Jubilee artist meeting 6 October 2022


-VGC dossier (deadline = 30/10)

Ronny had meeting with Karina Luyten minister's letter mentions... - working with young artists/ bottom up collective practice - internationalisation - fair practice/ zorgzame ondersteuning - space in BXL/ BXL as laboratorium

How to address the fact that we have a negative result from the VG application?

VGC intends to top up organisation's budgets who have receive less than requrested at VG + index and energy costs rise. So they will be overwhelmed with dossiers.

Karina mentioned alternative/complementary funding possiblities: BXL 2030, Perspective Brussels, Stedelijk beleid. In November: info afternoon on EU projects

Justin forwarded EU travelling/residency grant - call opens in january.

VGC - important focus on BXL context + production & presentation (program for 23-24-25) What could be included as program:

Reading rooms - BARN (bxl artist run network) / also includes reflection as in 'how is Anderlecht a place to organise artistic space' - Emptor (> March) - CIVA VM (> March) - (KANAL VM (2024?)) - (LABOUR JvW (2025)) - associate artists? activities in BXL? (ciel,clementine & max - katya? -) - Learning through the soles... V&H > walks + return invitation Danish organisations - Tracks

how much budget can we actually apply for? 15.000 x 3 = maximum Within project funding, overhead costs can no longer be part of the budget if you do not have structural funding. Without structural funding then they can be introduced as actual costs in a project bundget.

personel costs need to be calculated - how much for instance for 1 day. - probably 20.000 We have a bit of saved up money that could bridge the first year.

What could we do without any funding at all? basic needs/responsabilities: accounting/communication/organisation of meetings/daily operation = +/- 15.000/year. Choosing not to do VAT would save accounting costs. apply for one year

Jubilee vision

Vincent - this is a conversation about survival but shouldn't we be reflecting about what Jubilee should actually be? Ronny - we can see this as an exercise to make these ideas concrete. We have to continue to exist at least until March. There's a 10% saldo that we should get in the course 2023. We might also have a final visitation by the VG adminsitration.

If we have 2023 as a transition year, how will Jubilee exist formally? -Legal structe with board and we take care of all responsibilities -Projects are running (Emptor), some have their budgets in Jubilee accounts (can easily be transferred, but still).

We made some structural investments that we can continue pursuing/being part of. (e.g. TRACKS/website/newsletter/Caveat)

Ronny proposes to only keep COMMUNICATION within Jubilee + no more management of funds within the structure. Until we make a decision about what Jubilee could become, if anything.

what are needs / desires? - including the "associates"? Documenta discussions were rather abstract on this - it was more a conversation on 'why people are happy to share within this collective'

Vincent: let's ask what are the desires rather than the needs.
Think of possible VGC budget as a support for the basic communication with a modest public program.

Katleen: If we start from needs, we run the risk of continuing on the track that Jubilee has so far which has become unaffordable. I was pleased by the way everybody in Kassel stressed the desire to hang out with Jubilee - a relevant group of conversation partners

Ronny - we need to unwind and re-invent. Nongkrong. Vincent - we come together to help each other. Not necessarily for pleasure. In the Summer School we were actually able to talk about what we are doing in our work. - try to see the VGC as a way to support Jesse's work over the transition period. Vincent: We have a lot of interaction between members/associates/team.

right now we have a year full of funded projects (2023) - but we don't have the money to cover the accounts / communication / collectivity. All the projects have overhead costs - structural support delivered up to now by Jubilee. The VGC money could provide this.

It doesn't need to be an employment contract. Jesse could write invoices. Justin: it might be more work to apply 3x for one year, but the deadline is close. We may want to use that year to get a better idea about what we want to evolve to. And we wouldn't have to work out a programme incl partnerships that cover 3 years.

Next Deadline. 15 march VG Project applications. Organisations and individuals can apply - it can be up to a 3-year project.
VIncent - we come up with a project that everyone can have a stake in. how to find common ground around a thematics OR infrastructural (sth that covers both - e.g. labour)? associates should be included from the beginning in this discussion. working towards 15 march as a deadline is a good way to create a dynamic/process.

-Conversation Jubilee vision / documenta 15

Gudskul is merely organised as a network - informal! driven by publication/educational... there is no collective management/collective financing

most of the practices surrounding Jubilee are individual practices, not so much organisations

vincent: do we need meetings for discussion. there is a need for a text < Jubilee. invitation to associates to annotate. - challenging institution katleen: conversation with max & ciel about this - they were interested in working process of 'orphans' jesse: how to relate to lumbung? vincent: what is the purpose of the text? for the organisation, for the public,... ronny: invitation to everyone to write a paragraph vincent: we do need a framework ronny: it is a statement, published on the website of jubilee - clamento > lamento critical analyses of documenta

reading room 27/10 @ radical house

what is valuable in documenta 15? what do we learn from this? how did a collective arrive at performing this gesture? = infrastructural collective critique how is it announcing paradigm shift in terms of instituting?

Text could also be used as an input for AOP3 Whose Institution, 2 December. So let's have it by end of November?

-Public Forum Lumbung

Ronny has a meeting with Laurence (ERG) next Wednesday.
What audience & scope? Who to invite?

If documenta 15 has proposed a revolutionary way of working together towards art exhibitions, it makes sense to have insights in how that working together has happened, what the experiences have been of those involved, what we can learn from that.

SOTA is partner in terms of communication. costs for organising can be limited. (+/- 2000 euros)

-Board meeting 10/10

-Conversation Jubilee vision / documenta 15 (see below a proposal for an invitation mail)