Jubilee Artist Meeting 31 May 2021

Present: Justin, Ronny, Julie, Jesse. From point about JUM: Eleni. Off screen: Katleen Excused: Vincent

Agenda: -Statutes -JUM VAF -VH 7 Walks -JB -Update social statute of the artist in Belgium -SOTA Almanac Day 5: Empowering artist-run spaces (July 3rd, organised for SOTA and Permanent by me and Dries Van de Velde at Het Bos Antwerp) -SOTA Almanac Day: To Occupy or to Inhabit (September, organised by Julie/Caveat Emptor with Grace Ndiritu at Kunsthal/Caermersklooster Ghent) -Tracks app for sound walks -Housing situation -Communication/Nina -Varia -Planning, also summer/holidays

Informal: Jesse discusses his stay at ZAD notre dame des landes.

Statutes Both NL and FR versions need some work - Jesse finds the definition of members confusion (article 5) - they need editing properly to make them consistent. -Terminology: Bestuursorgaan/Organe d'administration will be used instead of Raad van Bestuur/Conseil d'adminstration. -> Jesse will propose slight adaptations in track changes in Dutch. Decisions will be made by Julie. Will be transposed Julie: Ronny's and Vincent's role as administrators remains to be detailed. Ronny: Board takes decisions as a collective body. R & V have mandate of signatures. Julie: Yes, but then you could sign for things that involve your own problems - with the risk of interest conflicts Ronny: I solve that by not doing that, and asking someone from the board. -> This needs to be stipulated in the form. ('Daily management except own projects') -> Do we need to state the date of publication the latest version of the internal rules? Probably not: there needs to be "a reference" to the latest version. So we'll stipulate in the Statutes that any changes will be attached to the report of the last general assembly meeting. - so updated at the most once a year. -> Jesse will round up this week. Vincent might be able to make French adaptations.

JUM VAF Genevieve will make an update of the contract between TYGN, Jubilee & Spectre. Contract remains identical, but attached budget/financing documents needs to be updated. Her mother passed away so needs a little bit more time.

VH 7 Walks Collaboration with mapping collective Atelier Cartographique (linked to Speculoos - Pierre H.) - Jeanne will help in this. Exhibition is opening on 28-08. walks will take place in the week before. for each walk there will have a content intro and will be a chapter in the project - these are linked to Proudhon and Spadel Holding and their exclusive license to distribute the Spa water commercially. In september there will be another series of walks. these will be with different groups: A-pass artists (hosted by Kristien Vandenbrande as curator), friends of CIAP. Communication: summer newsletter July+August as well as separate announcement to selection of peers in August. FB events should be made. Open Heritage days are in September, during the exhibition period. Two fixed guests (Julie & Luke) + specific specialists per walk - there will be 7 walks. Meeting point: Musée de la ville d'Eaux. Lunch + 14-18h walk. Possibly dinner afterwards.
R+K will discuss this planning in more detail in the coming week. 7 with the title 'Resolution', 3 as 'A reenactment in Spa'. Every walk will be a little bit different in terms of itinerary (partly improvised with the group), topic, trigger question. Probably different walks in EN and FR. 11-12 September: heritage days in region wallonie. these dates have been proposed to CIAP, but still needs tbd with museum.

VH solo show at Edith Ruth Haus (Oldenburg) opening on 7/7.

JB New Babylon project (linking to Constant N. and building project in Den Haag). Archival research/ meeting with fondation Constant/ visiting his house and studio. Turns out Constant built a synthesizer and Justin received lots of audio tapes. Parallel research on boardgames and maquettes. interested in board game on arts and gentrification. For now focus is on place in Den Haag. Setting up Radio New Babylon, which can only be heard if you're close to the building (using existing version of Echoes now, Tracks could be used in the future - GPS link enables sound only when within a certain distance). Hereto Justin is collecting audio pieces, asking people to donate pieces. Interested to look into possibilities to offer them a return for their contribution. text and image can also be part of it. -> We're invited to propose sound pieces. Copyright/Trademark: "New Babylon" is trademarked by the building project, but there's a prior use by Constant (and allegedly suggested to him by Debord detourning the biblical source) which could be a basis of contesting the monopoly on the name. On the present site there was already a building called Babylon, it still exists and is now encapsuled by the new project.
Justin made a website on the project: http://radionewbabylon.net/NBDH_Detourne.html Ronny: Proudhon (who was a printer) could offer interesting angles on this (stating that claiming authorship rights is theft). Jeanne is researching this for us (her own research is about piracy) Could be interesting to involve Jeanne. Has also a project for keeping contact and exchanging information between different participants walking outside (surveillance and covid inspired). The project is still in a development phase - publicly there will only be activities after summer. Using sound as a way of making the building a public venue. Inviting people to go to this place. Afterwards maybe a more 'open' way of listening to it, but first just incredibly local.

EK Handed in dissertation, supervises approved of it. Then commitee will look at it, defense maybe end of November. Exhibition maybe at West Den Haag (under discussion since some time). Normally for 2 months. Stichting De Zaaier could be called upon for production budget, West doesn't seem to have any. Large spaces. No curator for the moment. Jean Bernard Koeman is dissertatoin supervisor who might step in in that role, since show is in relation to that.
End of October: solo show in SPACE (Liege). Corners of the Mouth has been funded by Mondriaan Fonds, which means it's getting very busy. Visits on-site in Venray and La Louvière. Eleni would like to develop a project using online media (with a partner). Giving a more permanent site to the performance Justin: It would still be interesting to hear Sonic Acts about it. West's directos Marie-Jose and Achim are designers, that may offer an interesting institutional framework. Jan at V2 who made the AIR algorithm might be relevant. Casting Call project: Work with Ychai on trailer. Film installation / Parrhesia will form the basis of the PhD exhibition at West. Could be an opportunity to plug the project with a Flemish institution. -> Eleni & Jesse will contact different locations together (M, Kunsthal, CIAP, MuZEE, BSB, Wiels, Stuk, ...) Centre de la Gravure et de l'Image imprimée (Emmanuel Lambion) invited Eleni for a residency + solo show 2022. Fee + production €5000. Parallel to Ivo & Simone and ...

SOTA Almanac Day 5 "Empowering artist-run spaces" Probably July 3rd, organised for SOTA and Permanent by me and Dries Van de Velde at Het Bos Antwerp More news soon after Jesse's meeting today

SOTA Almanac Day September
To Occupy or to Inhabit September, organised by Julie/Caveat Emptor with Grace Ndiritu at Kunsthal/Caermersklooster Ghent More soon after Julie's meeting at Caermersklooster on Thursday.

VGC/Gallait -> Jesse calls/emails to find out about date.

Tracks Calendar continues to be difficult from Echoes side. Justin is available on Thursday morning or Friday all day

Planning summer 7 Walks last week of August. Jubilee doesn't need to do much work beyond communication - which can be done in July.