Team meeting 23 August 2022

Present: Ronny, Vincent, Jesse Excused: Julie

Board of Directors -However we decide to approach the next half year, we need to communicate to the board. An online meeting would be good. Ronny will call Sari today. -Jesse will receive resignation letter dated August 29 - means working for Jubilee until 31 December. Informally, Jesse can work a bit less the coming months in order to be able to work a bit the first months of 2023 (VG and VGC reports end of March, also Emptor report). In case working less during the coming months, a short-term contract for that could be an option. In case he finds another job in the meantime, the contract could be stopped at anytime. -Julie takes some days off this summer/fall, so she could work a bit early 2023. -The board officially needs to resume their responsibility in case we stop the daily management. Bookkeeping and other legal obligations.

Report VG 7 WALKS Report is ready, Katleen is reading. Jesse will edit. Financial accounting is ready except one detail.

Report DBTR - Through Vincent's personal KIOSK. Deadline 30/09/2022. Vincent checks questions ASAP. -> Jesse prepares accounting (before next meeting), 2 excels: DBTR transactions based on Annelies' overviews + lists per kostenrekeningen 6 and 7. Project duration: 15/11/2019 - 30/06/2022

Report JUM Online meeting with Genevieve demain 24/08, 9h. See mail 08/07. NB Genevieve has not been paid for her work. There's around 6000 left, but more would be better. Olivier has a part of the budget, but how to access. Olivier may not have had time for a distribution strategy. Yet has 3 other successful films to be distributed. Difficult to enter in cinemas since covid. Belgian platform access through Avila probably from October onwards. VOD, not much money, but at least it's available.

VAF Impulspremie VAF Impulspremie should be activated 2023. Genevieve should take producer's role, Vincent should discuss possibilities with her. Jesse contacts Chiara Deleernijder to see what's needed to transfer the dossier to Thank You and Good Night.

PhD in the Arts Justin forwarded a call from Maastricht University. One of the focus is "the production of artistic value and practices of valuation, including economic and financial value(s) and the assetization/financialization of art" another is "Artistic research as collaborative practices with audiences, amateurs, and professionals" https://www.academictransfer.com/en/316412/merian-phd-candidate-in-maastricht-style-artistic-research/ Would be combinable with Kunstenaarsstatuut.

Emptor Collection responsible at Kanal Jennifer Beauloye is on maternity leave until 10/10. Julie contacted Claire to see whom to talk to, would answer next week. Perhaps director can speak about Kanal's vision regarding this in more interesting ways. Vincent is working with CIVA's collection responsibile. Reading the application text, we think something should be said about accessibilty of collections.
Vincent suggests Beatrice Balcou, an artist who activates museum collections. Ronny thinks we should insist a bit with Eva Barto. Logic of the funding application: we're doing something in Brussels, and beyond anybody's responsibility we're missing budget because of a.pass's situation. -> Vincent sends an sms to Jennifer. Evi (CKV) could be a relevant person to invite.

CIVA Vincent is doing a research residency...Working with CIVA archive. November 17 exhibition opening.

Archive -Ronny & Julie had a meeting with CKV (Evi Bert) on Friday. Offer advice on managing artist archives. They don't do it themselves (for instance Track do). They try to organise research on the archives, and make some of it public (through mid-level exhibitions at MHKA, for instance). Microhistory/metadata of a work is often still art-historical rather than sociological in nature. Evi may be willing to be more inclusive, but she doesn't take the final decisions. She'll make a report, perhaps talks about it with Nav. <-> Panel interview Art Meme by Raphael Pirenne in which Vincent participated. -The existing Jubilee archive should be cleaned and its structure verified to be sustainable. -Many files are important enough to have on paper (formal obligations but also many others). -Paper version of the website possible? We could at least make pdfs of each of the newsletters. Automatize print-out/pdf version of the text boxes of the back-end (exclude images?)? -Audiovisual archive managed by Ychaï. Consider maintaining this for the next years. Digital archive (Dropbox) could be hosted on that server as well.
-> Jesse sets up a meeting with Ychaï. Q: What when he moves places? How to make accessible/close off - to whom? Timeframe?

Website update Offer by Rekall to do the upgrade for €6800 instead of €8800. Leads to the question whether we would continue to do communication about the artists' practices. Which costs 1 or 2 days of work per month. Too difficult to decide since the future is so unclear.

Reading Room #24 Julie proposed Andrea Fraser's 'From the Critique of Institutions to an Institution of Critique'. We have said 9 September before....still on?

Documenta Remunerate people to participate in a workshop - they spend the money how they want i.e. travel and lodging? Come together a couple of times in Brussels to discuss and try to develop a reflection text on 'whose definition of art'? We could remunerate people to participate in those, travel to Documenta itself is independent of Jubilee. When and with whom? From Monday 19/09 until Thursday or Friday 23/09. Car: 450km (270€ for a car, 4-5 people). Train: circa 180€ per person.
Invite: Jubilee artists, board, Emptor artists plus Steyn and Filip, Julie.

Refugee Walk Idea by Jesse to walk collectively from Repatriëringscentrum 127Bis in Steenokkerzeel to Fedasil Aanmeldcentrum Klein Kasteeltje in Brussels (Petit Chateau). Route to be defined. Justin's walk Multiplicity, a Spectral Analysis of Brussels could be part of it (Berlaymont to Muntplein). Perhaps also Friche Josaphat - example of an organically developed ecology that is tolerated to exist. Circa 20 km. Not a good idea to do it with Jubilee as a team name or communicate through Jubilee channels, would be mixing things.

Newsletter September Reminder to send news.