Jubilee artist meeting 16 August 2022

Present : JB, RH, KV, JvW, JvE, VM


new (long term) project? deadline 15 september what are the ideas? (Collaboration with Kanal on festival/program about value? Something that will indirectly help funding a summer school in Naples? Art practice as a cooperative?)

why go for one year if we can go for three years? strategically it would be the best option but it also becomes a much heavier dossier. The needed strong partners are missing.


Structural funding - deadline 30 oktober VGC proposes to get in touch in the course of september. It is still under discussion whether there would be a possibility to augment funding from their side. A structural funding demands a program, strucural organisation and link to Brussels. now we get about 12.000. With 20.000/year 1,3day/week staff would be possible.

20k then is really the limit below which Jubilee cannot function properly, namely someone paid 1 day/week to follow-up the basics. Otherwise Jubilee has to be kept as a legal entity rather than an active organisation. Under 20 k subsidy VAT reimbursement should be abandonned

VG Project funding - deadline 15 september is limited to projects from organisations, no individual artists. it should be a collective project.

Payment for co-ordination has to be included in project application but the maximum for overhead is 22-33%. So we could spread some hours for Jesse, Julie... over different projects.

Jesse: Should we still concentrate on Development and Reflection now that the situation has changed? Ronny: questions whether it is possible to inscribe a summer school as development or production. Jesse: 'summer school' could be part of a development R: what would be a budget for a 'summer school'? denmark = +/- 10.000 euros. They might be more into funding a summer school in Brussels/Flanders. - eg the return part of the Danish Summer School. J: we could then include the budget / expenses for Laeso. R: but it has to be a new project.

Naples doesn't have any funding. But any contribution could be in natura - hosting our visit for instance. Ronny: it would be good to include the travel in the summer school itself so that we would travel together and visit different locations on the way. It would also make the co-ordination of travel easier. Jesse; it is maybe to easy to just pick up the ideas on the table - the Flemish community will search for something clearly valuable for the field in Belgium.

Ronny:The return invitation would be the part that engages with the Flemish community. would 'school' be considered a relevant artistic practice that the community would like to finance?

Julie: I think we should start content wise - let's start by evaluting the summer school in Denmark - how artists see their practices coming together rather than us inventing a narrative. Start from the practices of the artists. With Emptor there is a good dynamic, but it's something that we came up with and not everyone engages in the same way. We should take the opportunity to organise the relationship with the associate artists.

V : in order to "breath again" and find a sustainable and balanced dynamic, we have to assess critically Emptor and Summer School with Clementine, Filip, Ciel & Max, Grace & Kobe , to reflect on the available energies for potential future convergence. Most of our attitude is reactive (institutional reflex for saving J ) and possibly more personally some pride and self-confidence in what has been achieved so far. This assessment is needed insofar it could bring a repositioning in the ways of doing and imagining J's future role.

Jesse: in the structural funding application we have to be clear about our relationship with the associate artists. In a project application with 'associate artists' we wouldn't have that problem. Katleen: Project funding has to be focussed on content Ronny: the only possible way of funding a collective project is through a collective questioning. Jesse: asking 'how do you as artists see possible ways for your practices coming together?' could be a good starting point. Ronny: I'm afraid it is not feasible for september to bring people together to have a clear idea about this. Katleen: it also brings questions on who, how many? already in the Danish project - it was difficult to bring everyone together in the organisation. (Jubilee - Skall - f.eks) Jesse: we could propose thematics & methods we are most interested in + invite other artists to connect to & elaborate on this from their own point of view. Structural funding narrative should be different from the one for VG. Justin: the return summer school could be the easiest to start of with - the rest is difficult it is an opportunity to get money but it seems we're still in an 'in between' situation which might need more time to discuss.

Jesse: if we apply for a summer school - ideas on output (communication) + audience are important. Unless we see it as 'development' - then audience is less important. With reflection it could/should have public parts/moments. Ronny : it's up to the invitaing institutions to bring the "external" audience. We provide content, inside participants and some peers/witnesses.

Traveling could/would be part of the project on a level of content.

Ronny: until now, collective research projects were based on existing 'individual' practices - which may explain why there hasn't been too much (continued) engagement.

The result VH's project funding applicatoin (VG) will be communicated soon, hopefully before 15/9. Did not mention summer school in the context of the people invited, so we can still use that in a collective project.

conclusion: work on a re-invitation of Danish troop in concept of 'summer school' / have confirmation on partnerships/

be carefull not to be too explicit on the agenda of sustainability - seems to be difficult for commissions. hosting at Heike's house and partly outside BXL (Kobe & Justine's place in Galmaarden?)

1 year project. Next round March 15 we could go for full-on 3 year project. FWB funding could be another side-possibility

  • might be interesting to make a list possible financial partners/coproducers for the different ideas on the list in the structural dossier/ (PAF/ ex Asilo/Montavoix - Wim Cuyvers - Coop) = too much in one month/we are not at all prepared to write detailed proposals for these collective trajectories. K : Rodrigo's booklet contains an overview of relevant organisations.

VGC project, deadline 15/9: EMPTOR application partners in Brussels (A.pass (stops in April) / KANAL/Raphaël Pirenne) - for the rest it is the existing dossier. + HART series of articles on the different questions of the AOP's ( a serie fo 4 texts by Steyn based on the collective dimension of the project) as the contribution of A.pass is not possible - there is a clear rationale for the funding of VGC. Julie contacts Jennifer (Kanal) and Kristien (a.pass). As repeated, I can alo do this but a date without a (few) date(s) it is not possible

Refugee walk 25/9: would we want to participate as Jubilee, inviting others to join us, raising funds for Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen? See separate mail. Maybe SOTA, Decoratelier, Laurent Van Lancker already do something. -> Jesse contacts. Effi & Amir as well -> Ronny asks. possibility to walk in SPA, R&K already wanted to do some walks there. or in BXL area. Gesloten Centrum Steenokkerzeel -> Klein Kasteel via route Justin's Multiplicity walk?

Project reports 31/8 7 Walks 30/9 Doorbraaktraject JUM: Vincent replies to Genevieve.

Anything else that is urgent/important?

  • meeting CKV (Evi Bert) 19/10 - 10h: ronny will be present

  • Upcoming Artist Meetings: 23/8 instead of team meeting. After that 1st monday of each month? Would these be okay with everyone? 5/9 3/10 7/11 5/12