Jubilee artist meeting 13 June 2022

Present: Julie, Justin, Vincent, Ronny, Katleen, Jesse

Agenda -feedback from negotiations on artist status -update Emptor -update Summer School -update Werkingsmiddelen 2023-27 -reports 7 Walks & Doorbraaktraject -overview finances -website upgrade -expectations for the status of 'associate artist' -sell of sentences of the evalutation dossier as NFT's, in a public auction and create a film around it.

Feedback from negotiations on artist status

WITA needed to formulate a common advise. Difficult process because of UPACT's general assembly. Biggest problem is 'perimeter' of who can get access (technicians, curators - not very clear for them, difficult to define/delimit activities). Katleen & Ingrid added SOTA text under common advise, Servaas added UPACT text.
Will need to go to NAR and Raad van State. Friday different groups on the street with different interests. Unions (French speaking afterwards also Flemish) seemed to have taken the opportunity to go against Vandenbroucke. Doesn't sound constructive. Many people have been able to obtain Artist Status thanks to Smart, who have an interest in more 'customers'.

Question by Katya & Clementine: should they do a labour contract or an invoice now?

-> Invoices

Question about 0% BTW - is it possible to do this as an organisation? Ronny will ask the accountant about the exception of article 44, par.2, 8 WBTW. See: https://www.compsy.be/files/20190204_Artikel44.pdf

Update Emptor

Grace will not be participating in the rest of the program - working on a solo show at SMAK, spring 2023. At Kunsthal: maybe integrate what we did with Grace in Ghent. She should be replaced. Perhaps a.pass artist. Or Eva Barto. (Julie contacts Eva & Sara Martinetti) Raphaël Pirenne has confirmed his interest.

Ronny has prepared email request for prolongation until end March 2023. AOP4 in February.

AOP1 report is still not online - TWIIID gave comments but not easy to embed. English translation of Julie's report would be good. Also images. -> Jesse

Julie is in a conversation with Ciel & Max and Jester to see if there can be a contract for the Warmbed.

Almanac SOTA Caveat Caveat: co-created list of citations in the project as alternative manual for contracting - activating the website for the online version of the almanac. Emptor: 'whose artwork' bibliography?

Alamanac SOTA Emptor Bibliography AOP2?

Update Summer School

mornings: closed sessions on organisational ideas afternoons: practical explorations involving clay, seaweed, salt - semi public / early evening: apero + presentations

philippe van dingenen jakob jakobson (free university copenhaegen, jorn expert, artist organisations) 27/06 performance/concert justin (tuesday ) + collective sound piece creation screening vincent presentation clementine

RR on friday 17/06 - selection of fragments of book on Loki - trickster figure - nordic mythology connecting it to artist positions in today's society and innovation policies, also institute of vandalism of Jorn

Walk on 19th century painter at Skagen connecting Verwee with Jorn - on 23th.

Julie goes by train, arrives on the 26th in the morning Vincent doesn't find a good plane connection, may do the same trip. Jesse goes by train on 24 arriving on 25. Maria Francesca presents 26th in the morning. Justin fly to Aalborg morning 25.

Update Werkingsmiddelen 2023-27

Sari received confirmation that they've received and read our letters.

We'll probably receive news when we're in Denmark.

Problem when sending mail: misunderstanding between Jesse & Ronny that it needed to be sent on Friday morning. When R&K were away. Vincent was not involved. Was solved by Ronny by asking Sari to send it on Tuesday.

Reports 7 Walks & Doorbraaktraject

Deadlines 31 August: 7 Walks 30 September Doorbraaktraject.

DBTR Vincent proposes to invoice a part of 29k through Normal. 13k can still be following the originally proposed budget. Ronny proposes that Pierre makes an advance invoice. 7k Julie wage costs: 2,5k
Part of invoice rekall for Jubilee website (there needs to be a link between existing material and new website): 2,5k

-> Vincent does the content report -> Ronny & Jesse do the financial report.

Overview finances

Ronny checked money on the accounts, what needs to go, and what still needs to come in. We would have 8k left, as a first calculation. Doesn't include future website hosting (2x) and anything for Tracks. Accountant 2023? If final result is negative, we'd need to cancel the rent as well.

Retraite with associate artists, discussing what interest there is in any future association. Jesse proposes end of the summer. Possibility to continue existing as space for collaboration and exchange - artistic research will remain central. Caveat is a perfect platform to continue this. How can it function structurally? content wise! not on an administrative support level. VZW needed for many activities - name change is possible to continue with same organsiation background.

Website upgrade

In theory we can afford it, yet only barely. Some costs not accounted for yet. Ronny would prefer to wait until the results of Q2 (mid July).

Jesse & Ronny will forsee a week for the archive. Ychai? CKV (MHKA artists archive)?

Sell off sentences of the evaluation of the dossier as NFT's, in a public auction and create a film around it.

Vincent: Wouldn't ask it specifically ask to the signers. Wouldn't do it with the report. Would be better to bring people around something new.

Idea is based on Potential Estate auction of a story sentence by sentence.

Ronny: Idea is publishing the evalution, thereby highlighting present policy of cost-cutting rather than valuing relevance. Working with Sari who develops smart contracts, that continue to generate money. Fragmentation of the report is analoguous to fragmentation of the current cultural policy, and adds a layer of humour which is always a good form of criticism.