Jubilee artist meeting 21 oktober 2021

Present: Vincent, Justin (eerste deel), Julie, Katleen, Ronny, Jesse Excused: Eleni, Jeanne

Plans Justin -Not worry too much how Jubilee can have a role in all of this. -Individual interest -> collective research -Elaborate details -> calendar, collaborations

Budget 1 day per week salary for core artists 10 days per year salary for external people, invited by core artists (In exchange for this) membership 250€ per month Associate artists via AOPs, Summerschools etc, how much could we budget for that?

/ Jesse: Let's consider each artistic plan as a mini project application (development) that need to be as convincing as a standalone project application. Others: Doesn't necessarily have to be so concerte. It's too difficult to think of that in a couple of years

/ Vincent: We need to think about the support for production . What kind of production support? Ronny: In the past, production paid for by Jubilee was helping the artists with project applications & follow-up, preparation for distribution, etc. Inneke was paid for editing through artists only - in that sense nothing changes! Production period is short, it needs to be because it's expensive, as it involves many people. You need to be very well prepared. While Development is very long and the risk falls almost entirely on the shoulders of the artist. Suppert that by giving them time. Artist as cornerstone. Jubilee as first partner of the artists.

Plans Vincent Collective trajectiory around film distribution cooperative.

/ Katleen: New Jubilee mission: not talk about distribution, rather support research. Vincent: Red thread in application (in collaboration with PAM but not only): defending research & development as reflexion trajectories. Katleen: Distribtue Research & Development?

/ Ronny: 2022 isn't relevant to develop upon except if it will determine your 2023 plans.

/ Vincent: We need to formulate a position regarding academia. Why only Eleni did a PhD?
Ronny: Universtities are overmanaged and never have budget for artistic research. We should formulate a Jubilee statement about this that we can refer to every time we're offered screenings etc without a realistic payment. -> Public moment about this? "We encounter this every week!"

Plans Julie What could a jurist be within Jubilee? 2 ways of research (cfr. note sent earlier this month- 'juriste architecte' (translating issues to new ways of dealing with contracts, legal structures,...)/ 'recherche engagée' (allowing different sources, working bottom up, allowing doubt...): engagement (co-researching) with individual practice (7 Walks, Grace), as well as bringing to the surface opinions and visions on legal concepts and ratio legis on the artistic field .Today these are mostly moments like the Reading Rooms. But in the future: idea to develop a collaborative annotation practice that goes back to the 'glossators', who had a huge impact on the development of the continental law system. confront practical experience and 'ideas' from the artistic field with raw legal material might Different create a shorter line between practice and lawmaking (considering the lobby on the field is often 'weak' and the jurisprudence limited). Ronny: <-> Constant's publication on copyleft. > which publication - can you send reference pls? Vincent: How could we facilitate the collective annotation process? -> Check with OSP -> Could become a project in itself.

/ Vincent: how do we work together? <-> book on co-creation: https://www.cacbretigny.com/fr/agenda/302-co-creation <-> tools for co-writing (Innoviris report)

/ Julie: Grace's development at Kunsthal is succesful, beneficial for relation Kunsthal - environment. Could have follow-up, structural collaboration.

AOPs Definition? Artists' practices are functioning autonomously - bring a number of them together, plus dramaturgs. -> What kind of output?

/ Ronny: if there's no clear plan for a summerschool in 2024, we propose a double summer school: 2023 we go to Denmark, in 2024 we invite the Danish here. "Jubilee cycles" ? Vincent: 'Unlearning from [location]" <-> Learning from Las Vegas.

To do's - Tuesday night latest rather than Wednesday night! -> Detail & elaborate plans -> Artists propose contributions to synoposis on Jubilee's bigger picture in the synopsis there should for sure be attention for the TIME needed for development (which is translated in the 1 day/week) apart from that I think many other things could be summarised under CONTEXT which containswhere?? - PUBLIC moments (RR, summer school) - NETWORK development (distribution, production) - EMBEDDED in the field (PAM, oKo,...) - INTERDISCIPLINARY ??? maybe it's good to think about how we ideally see this context? also the 'associated' artists should have a place in the context or elsewhere? or should we replace context by ECOLOGY or yet something else... -> Justin: Organigraph -> Eleni: Develop on collective project I - We