Jubilee quartet meeting 13 April 2021

Provisional agenda: -SOTA almanac day on artistic property, -Bozar/Grace, -TIM magazine, -Reading Room Katya 1 may, -Invitation PAM pm,... -Statuten / Internal Rules Board individual engagement

AGENCY -collaboration Agency -> coordination of the project / Julie's mission-role / Solving the bill issue /
1/solve terms of collaboration Julie/Kobe

Julie is the link between Cera/Lieve and Kobe. Cooperative now needs to solve how to sell activation protocol to collections? But this wasn't necessarily part of the initial mission. VZW -> cooperative. Then solve problem of non-cultural contribution of Julie Possible solution: involve Twee-eiiige drieling to make contracts for Agency vzw, while Julie continues working on helping to set up the Agency cooperative. Kobe busy with SOTA, statuten and shows in Shangai and Berlin.

KATYA MAY 1st : reading room "on doing nothing" Asad (curator- with azeri roots from Leningrad ? lives in Paris- close friend of Katya ) 7,6 hours? - inviting other professional Julie: more simple format is more logical by now. Also possible: invite people relevant in research, and propose them later on to be the enactor of the performance (before 31/08) Virtual or physical? End of this week comittee decides on covid measures.

CLEMENTINE Date to fix (part of cultural activiteit)

SOTA - almanac day on property in the arts staycation VGC -> again (then it should be outside) / september, last saturdays of the month Ronny (planning walks for august and septemeber walks : decent weather ) to set up an assembly of practice Bruges has evolved into a direction = assembly of practice (ciel & maximilian / ron & kat + 1 artist from the Triennale) Kobe suggest author's rights

It should be on the base of the project -> in JANUARY Emptor 's extra guest speaker ?
Ludovic Chemarin artitst's name bought and operated by Damien Beguet and P.Nicolas Ledoux

EMPTOR Planned to start in december. The first could be an introduction moment -> as an essay R : watch out, it takes time with all that is on the table

STRUCTURAL People applied for 14 milions but only 4 milions available Probably not too many projects in "Reflection". We have a fair chance to be supported. 50.000 asked By the 1st december : the structural funding application "Everybody will ask for more, when one needs to be ambitious it's at that moment" Make an ambitious proposal. Raise budget. One needs a program (structure and a program) At this stage we don't have enough to run program but we need to shape it. -> 30 november 2022 for Emptor (if we get it) 4 individual trajectory + 6 guest trajectories Remenuration for collective moments during whihc artist reflect on their trajectory

-> Kick off of structural funding could be the text written for Bassam opens and ends with questions -> It depends on the new trajectories (Eleni, Vincent, Justin) -> The many dynamics of Research Platfrom (ex : Doreen, ...) -> New financial models (we don't know enough yet) -> EFAP (took over that discussion group ) -> COST funding engulfed / no content there (lots of nice peopeople : Andrea, Pedro,...but cc: how to save what needs to be saved ?

TIM MAGAZINE / REKTO-VERSO : first meetings Tim : artist run magazine R-V : thematic number - taking distance Zeynab is the admin board of Tim and used to work at R-V


R&K Innoviris project / Museum Pharmacy (nature & people) "Bosbaden" (baths in the forest - she wants artists in her porject about a guy from Vienna writing about qualitative / qualitative / artistic research-> because the two first cannot address some aspects. "Beyond words" : basically what we're doing. Picked up by academia; Guy teaching at the technical design school. r&k : "we migh be a burden for a project" Phenomological take on the forest.

BOARD Question raised by Nav Formal responsability : discuss this with all members.

For NEXT ARTIST MEETINGS -> Modus operandi needs to evolve ; -> One Topic Per Meeting (in preparation of the structural application + division of tasks); -> for this share info before (like for newsletter) so that meeting = discuss topics and make decisions ;