Jubilee artist meeting 26/04/2021

Present: Vincent, Ronny, Julie, Justin, Jesse, Katleen (for separate part) Excused: Eleni

Proposal agenda: -Gallaitstraat -Statuten -Tracks -VGC -Katleen

1.STATUTEN Vincent will work on French text edit tonight. Julie re-reads tmr morning Jesse reviews Dutch version (French passages?) Jesse calls Griffie to find out: -whether they're open, -whether changes can be done through e-griffie, -whether the report of the GA can be in English, -whether they make a difference between normal and extraordinary GA's and -timeframe within 1 month after GA? Vincent sends back his letter to Justin.

2.GALLAIT 80 (VGC call: use for aritstic organisations from 1/09/2021 until 31/12/2025) Deadline MAY 14 or 25 ? Will find out tomorrow 27/4, visit 5PM : Jesse & Ronny & Philppe Debroe (Sputnik vzw, of Alles es just festival) & Lieve Franssen & Katrien Reist? & Severine (bna-bbot)? Co-use for free, but expectations between partners to be discussed and defined.
Choir needs office & working space for costumes and masks & rehearsal space on Sundays (Kriekelaar?).
Philippe needs office, as well as stockage which we cannot offer. Katrien : office Sota + ARP (thematic research ? ) Minister Smet : atelier plan -> permanent + level 5 are part of that discussion. Level Five is also appying, with Globe Aroma. Julie: That's a logical collaboration in the view of their future plans (Permanent) whereas our collaborations are only on the occasion of this application. Seems opportunistic. Ronny: Not entirely true, we've already collaborated with Sputnik and SOTA. SOTA agrees to be part of both applications (Katrien at least...not 100% sure about Els). @Permanent: Rob agrees, wants to discuss with An of GlobeAroma first. This is the only official working space for artists that the VGC has. Jesse : VGC seems to consider space as a hub artists and neighbourhood can exchange. Vincent: @Sputnik/Alles es just & @Brecht Eisler Choir: different from what we do. Different positioning. Local anchor. Parade dimension: Ronny @Brecht Eisler Choir: embodies social engagement. Connection would be more interesting when considered thematically. Coincidence that Lieve lives in Schaerbeek, the Choir s really Brussels based. Connection with Eleni's Casting Call, form-wise. Lieve is quite politically profiled: part of PVDA & active in Hart boven Hard. Try to not emphasise that in the application. Choir is a 2/3 years project 200 year anniversary Pogge (local popular legend after whom the square is named) : iconic figure, farmer who spoke the phrase "Alles is just" after which a festival on Schaarbeek patrimony was named. His plan : Schaerbeek = to become erfgoed cell brussel. (VGC project) Arp & Jubilee: too similar? Find ways to discribe them as complimentary. Julie: if I were the VGC, I'd use this house a means to conntect between cultuurcentra and artists in the city. Vincent: Cultural policy. Vincent @Relationship with Katrien is good because we've a little separated. She's part of many organisations. Need to define relationship. SOTA would be part of this plan as SOTA, not as Katrien. ARP website says "under construction", we need to discuss ARP's role. Festival and Tracks: relationships to the urban fabric, through practice on the street. Vincent: commons & community & commune / de meent & gemeenschap & gemeente. VGC - kriekelaar / commissie VGC / local/city/world " Schaerbeek is een wereld"


At this stage : a smartphone app for sound walks, in development Julie @ Qo2 : prefers as a digital tool for distribution for soundwalks (rather than a collective curatorial project). They created somethings quite broad (like the Oscillation festival), they might find this diluting their identity /image. Beursschouwburg is so different what they do. But they don't need to co-curate things. Application 's name is "Tracks" -> to inaugurate the tool, we will organise a presentation weekend. Only once, no intention to organise festivals because of Q-O2's position. Jesse: couldn't we try to solve that? Ronny: I don't think I have any leverage. We should use it to produce/host/present soundwalks as a practice within a neighborhood. Bna-bbot could be a good partner (not only artistic). It would better to use not use any name similar to Tracks name within that context. Jesse: couldn't we try to solve that situation with Q-O2? Ronny: I don't think I have any leverage.

Jesse asks Severine to write down their expectations. 5 partners will be authorized to use this app. Positive : we have a design (look) Negative : we have a quote from the company (but they want more money) Investments: Visit Brussels (14.000) + Beursschouwburg (3000) + Bna-bbot + Overtoon + Q-O2 + Soundtrackcity Amsterdam (time & effort) (CIAP, BUDA & Kunsthal Gent might be interested to join.) Costs: 9000 design & development app, 5000 technical adjustment Soundtrackcity had a app (michiel from soundtrack city) was looking for budget Developer in Amsterdam (more limited app), Michiel asked Echoes (UK company) -> ask more money after extensive proposal from us and other project partners. Jesse brought the idea to bring other partners (application with Brussels Mobility -> translation of Justin's walk Multiplicity into FR&NL -> refused in the summer. Quite similar call launched by Visit Brussels -> application for that (with a public moment-> so presentation weekend with a couple of sound walks -> Culturele Activiteitenpremies 2 x 2000 € : 19 & 20 june. Julia lives in Schaerbeek : artistic director of QO2 V2 would be interested said Boris (very good at developing tools) : don't know how much they work with apps. Justin: V2 have very little budget. Echoes offers more which is already working. Content management / maintenance.

4.VGC: Report of 2020

Yearly report to adapt with emphasis on Brussels: Staycation walks R&H, Tracks, Casting Call, Reading Rooms. Jesse insists with Gijs: need the graphvis overview of Jubilee's network and presentations tomorrow. DL: end of this week

  1. KUNST NA CORONA Call by Kunstenpunt, projects that would be helpful in thinking of art after corona - an initiative of the administation/government. 6 projects present themselves through videos (September). Cabinet asked Kunstenpunt to organise, Dirk invited Emptor. Recuperation by cabinet is very probable. We won't have control over the use of the videos, nor about the final edit. They invited projects not yet started ! How come that the administration is organizing something like this ? A no go for us.


Katleen is part of a working group piloted by interministerial comitee: Vandebroucke, Clarinval, Dermagne. Goal: come with a concrete proposal for new artist statute. Participation group: Terrible rush behind the politicians. Like Barcelona as a model (enquetes, debates, meetings): filtered out by the working group. Agenda is heavy. Invisibised work: schizophrenic position. Good tool -> newsletter -> artists should participate to the enquetes. ONEM/ RVA are alreay present. Probably severe in their ideas. Katleen wil follow in May: federations. 23 people including: Experts: Lacroix, Tanguy Roosse, Servaes, Eva Meyer (Amplo), 6 people from RVA and FOD. UPAC-T: 5 people (including Fanny Tondeur, Pierre Dherte, Cyril Elophe), 2 from Artiestencoalitie (Katleen + Johan Van Assche Actor's Guild). Technicians: Sebastien Charlier, Gert Machelen (?) Independent: Emeline Bouchat, Ingrid Vranken (joining Sota), Isa Jans (feminist artist group / FS)

SOTA wrote another note. Julie: legal proposal? Legal experts are there. Working group will start in autumn (tax, mobility, ...not in the law text). After that: meeting unions 75 millions have to be spent at the end of this year.

(Federal) website will be online. Newsletter? Separate announcement.

Illegal situation: artists working for free (seen as lobbying) Case study! A difference between paid people and people contibuting / advising from the experience. Could be that the group is a façade, that the new artist statute has already been decided upon.

7.EUROPEAN FUNDING European funding webinar - announced online by Cultuurloket / VLEVA (Verbindingsbureau Vlaanderen-Europa) / administration.
Ronny participates. How does this work? What is the time frame?

8.ORGANIGRAM To have one for our next dossier. Justin creates, on basis of talks with each of us. Relationship between elements. Difficulty is to define decisison making process: who and how decides (and when?) 3D-organigram ? Catalogue in diagrams. Organigram shoud not be definitive. How are relationships transforming along our ideas?

  1. JEANNE New tasks Update Emptor trajectories Grace, VH and Agency. Create trajectory Ciel & Marnix. Jeanne quits KASK : too conservative. No student union / gender minded workign group : she does not feel at home. With a group of friends (most french in brussels) she starts an asbl : to do somthing like Jubilee. they want an atelier, no so much focus on colelctive projects. For invoicing + using money in a collective structure and help each other out. Statutes are public so no problem to transfer our French ones. Jeanne is now in between Gent-Paris-Brussels.

  2. LOCATION -Meiboom site: estimated costs of use are too high -Beguinage site: we part of application (city and OVMW) of which Level Five is partner. We should get news in May.
    -New Citydev call for proposals about site close to Studio Citygate will be out soon. We're in contact with Citydev.
    To make it happen: ask politicians to play a role. Pascal Smet. 51N4E architects are in North Station, they might know more about opportunities in the area.