Jubilee team meeting 6 September 2022

Present : Jesse, Julie, Ronny, Vincent

Emptor Articles by Steyn in relation to the AOP Interviews with the attists in questions -> To have Julie help "re-frame" interview, clearly informative on the questions we want to address. Work as entry into the topic (not the other way around) V&H + Ciel & Max: meet for a walk in Spa?

4 main articles, following Emptor's sub-questions. Another format than the AoPs: First framing the interview, opening up the subquestions, then an interview with 2 artists who are particularly relevant to that question.

Possibility of further articles: Grace's project in Ghent? (what does it mean to own ? ) Vincent? Stijn VD? Documenta reflection? -> Article to "frame institutional practices in our country"

Exposing different levels of the project: also involving other professionals.

-> Julie calls Bas Danielle meeting postponed AOP3: 16 November ? Prem Krishnamurti (Front / Cleveland) is at Kunsthal then.

A.pass: no meeting yet. Lilia sent a reply proposing to meet 14 or 15 sept, too late.

-> Vincent sends a text to Jennifer Beauloye.

VG didn't answer yet about project prolongation.

Ronny had meeting with Sara Martinetti, dramaturg of AOP4. Artist besides Kobe will probably be Eva.
Sarah : too busy in Capc (Bordeaux) - doing a film Two interviews not ready. (context Caveat)-> finalize

VGC application AOP4 whose collection ? Also include documenta reflection gathering 'Public Forum' ? What's a collectible form of art, where is value attributed to art?

it could be an Extra element in the trajectory of Emptor The way it is in practice : daily meeting in Kassel. Actual writing during a few meetings in Brussels (or triggered on the reading room on the introduction text of Ruangruppa) Public Forum : launching the text + invite people in DECEMBER it would announce the last assembly Where and with whom ? Self-organized : less visible + hard to accomodate people Institutions will announce but not to do more Or with Muhka and L'Internationale (re-institutionaliszing this) J : what is the place of graas-roots org. and vzw dynamics ? Raise the question to the institutions: what did you think about / who do you relate to the documenta

Julie : who will be the moderator of this forum ?

-Ruangruppa representative via Katrien or RONNY (going in FRAMED> FRAME)? -Mi You : Prof art and economis, univ. of Kassel, documenting documenta (mail sent) -Reinhart van hoe : insider and participant (mail sent) -Reem Shiley & Mohanad Yaqubi : participants
https://kiosk.art/resounding-archives-researching-militant-filmmaking-and-revolution-in-the-palestinian-context -Common View: French-Israeli artist, project with Berbers. Informal and temporary. 2 to 6 speakers, break with food & drinks, evening programme (screening or so).

ERG ? -> VGC maybe not best suited Kaaistudio ? -> Ronny checks with Agnes

To do VGC:

write on Eva / Sara M (>Julie) write on Hart (->Julie belt Bas B) write on a.pass (->Jesse & Julie bellen Kristien...: Reading Room, AoP4: a.pass als locatie, publiek avondprogramma ism met hen) write on Public Forum (>Ronny) Adapt budget to include Public Forum.

Documenta trip 19-22 Sept Who drives, who rides with whom? Vincent : V + 4 seats : Filip + girlfriend + Katya + Jesse ? Clémentine: Max, Ronny, Katleen, Julie Saartje: can take 2 people. Justin goes by train Julie comes by car, travels back by train Katrien goes by train, goes back by car

Preparation : -> Ronny will send the PDF of the intro -> Public program during our days: -> V asks Mohanad

BDD Julie goes to Grenoble 29-30 september Jubilee pays the fee via Julie's salary. BDD pays the train

Refugee Walk 'Frontier Walks' 25 Sept

-> forward mail invitation Jesse to everyone who's possibly interested itinerary to check: https://www.routeyou.com/en-be/route/view/11474072/walking-route/jubilee-walks-for-refugees#map

Jubilee presence in the landscape

for instance: oKo PAM Meyboom

Statement to discuss with the Board. 10 October, 18h.

This Friday: debate at Vooruit on cultural landscape in Flanders, with Kunstenpunt.