your Jubilee meeting 23 June 2023 10:30-14h

People present: Katleen, Ronny, Max (until lunch break), Justin, Louise, Stijn, Jesse. From 12h: Katya Excused: Ciel, Clementine, Vincent

Retraite 5 July: first proposal Orangerie de Bierbais See: https://www.wikiwand.com/en/Les_Orangeries_de_Bierbais#Contemporary_reconfigurations

new proposal: Zinneke, Masuiplein Brussels See: https://www.zinneke.org/?lang=en

During their visit to the Orangerie de Bierbais Katleen and Ronny discussed the participation of the Orangerie in the Summerschool (see below and in the separate ethertof), but they also raised the question if a day's retraite on the domain could be possible. In principle it was, but the kitchen nor an inside space could be offered, and since it was merely a hosting event the Orangerie would need to ask for a contribution, in kind or cash. Veroique Depiesse (Zinneke) offered their hospitality and from that came a concrete proposal to do the retraite in Zinneke

Internal reform Working group with small amount (4-5?) people to make proposals for this?
Steyn declined the invitation.

Summer School 22-26 September Different locations in and around Brussels: Meyboom, radical_house, Filip's & Hélène's atelier, Organgerie Bierbais We make a round in the meeting during which each elaborates on his/her proposal. The proposal were written down in a pad: https://ethertoff.caveat.be/w/activities::2023-06-07-Summer_School_Brussels

Pracitcal: -meeting with radical-house on 29/06 -mail from Orangerie in which Ivana confirms the interest of the Orangerie to take part in the summerschool -no response form Skal - we will not insist further -get in touch with f.eks. - if Scott's health is better he'll most likely want to participate...

Tracks App. will be presented in Beursschouwburg after this meeting. For the present version, all project partners are welcome to continue using: Soundtrackcity Amsterdam, QO2, Overtoon, BNA/BBOT, Jubilee Future management and coordination? For the longer run, we'll have to discuss an agreement with all partners on how to govern the app, how to make sure that it continues to function and under which modalities... Justin thinks of inviting Stroom to be part of Tracks. Also in view of creating a bit more balance between NL and BE.

Mapping tool (working title: Tupaia?) Digital cartography that combines georeferenced parametres with mind map input. The aim is not only to have a useful mapping to for people to orient themslevs in a project, but also to visualize and relate different research trajjectories. In that way it could become an archive that inspires new trajectories. The choice partners are currently confronted with is if these 'links' are computed (defined by an algorythm for which they define the parametres; or if the links are editied by the partners directly. Initiated by V&H, it became a collective project with fellow artists: Clementine, Max, Ciel. Developed by Atelier Cartographique. Partner organisations: Nadine vzw. TBC: f.eks.

All involved wrote an article on the development of the tool, which is a good introduction to what it is and can become... A copy of the article will be shared via mail.

Project Application - 15 September The Mapping tool could be a central device around which Jubilee can develop a project application First sketch see pad: https://ethertoff.caveat.be/w/activities::Jubilee_collective_project.md

Which function? Reflection, Presentation, Production: we decide to postpone this choice in view of what we will actually be writing and developing.

Duration? VG offers project support up to 3 years. Proposal for 2 years could make sense, so as not to find ourselves in an existential crisis every year. A two-year project would also align with the rythm of the VGC structural support... Ronny has made a budget exercise which was shared.

Partners A project application needs partners. We reached out to nadine, Kunsthal, Jester, Kanal nadine and Kunsthal agreed to support our application with a letter and funding Jester: in touch with Alicja Melzacka who is replacing Orlando Maaike, who already left the organisation... Kanal: no news f.eks.: a call with Scott soon.

Availabilities Max is not there 29 July - 11 August

Jesse is working until end of June. Conversation/consideration of rehiring him from 15 August until the end of the year, until further news of projects. 2ne half of July and 1st half of August away and in principle not availabe. 2nd half of August he's working on a local project but available for some work.

Justin on holidays 7 July - 3 September, available online

V&H availabe Bxl all summer, but busy with exhibition and walks in Zwalm (end of August), and exhibition and walks with Nadine (end of September) and a lecture for Finance & Society conference (14-15 september)

Clementine is in France all summer, but available online, back end of August

Stijn: away for first two weeks in August

Louise: holiday till 15 july, weekend 25/08 summer in BXL

Katja: from 8 july to end of july to PAF. August away??

Vincent 15 - 22 August

Ciel absent from 15 August - no writing

to all: thanks for communcating your holiday plans and availability to work on summerschool and project application