Jubilee artist meeting 14 oktober 2021

Present: Vincent, Eleni, Justin, Julie, Katleen, Ronny, Jesse Excused: Jeanne

Needed for personal artistic plans, per artist: -couple of paragrahs about artist's oeuvre -> good occassion to adapt 'bios' on Jubilee website -project plans 2022 & 2023-27 incl relevant collaborations -role Jubilee / how and why your plans pertain to Jubilee / Jubilee is relevant to them -> last two can be intertwined -> 'production' does not need to be avoided. Rather, the elements of the plans that are strictly production should be connected to people/institutions/etc that this can be done together with. <-> same like we always did for presentation!

Eleni project proposals Public time & collective contect. Collective identity <-> keeping one's own identity within collective. Relationship I - we can become the theme of a collective research project since this encapsulates the foundational tension within Jubilee (also: relationship process - aesthetic product)

Terminology I would like to be a bit cautious in pinning down how we exactly understand these terms - Emptor could be understood as collective in the sense that it is a project that sprouted from a common ambition within jubilee but it is highly collaborative also, in the sense that many artists and others contribute, co-decide...

could we just keep it to collaborative when a project, practice, trajectory has working together with others as one of its important characteristics collective when decisions about a trajectory, project are made together, de-centralised...

in that sense I only see collective - individual and collaborative as a methodology

Collaborative projects: personal practice, but collaborative and heteronmous in nature Collective projects: transcending the personal practice, themes that are/can be shared between different artists/researchers within Jubilee as well as associate artists. Research projects such as Caveat and Emptor. Also collective projects that aren't rooted in a research theme such as Tracks (and perhaps Potion Cinema in case we continue that as a Jubilee project).

Eleni: investigate distinctions/confusions between development-production-presentation -> could be a reflection trajectory

Summer school would be format to use every year. Each edition organised (assumed responsibility for) by a different person. Plurallity of voices. Think tank. Spa as example. Denmark 24/6-3/7/2022 as first summer school to be conceived as such. For 2022 this summerschool will be described in the dossier as a test for developing summerschools from 2023-2027. Jubilee cannot ask funding for this as it is in 2022, but Denmark is funding it... Vincent: for each summer school, everyone proposes one external person to contribute. Opportunity to develop Jubilee ethos: inclusivity.

4 artist practices + follow up to Emptor (research trajectory about cooperative?) I don't see a research trajectory on cooperatives as the follow up of Emptor I think by organising AOP from within Jubilee the collective research thematics (I/We?) could be approached in it from different angles and with a focus on how to work with these bottom up ideas, collaboratively and in daily practice. in that sense we should open it up and not limit it to cooperatives, it is also about collective authorship, decision making,...

5 collective projects? maybe it is interesting to set one overall collective focus over 5 years and try to break it down in 4 sub-focus depending on the individual practices the 5th one being a conclusive one? 5 years?

Meetings typology -Summer school -> development -Assemblies of practice (AOPs) -> reflection -Retraites (non-open part on same day as AOP) -> Jubilee long-term vision -Artist meeting -> invite others or not? To go into the depth of a limited number of practices or to accompany the different projects of the core artists? it offers the possibility to develop longer term/closer relationships with the people we later invite in summer school, AOP,... -Reading Rooms as format beyond Caveat? and beyond Emptor after 2022. linked to the library! what is the purpose of a library within Jubilee? Libary a typology? could we see it as part of the 'archive' just like the 'film archive' and activate our archive by reading rooms and screenings (cfr. further jesse's question on why/how/ we should collaborate in setting up a screening network) ->Summer Schools & AOPs are aimed at (expanding the) Jubilee community what do we aim at creating a 'community'? this should align with what the content of these moments is...

Collaboration request Heike Langsdorf/Radical Hope. No concrete proopsal. What's the common ground? Perhaps fixed location for reading rooms?

Justin project proposals Book on audiowalks by Q-O2, Justin writes introdcution on basis of interview by Caroline & Henry. Sound, walks, mapping/cartography, field recording. Difficult to make decisions distinguishing betseen individual, collaborative and collective practices.

Cartography and field recording are both 'accused' of colonialism.

Tracks: -composition tool -sound archive of research. 7 Walks (resolution) as a try-out? In case of Tracks, could this be used as laboratorium, linked to research/development and not only as distribution/presentation (I think this could be an exception, as we should not try to push everything in reflection/development-see comments further on)

Visualisation Jubilee activities & network past years <-> organigram/organigraph

Jesse project proposals

Elaborate why. PAM, Midsize Strategy & Permanent are existing sector networking. Tracks, Potion Cinema, and reflection trajectory Artist Run Spaces and Flemish-Dutch screening network for artist moving image are content-based projects that are new for Jubilee. How to inscribe them in logic of Development / Reflection, or how to justify doing them with Jubilee beyond those function? Vincent: framing them as dev/refl means risking to make the entire application blurry. not everything we do should be framed as DEV./REFL. a structure supporting DEV./REFL. should be able to guide artists in their development and also guide the field in what is needed for "new practices' so being part of these seems to me like something very relevant and does not necessarily need more framing what needs framing is how we support DEV./REFL.! I would rather give it a place there.... just like the conversations with distribution platforms, producers... Ronny: 'curating a platform for research' <-> place in the landscape. Take care not to try and push screening programs, exhibitions, distribution programs in development and/or reflection. This might become too obvious and is not good for the dossier and we will not receive funding for these programmes anyway In case of PAM or VRIZA we could focus on our new mission in Jubilee to support artistic research and make that more accessible for a public. These long and invisibilised research periods often do not get enough attention in organisations, filmfestivals, etc...it would be better to set up a collaboration around this, than focussing on making a programme for distribution.

Convinced that this new mission for Jubilee regarding research and reflection fits us very well, as this is exactly what binds our practices together, and the collective trajectories focussed on the artist's condition that we already have been doing. We can finally ask support for artistic research and value it for what it is worth. This is excellent.

(This does not mean we should not explain how we will deal with production, distribution, archiving in the future, but Jubilee can no longer acquire funding for this with the Flemish Government)

How/why to set up a (B-NL or Benelux) network for screenings of (preconceived programmes of) artist moving image together with VRIZA? <-> PAM? Potion Cinema: foster research and collective reflection in artist moving image. instead of how/why I think the question is what could and would we like to we contribute to such a network? thinking from research practices, it could be another way of 'curating' within this network - is there space in the setting up of these networks for more discursive screening programs? Jubilee had some of these in the past... Reflection in this case cannot be reflection on a single film or single artist practice. Reflection means for this dossier issues that are relevant for the artistic landscape f.e. emptor (reflection on property relationships through artistic practices) or f.e. a symposium organised by an individual artist but addressing issues wider than his/her work.

Planning: -21/10 plans personal & collective trajectories -28/10 organigraph/network visualisation -4/11 -12/11 (Friday, as already scheduled) -18/11 -26/11 (as Ronny suggested instead of 25th, ok for everyone? That evening Eleni's show at West opens - everybody let's go!)