise of working with a larger group, it lacked some collective know-how. We can regret but should focus on upcoming deadlines.

Max: collective writing is a learning process. From an existing collective project - with its disagreements - and a collective (writing of a) project application wasn't an obvious step. Project needed to become more tangible by a taking of steps that only happens now.

Katleen: tool and reflection on it can evolve together. Urgency of making it happen in September, or waiting 1 year to see the money.

Vincent: relevance of the tool for 'reflection', on level of the scene, is maybe a bit early to be claimed.

Stijn: For some practices, it's easier to relate to the mapping tool than others. The basic thing to do: making the tool through the practice.

Max: Is a collective project always carried by the entirety of the collective?

Louise: The nice thing about a collective project is if the collecitive can together direct it in a certain



  1. monthly meetings plan: when?

Max: No Thurs/Fri until april/may

Stijn: No Mon morning, Tuesday moeinf

Louise: No Tuesdays. Prefer evenings

Vincent: open (but will most probably start to partly live abroad. Estimate : from June to November 2024)

Ronny: open

Katleen: open

Jesse: open

Clementine teaches on Monday

Ciel is giving workshops so irregular schedule.

Filip & Helene?


Proposal: Last Wednesday of the month...from 14h + apero. - 22 November (exceptional, at Kunsthal Gent followed by evening programme), - 20 December (exceptional), - 31 January, - 28 February, - 27 March, - 24 April, - 29 May, - 26 June

  1. Plan 2024

Jesse recaps the Brief he sent per mail.

Vincent adds @ Mapping tool: future life of this website needs to be budgeted for years. Minimum 10 years.

Ecosystem: we can frame individual interests as projects that are followed up by Jubilee...if they are shared about, for instance in Monthly meetings, in reports that are sent around, in the Jubilee communication, etc...

  1. Budget 2024

Very close to project dossier. But with clear distinction what the overhead would do in case VG project doesnt go through (coordinator, office) Finances in:
-Coproductions projects in mapping tool
-membership fee -commission -VGC 26.500 -VG project 74.000 -VIA subsidy (will probably decrease without Jesse's employment)

  1. Innoviris

Testing scenario can start in June - which is when Ronny's post-graduate ends. Half of artists' income for work related to the mapping tool would go back to the collective pot of the project. Innoviris dossier would be the 'reflection' part of the work.

Tomorrow, Ronny sends an outline to have a intake meeting (next week). Deadline 30 November

Max support: 100.000€

  1. Kunsthal Gent event

22 November, 14h. Non-public part afternoon. Can be about Innoviris dossier.

Reading Room around The Conquest of Bread? And then this short film? https://vufku.org/en/found/bread/ Or this? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dough_and_Dynamite

Or Jorn film (perhaps with voice-over about Jorn's collective activities.

  1. Upcoming news & newsletter?

Covering November & December