Jubilee team meeting 15 November 2022

present: ronny, jesse, julie

  • reimbursement of costs julie & jesse's expences have to be declared. Everyone who's on the payroll.
    -> Jesse can put this together for Julie, Katleen, Ronny, Jesse 2022.

  • archiving *Jesse and Ronny are running through Dropbox. adding some things that are not in Dropbox (paper works - material on personal computers) Julie should do this next week for Caveat and Emptor. Next tuesday in the morning working session Jesse/Julie/Ronny.

  • update of artistic CV's on the website is needed (pdf) : Jesse does this before end December in dialogue with artists.

  • Ychaï see resume of meeting in different pad.

  • website Jubilee proposal of Rekall is expected soon. a static version just before fundamental changes is interesting even if the website continues to exist.

  • website Caveat/Emptor cfr. meeting OSP 28/09 possibility to have a static version of the website > in their scenario this can be reanimated easily (not the case in rekall's scenario due to underlying software) urgent = updating CMS

final decisions to be taken when VGC advice is in.

  • Emptor

*AOP 3: * texts Grace * program: Julie had short but good meeting with Orlando about 'instituting'. Did talk about instituting & improvisation in Amsterdam. Not very enthusiastic to discuss about Documenta. Proposed 2 films: Maider Fortuné's The Stranger of Collegno, Ane Hjort Guttu's Manifesto. Mathilde needs to be in France in the late afternoon, and hasn't been very responseful. Julie will try one last time. For us she should present before the lunch, but can also be earlier if preferable for her.
If Kristien doesn't reply, Vijai could represent a.pass. Either way he could speak about his research, inviting Pia and Adriana (2x €150).
-> Jesse checkt met Maider -> Julie check met Vijai

PUBLIC MOMENT: ' DESCRIPTIONS CHANGE ' 16h30 - 17h30 : vijai patchineelam research presentation in dialogue with collaborators Pia Louwerens and Adrijan Book presentation for: The Artist Job Description, for the Employment of the Artist, as an Artist, Inside the Art Institution together with artists who have contributed to the Research Seminar Descriptions Change, The Artist Job Description that is within the book. Vijai Maia Patchineelam’s artistic practice focuses on dialogue between the artist and the art institutions. Placing the role of the artist as a worker in the foreground, Vijai’s research-driven artistic practice experiments with and argues for a more permanent role for artists—one in which artists become a constitutive part of the inner workings of art institutions. For this book presentation artists Adrijana Gvozdenović, Pia Louwerens, alongside RC Associate Researcher Vijai Maia Patchineelam will present their contribution to the book The Artist Job Description – a publication of Patchineelam’s doctoral research of same title. During the presentation the artists will engage in a conversation regarding the relationship between artists and art institutions by bringing their personal experiences where they have renegotiated other ways of coming into and developing their art practices within art institutions. https://apass.be/the-artist-job-description/

17h30 - 19h: food and final reflections 19h: screening proposal & introduction by Orlando: Maider Fortuné, Stranger of Collegno, https://iffr.com/en/iffr/2019/films/l%E2%80%99-inconnu-de-collegno

  • Lumbung public forum: 25 January 2023 Jesse emailed Colin Roustan - 'functional art practices'. Discuss with him how to give a pedagogical context to the programme. Need to discuss before inviting people. Ronny suggests to organise 'break out' sessions with a plenum at the end. Location to be discussed. Gallery space worked well 'forum' rather than ex-cathedra.

  • AOP 4:

  • Apass next module is with Vladimir Miller Poliset. (from March onwards) He'll do a project about a.pass' library with Heide Hinrichs. (dec/jan/feb)
    Julie talks with Kristien on thursday.
  • Jesse saw a performance of Inga Nielsen https://apass.be/profile/inga/ about personnification of the institution "This Institute" is now each saturday at sb34 -> go see and check with her beforehand.

  • communication -> Jesse updates AOP3 text on Jubilee and Caveat websites. Poster OSP Newsletter Caveat with save the date 25/1

  • publications HART magazine: Jesse is working on it, already planning a moment with R&K, Ciel & Max & dramaturg texts: Steyn asks for notes and images of the assemblies to start working from

  • Meyboom vzw *Overtoon

  • End of contracts Jesse & Julie

  • Impulspremie Julie went through the new modalities. 3 criteria to be majoritary Flemish - 2 out of 3 should apply *production structure is Flemish (not only on financial basis - could also be the structure that takes the initiative) Jesse checks with VAF if this is a possibility.

  • Board meeting december VGC dossier check before then.

  • 8 december / Radical House dinner which guest? hosts could be the guests + rune?. -> Jesse invites Rune.