Jubilee team meeting 18/10/2022

Agenda: -Mail naar Jubilee inner circle -Emptor update -Vragen Ronny -verzekering -telefoonkosten -kosten website: 150 per jaar /vimeo: 189 per jaar /dropbox: 143.88 per jaar overeenkomst Ychai -Planning VGC dossier -Meyboom vzw/asbl -Limited editions

Meyboom vzw/asbl Mogelijke bestuursleden? Tatjana Debroux (Cosmopolis, editor in chief Brussels Studies) David Bassens (Cosmopolis) Roeland Dudal Rob Ritzen

Statuten zijn in redactie/ deze week afgerond

Bespreken met Rob, Pauline, ... Laten lezen door Wessel

? nood aan dagelijks bestuur ? mogelijkheid om huurprijs variabel maken, afhankelijk van inkomsten uit de werking als 'vergoeding' voor collectief werk ronny: misschien interessanter om deel van werking te financieren in plaats van huurkost (vaste kost) > motiveert collectief werk

Limited vzw = kost voor R&K mogelijkheid om middelen te schenken à VZW met gelijkaardig doel +/- 15.000 euros

if VGC dossier Jubilee is a succes, Jubilee will exist for at least one more year advantage: no VAT, accountancy costs are for the collective. ? it raises balance of Jubilee: consequences for costs accountancy... ronny: all specific work on the budget is something R&K cover themselves, so in terms of overhead it doesn't represent that much. possibility to negotiate a fix fee for accountancy? Ronny thinks it's more interesting to negotiate a kind of sponsorship. < > in exchange people would receive a 'multiple'. He refers to ruangrupa's practice, where they sustain collaborations through these kind of financial agreements.

Vincent's impulspremie requires flemish organisation...if Jubilee does this -> multi-year endeavor with Genevieve (?) involved. During RvB needs to decide on this soon. Will schedule to take place after we know the VGC result. Second/third week of December.

Question of support through friends/cooperants...can be reconsidered as knowledge transfer, generative sharing of resources rather than narrative of support - trying to escape the 'support narrative' the focus should be on how these kind of collaborations can be generative, seems more important if you don't want the non artistic world to devaluate the richness of artistic and collective practice. Doesn't exclude the possiblitiy of creating objects, but shouldn't require

COOP Ronny registers for course. short summary collaboration with Kobe on COOP. public presentation will follow end november.

VGC dossier deadline 1/11 Meeting: wednesday 26 (Jesse doesn't join team meeting on 25 because of VG commission AV).

Emptor updates 27/10 Reading Room. Julie meets Danielle during daytime.

Publications - steyn: possible to write a reflection text on Emptor as a trajectory + necessity to create a possible follow up trajectory as COOP. can we set a deadline short after last AOP. - bas: jesse could write articles for HART - publish these before or after the AOP's? when: november/december/january/february. (looking back at the AOP's + looking forward to next moments)

ERG - lumbung moment Laurence was positive but only if it can create an educational context. Colin was present as well - he's very much interested in Documenta's proposals and works with these kinds of practices in Brussels. set-up of a collaboration between different practices - working with recuperation materials... Laurence stated that one of the most repeated arguments in jury's at ERG is: is this art? Possible dates - winter school 26-28/01: it could be during this period. just before/after. proposal wednesday 25/01 or tuesday 24/01. check with participants if this is possible for them: marcus, mi you, hans van houwelingen, rodrigo, reinhaert vanhoe, ruangrupa, david (firenze), INLAND, subversive film, joachim ben yakoub

ronny proposes as focus: freedom in the arts - tension with the economics of the arts field. For ERG proposal text, Ronny will rephrase introduction used for Mi You and others

Mail future Jubilee collective re-writing ok - mail can go out today.