Jubilee artist meeting 13 December 2021

Present: Julie, Justin, Ronny, Vincent, Jesse Excused: Eleni, Katleen,

Provisional agenda: -board meeting -debrief & strategy dossier 2023-27 -payment artist meetings? -Jubilee Friends -First Emptor meeting & plans -Offerte website -Justin MAXXI -VRIZA book presentation Bozar (March 9th or 25th) Vincent, Olivier? -Endeavor -Kunst Forum -Cooperatieve KUL -Jubilee Common Library

Board meeting 21/12 online Ronny sent documents. Budget 2022 to be approved. Will discuss budgets & plans 2022 One specific point: wage category Jesse, proposal to upgrade to L1 category (for academically trained employees with a responsibility for the organisation). Justin cannot be there. Ronny & Vincent will.

Debrief & strategy dossier 2023-27 Still some documents to create - 3 pdfs for links in the report: -PDF version of the docx (helpful because trustworthy)
-List of publications by or about Jubilee needs to be created -Plans 2023-27 not concrete yet - the document about this needs to be edited and elaborated upon. Is also an opportunity: -We can elaborate in ways we didn't forsee nefore -It can be a collective working document (pad) where updates can be added (project applications, reports)

Strategy for interview with commission Vincent: important moment for strategy and vision - also for the possibility that we won't make it through. To be planned carefully.
Ronny: it's too early in my opinion to discuss the possibliity we won't make it through.

Difficult points: -Why a wage cost for a lawyer? -Why give such a high amount of money to an organisation to pay artists wages with?
-24 days for collective work + 24 days for collective leadership = 1 FTE/full time job split by 5 people). -Why 78 days for individual work? Arguments: -> Relation individual project with collective projects and collective work -> Role of associate artists is not developed in terms of content. But by the time of the interview we will have started Emptor -> ...

3 people at interview? We should take diversity in consideration. Including one person of the board?

Payment for artist meetings?

We have been able to do that through Innoviris, then VIA (which is based on FTE's in first quarter of previous year). We haven't received (the info on) this year's VIA yet. Yet we seem to have 36.000 buffer money (balance sheet).

Do we want to continue paying?

Budgetted 2023 €350 per artist per meeting meeting, 10 meetings per year. For 2021 not paid yet - way more meetings & work done this year for dossier. Ronny: €350 isn't only for the meeting itself, but for collective leadership of which the meetings are just a moment.

Justin: We should, but perhaps we can keep it lower. Vincent: In this case we could wait for outcome of evaluation of dossier 2023-27.

What would happen if we don't get the subsidy?:

Co-op KUL : a learning possibility Seminar at KU Leuven - cooperative entrepreneurship (principles in organisations) Costs 2600e to participate. Ronny would like to do this. Programma start 2nd semester (ONLINE): 18/01 see: https://feb.kuleuven.be/levenslang-leren/cooperatief_ondernemen#admissioncriteria. Inscriptions before January. Not sure if we / Ronny would be accepted since no economic background.

How could we run Jubilee without much public funding for overhead? Some of this can be taken up in project budgets: a small amount of wages, and expenses (as we did partly with Katrien before 2013).

EMPTOR - meeting with Julie & Jesse Associated artists will be present including Ronny (not in a coordinating role as in Caveat) but not Sara Martinetti (dramaturg). She has visited Grace and Clementine.

RR in January - texts for RRs can also come from one of the artists (as a possibility for the artist to involve us in the material they are investigating) Assembly _> CIAP/FLACC -> C-mine, inviting Sarah Vanuxem?

How to support the practics beyond RR & AoP ? Jesse : we already did with Grace, Clementine and Katya, Kobe, R&K but not Ciel & Max...what do we do to help them further ? For example, should we help Clementine co-write her dossier? We need to evaluate to what extent it can be sucessful. Free advice General principles first and what the artists' questions are.
Written output are missing in Caveat. 3 dramaturgs: Sara Martinetti
tobias / jens (familiar with kobe) Steyn Bergs Sharpen the reflection, find the right questions. Not just general comments but more focusing on artistic practices and transpose from there.

Experts : like Sara Vanuxem Enrich the reflection on a more punctual basis.

AoP: 2 artists make a presentation. Before that, dramaturgs have dialogue with them. Concept mapping of practice + linking with other practices

We have an engagement with CIAP (Louise & Alicia) but Louise became director of C-Mine where Ciel & Max's project takes place. And Maaike Orlando Gouwenberg is the new director of CIAP, quite engaged. Also curates Dutch pavilllion of Venice 2022 with Melanie Bonajo.

Friends of Jubilee

Jesse: screenings / studio visits would be interesting for "friends", as well as reading rooms and more private AoPs.

Ronny: friends are about money and through this get priviledges - who are these people? artists? art collectors? If it's 500 a year it will cost us more than that?

It could also be contributing social capital ipv economic.

Jesse misses content in the meetings - Ronny: we could divide up the time to make this possible.

Website No price offer yet for update / slight redesign of opening page Some things need to be added: - link news items to projects and artists - will make the url's easier to handle

Caveat / Emptor website mapping - uses keywords, tags and links to create a visualisation.

Vincent: The site needs to bring people from the outside - how do we attract people to it - with content / texts. Ronny: the research is missing on the site. There are press-related articles but we need to have other content. As a platform for artistic research we need to be able to publish research on the website(s).

Kunst Forum Justin read R&K's proposal to write on collective practices. Answers to questionnaire, editors will create a text based on this contribution.
Vincent & Julie & Jesse will read ASAP Justin: balance VH - Jubilee is good. Important to read their text.

Justin Oracle Invitation by MAXXI to show a version of the work in Berlin April 2022. €5000 fee but adaptations to be done. Reprogramming. But mostly additional research and production. (Existing version is translated to German for past Swiss show.) Connections with Florian Wüst could be relevant to renew. Has a studio where people can do short term residencies. Vincent: Jochen Becker is THE curator in Berlin to talk to about this

Book presentation Lonnie & Siebren @ Bozar Will be 9 or 25 March 2022. Invite David Van Reybrouck & Olivier Marboeuf. Artists Q&A as well. Vincent could moderate. Vincent: day before or after do a session on film cooperatives with L&S and Olivier.

Endeavour Is a co-op of architects, designers etc - interacting with city councils - looking at urban redevelopment. It would be interesting to talk about co-operative working, but also because they are open to collaboration. Maybe they have money / funding to be able to provide advice etc. Nico Dockx is working with them. Ronny wants to find out how they're funded and how they work with artists.

Jubilee common library Jesse approached Louise De Bethune to work with us on Common Library. As well as first Emptor moment. She'll probably start working full time for VG from March so perhaps not opportune. Julie would like to work with her on Library, the infrastructure for it and Reading Rooms connected to it. Library will have collections of texts on subthemes.
-Vincent proposes to read book by Adelita Husni Bey.
-Julie: La fleuve qui voulait parler. -Sarah Vanuxem

This is a good basis, artists could propose other texts People invited should have read texts before - make them available through a pad? OSP have a special scanner.

The Intruder MHKA SMAK also hosts part of the VG Collection, Vincent thinks it might be more interesting for the work. Perhaps not sign the document proposed by Nav.

FEKS - 3 months /YEAR - younger artists -> advice - people in mind ? - congelese artist (from HISK through dirk/wiels,) -> looking for an economist

Planning artist meetings Mon 10/01 9:30 Mon 07/02 9:30 Tue 15/03 9:30 Mon 11/04 9:30 Mon 09/05 9:30 Mon 13/06 9:30 End of June Summer school Denmark