Jubilee weekly meeting 8 November 2022

present: ronny jesse julie excused: vincent

  • next artist meeting: 22/11 & 20/12?

  • board meeting: 20/12

-debrief VGC dossier Decision mid december. Debrief during artist meeting. was more work than estimated but jesse & ronny also consider it to be a good dossier. Julie is a bit more critical about it. Financially more beneficial than foreseen - input of VGC (22.600 euros - (-) 7500 evt. Jubilee input > 15.000 euros) is therefor little compared to project funding. In terms of project funding - the value of Jubilee was stressed, so there is a good chance!

-list of things to do before 31/12 Ychai archiving (see notes: https://ethertoff.caveat.be/w/archive::20220902_Ychai.md) memberships to cancel if VGC dossier is negative. (oKo/ RAB-BKO/ Dropbox/Vimeo/bank accounts) check with oko which funds will be taken into consideration for defining the membership fee. Jesse & Ronny gather next monday for an archival day. In the afternoon. Julie remembers Evi Bert CKV about follow up of our meeting. *Julie archives caveat/emptor / archiving of mails/ meeting with Louise

-vincent CIVA Programa - impulspremie via Jubilee? TYAGN is planning to have bilingual status to be able to be considered a Flemish producer. if Jubilee would be producer - it should be clear what is possible in terms of support from the structure. * JUM - financial overview is ready, can go to VAF if Geneviève's report is ready.

-R&K Finance & Society Atelier Cartographique/nadine/... to be discussed in the artist meeting.


*a.pass Reading Room Hardly any a.pass people at reading room itself, unsatisfying conversation during dinner after reading room. Communication with Jesse beforehand lacked commitment. Kristien was absent. In case they don't show up at Kunsthal 2/12, serious issue.

*AOP3 programme & communication Ludi works on comm. Needs more metadata? possible public program: person Stad Gent who led burgerdialoog/ Nucleo vzw -> integrate in the day. better to do something else/ less talkative after day of dicussions? film screening? film Hans Van Houwelingen?! (+/- 70 min.) - Julie watches today...

kunsthal should communicate as well. fix date with OSP.

*Articles Rafael & Hanne on Grace Julie meeting tomorrow with Grace & Hanne. Article is 'final' according to Grace. Julie will discuss in the meeting tomorrow and propose to make an edit. Opvattingen van eigendom: overheidseigendom/mensen die veel middelen hebben <-> belonging, usership (kloostergemeenschap, niet-westerse gemeeschappen).

*HART Bas is ok with Jesse writing articles. Jesse would write a first article for fin november. Julie thinks this is a bit short in time -

according to ronny it's better to keep focus on the past discussions property - art - institution - lumbung -...

keep Steyn/Tobias informed to make sure texts are different + agree on deadline (we have to pay before end March). meta reflection on collective artistic reflection trajectory from their respective disciplines... Jesse writes to Steyn/ Julie follows up with Tobias/ Ronny follows up with Sara-question if this is a text that can be considered a dramaturg perspective - also for AOP 4, is she still dramaturg? maybe consider her as 'external expert'? she has been present in the project since the beginning so her perspective is still very valuable - ronny discusses!

*lumbung forum Ronny herinnert Laurence over datum. Begin programma (educatieve inbedding) met Colin Roustan.

*sara martinetti zie boven - ronny belegt een meeting.

-meyboom vzw Wessel helps setting up the structure. meeting tonight - longlist of members for the board. Jesse would like to put Ronny and Julie on the longlist > Ronny says he cannot because of RVA - Julie doesn't have time to do this.

important to discuss content and ambitions of the organisation in the artist meeting.

-08/12 kitchen debate @ radical house first edition to be discussed and evaluated then how and when it continues - collaboration between radical house and two other artists to run the house

the location is very convenient and for free (participation in heating costs) For future: maybe interesting to move beyond Radical_House? Perhaps other collaborative, non institutional spaces e.g. hectolitre, the kitchen. Idea to invite people we want to invite to host the next time.

invitees have a fee of 150 euros. this should create focus in the discussions. we should discuss this content-wise in the next artist meeting.