excused jesse, vincent present julie, ronny

EMPTOR - Grace won't be able to participate early 2023, maybe we can integrate the work she did at Kunsthal and the article with the historians in the moment in october in Kunsthal. - in the moment 'whose collection?' there would be more space for Apass artists and maybe Eva Barto (ronny knows that she has been working on collection issues - also following negotiations with KADIST) - thematic publication/ how could we work further on the possibility to publish in HART (jesse?) * one of the current options would be to work further on the mapping of 'spatial practices' and 'natural resources' with atelier cartographique in dialogue with V&H and C&M. there is an interest on all sides to develop this! R&K are preparing an article for Technics on 'dark infrastructures', the article would be a map with interactive features, if funding is approved.

FUTURE OF JUBILEE - Ronny has the idea to sell of sentences of the evalutation dossier as NFT's, in a public auction and create a film around it. The list of people contacted could be the first buyers and offer Jubilee a possibility to continue. This needs further reflection with sari and all artists. It needs a critical reflection on how this would, besides being a way to generate private funding, be a way to comment on the current cultural policy. Could it be possible to integrate our reflections on 'community/gemeenschap'? What will we generate with the money of a possible sales?

on the agenda for the artist meeting of 13/06 - letter to JAMBON mail on tuesday by Sari with Board in cc, Sari received answer yesterday that it was 'goed ontvangen' en 'grondig doorgenomen'. it was also brought there in written by ronny. - opzegtermijn huurovereenkomst, hoe lang is deze? Jesse can you check? - position of Eleni, what would it mean to be associate artist? Eleni is not interested to remain 'in the association'? What are expectations for the status of 'associate artist'? Is there a possibility to have new 'core artists'? (max&ciel?) members who are interested to contribute to set-up collective trajectories as well...

FINANCIAL SITUATION JUBILEE - Ronny finishes an overview for monday to be able to decide whether and how much we spend on the website

NICC (new coordinator) - ronny had a meeting with anyuta wiazemsky snauwaert/ she will take up a position in NICC as coordinator (only paid employee) She is interested in re-activating the work of NICC around the position of visual artists.

7WALKS BRUSSELS - Guy Gypens is interested - Ronny meets him next week - partnership for the development of the map, so that it can become a shared tool like TRACKS * R&K see this as an opportunity to think about how to manage a tool in a shared way * Kunsthal could be a partner, PILOOT is already in the partnership.

NANTES SEMINAR - ronny went there on wednesday Gregory Jerome - artschool strasbourg - developing program around art and law there. he is also in contact with Barbara Stacher on the European dialogue around a common EU artist status. EU countries feel that artists are moving around according to legislation supporting them - they want to avoid losing soft-power.

SUMMER SCHOOL mornings will be devoted to informal exhanges on artist-run organisations and ways to organise for it to be sustainable (jacob jacobsen will be there the whole period, maria francesca in the opening weekend, f.eks, skall) afternoons there will be walks/workshops trying to understand alternative education strategies developed by Reclus