Jubilee artist meeting 6 February 2023

Provisional agenda: -VGC -Debrief Learning from lumbung -future collaboration ERG? -Letter to administration Kunstendecreet -Possibility managing budgets for associate artists -VG project 15/3? -FWB funding possibilities? -Mihnea Mircan book collection -next common guest dinner -Summer School -...anything else...?


R called Karina L, ministers will convene early March. Might be positive, would be less than expected. After accounting 2022, we'll have a better view on the budget 2023. Jesse considers applying for Nadine vzw, project coordination. In case that would work, possibility of combining contracts, detacheren of 1 day/week?

VG project 15/3?

Would be a possibility to apply for a 3 year project - involving the associate artists. Jesse: What we really need is funding for overhead . could we get funding to investigate running a co-operative structure? - how would the artistic practices change due to the co-operative? - would involve free labour for certain things and sharing the work much more than it has been up until now (e.g. Ronny - financial work) Ronny - is it too late to translate this into a project dossier (for 15/3) especially in terms of partnerships, and get the associates around it on the short term. Maybe finish 30/6 and hand it in on 15/9?
- is there an interest within the associate artists to take on concrete roles / jobs - logisitic support - within Jubilee? Combination of time banking and a variable percentage of commission on managed budgets? Time banking: exchange of favours between artists & organisation. Financial management, bookkeeping, communications, being part of meetings oKo, RAB-BKO, SOTA, etc.

Vincent: only possibility I see is to make a collective project leading to exhibition. Not enough attention for the exhibition as a research practice - all the findings linked to co-learning methodology remain invisible.

Ronny's example - Cost of Wealth - could also be "Labour" - possibility of a screening programme / discursive programme - to bring together our practices (rather than inviting international artists). An institutional partner would be essential. 30/6 internal deadline would be possible for this. Link to common guest dinners. - What are we working on - and where is the common ground? - that's also why we need to have the discussion with the admin about to what extent overhead costs can be included.

In Kunstendecreet, because of theatre orientation, overheads are never part of project funding. As opposed to VAF for instance. This needs to be addressed. Speaking with Robert Michel of Anne-Marie Kroes is possible but not sure whether that's going to bring new information/answers.

Ronny will make a proposal to a letter to Robert Michel who said he could discuss it through administration Kunstendecreet.

(Belgium soon: 18% rise of social contributions independents) Debrief Learning from lumbung

Clementine said that concept of Lumbung was not clear - we could have made it more accessible. Why didn't we print the intro from the project page - instead of having a long introduction?

there were really only a few students. Vincent: it was necessary to have an intro for the students / people who hadn't visited Documenta.

Danielle said that people had left because it were too many white people speaking about a proposition from the global south, and that it made them wonder what this event is really all about.
criticism of diversity within the introductory session. - identity politics.

At the same time, not enough criticality. 2 remarks on Beursschouwburg, not much else. Max said it lacked critical reactions. Could be because we have been a bit too vague about things.

Would be good to have a debrief with ERG.

? publication around Lumbung?

The Kitchen program was a bit strange that there was no possibility of audience participation.

Thank you email to everybody involved. Put link to webpage with sound recordings and pre-recorded videos.

Jesse makes cost overview. Ronny contacts people for fees.

Next common guest dinner

Katya and Filip had ideas: Katya proposes a shamanistic dinner. Filip had a specific approach as well.

End of February, end of March?

24/2 after Reading Room, at Kunsthal?

Future collaboration ERG?

See Learning from lumbung as an occasion to understand how to work together. Ronny contacts Laurence Jesse will also contact Laurence, but for the SOTA project to activate the Almanac in Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels in 5 events.

Possibility managing budgets for associate artists

Katya has her Lactating Bodies project budget managed by Smart.

FWB funding possibilities

FWB started a piste to research ways of funding artists by providing structural support. Achievement by LaFAP.
Vincent checks whether we could be eligible.

Summer School

Number of possibilities:

  • Clémentine would like to do one in Normandy, old farm of the family. On the way: Godin factory, Orphelinage Rationelliste?

  • Naples - would be better in Autumn. - connection with Rome Villa Belgica (where Filip has had a residency)

  • Brussels @ Radical House from 20 sept. Contact with Danish organisations is difficult at the moment. 21/9 opening VH exhibition at Nadine. Hosting a Summer School then would be interesting. Vincent has a show opening in Vienna 2/10, is a difficult moment. MUMOK group show, probably Just a Movement installation version. Katleen - it was a very intensive process organising the last one. We don't want to end up doing all the work. We need to decide about this one before thinking about the alternatives above.

VH PhD Antwerp

1 March proposal deadline. Requirement: research environment. Jubilee would be proposed.

Mihnea Mircan book collection

Proposal to Meyboom: people can take books but not home, whiteboard with context and a list where people can write down what they're lending. Discuss during Serious Apero floor meeting. Book shelves would be necessary.

Jesse already puts notes explaining this.