Jubilee aritst meeting 9 march 2023

Location: Vincent's studio, Chaussée d'Alsembergse Steenweg 820b

Present: Vincent, Ronny, Justin, Katleen, Jesse

Agenda: AOP4 debrief Future plans Next meeting (nb) invite associates

AOP4 debrief

-Teresa was enjoying and very, even if confusing sometimes.
-Jennifer was very contrasting. Interesting to perceive this bureaucratic, technical vibe from an instittuion. But a useful contact. Both Vincent, Julie and Jesse feel like continuing the conversation with her (probably also Katya) -Raphaël: great -Heide very good. Also long, we let her go longer. We allowed everyone to go longer. All presentations were too interesting for the timeframe. So Agency's Assembly done after evening programme - good that we still did it.

Gesamthof: There could be more attention on the agency of the actors that are part of the garden. And the agency of the gardener as a controlling body shouldn't be disregarded. <-> RR Lonnie & Siebren, representing the river legally & politically -> maybe a group of people representing the diversity of interests. <-> Soundpiece CIVA Vincent: inventing voices of cohabitants, created a character to impersonate that. Fiction, drama as only possible forms. Emphasises that persepctive is important. <-> New Zealand river. represented by 2 people: politician & stakeholder. Appropriation & dispossession. Ecology = economy = life


Sara Martinetti -> Jesse forwards to everybody.
-> Ronny thanks her

Max Told Vincent he considers a PhD in Antwerp or Paris. Not sure if he'd be in contact with people (background architecture) who understand his practice/framework.

What future for the project at Winterslag can we be involved in? Everything is in evolution in that project, and we're in good contact with everybody.

How can we come together?

Collaboration and money & time for it

3 levels: -projects collective or individual -collective concerns (research & funding for it, ...) -overhead = basis