Jubilee Artist Meeting 11 January 2021

Present: Justin, Eleni, Ronny & Katleen, Julie Excused: Vincent, Jeanne, Jasper

Proposal for agenda: -Comments report of last meeting? -Culturele Activiteitenpremie update -VH -VM -JB -EK -Caveat/Emptor -PAM -A Fair New Idea (see also the application form attached) -Retraite 25 January -An Urgent Embrace: emergency fund initiated by Globe Aroma ...Please add...

Meeting notes To confirm in the course of this week.

Culturele Activiteitenpremie update

Granted: February 5 Caveat Reading Room: Doing Nothing (Katya Ev) March 3 The Corners of the Mouth (Eleni) March 26 Caveat Reading Room: Orphans of Tar April 27 Listening in the Time of Corona (Justin) May 20 Enactment performance Katya Ev

Not yet granted: April 16 Caveat Reading Room: Agency April 26 Caveat Reading Room: Rising Warmth May 15-16 Public presentation TRACKS app

Upcoming: January 11 Artist Meeting January 15 DL A Fair New Idea 1 “Care” January 20 PAM PM hosted by Jesse & Vincent Stroep (TBC) January 25 Retraite February 5 Caveat Reading Room: Doing Nothing (Katya Ev) February 8 Artist Meeting February 22 Retraite

-> Eleni participates in an Oracle event, 21/1...to be followed up.

Vermeir & Heiremans Ronny has been taking care of his father. His health goes better. working on gathering participants for the walks in SPA -MR made a proposal for a basic income for artists. Katleen: it's a kind of trap, need to prove 156 days of work. Too conditional. Co-created by same people as those who proposed adaptations to the present artist's statute - Servaes Lecompte & Johan Van As (theatre). Generally met with positive response, 1500/month. But who reads more critically... Katleen wrote analysis, perhaps leading official statement with SOTA. Oko is also involved. There is access to the right people (Cabinet Vandenbroucke, Social Affairs). Meeting with oKo is scheduled on Wednesday.

Caveat/Emptor Bruges Triennale: trying to set up a public moment in September. Writing resolution for access to art for everyone - public moment to discuss this. Grace was selected for Development Programme working period at Kunsthal Gent. To research 'property' in the context of Caermersklooster (masterplan will be presented this summer). They proposed early 2022 - Grace proposed April-June 2021 to meet locals and discuss, as well as a later period of a more public nature. Julie will have a meeting with her to discuss possible Emptor collaboration.
Communication of the reading rooms: discussion with OSP - with Jeanne around, she could work on a basis from OSP. Jesse follows up with Gijs. Posters & Mapping tool to be discussed with OSP! Katya Ev has performances of 'visitors....' coming up on saturdays this and the following month. The publication of HISK catalogue took place on Saturday. 5 February...Reading Room with Katya: Invite Steyn? Get Katya's Arena sample book for in Caveat library Reading Rooms will have to be online? what are the protocols for physical meetings today? we schedule a meeting about this early next week with Katya, Jeanne, Jesse, Julie.

A Fair New Idea Kunstenpunt funding. https://afairnewidea.be/en/thema-1 Could be interesting for both Emptor and Tracks. Only needs 1x A4 application. 12000 euros. Project has to start in June 2021 at the latest. SOTA (Kobe) is already applying with a program on the artist status. The budget is limited and they throw your idea in the open even if you don't get the funding. Synopsis of EMPTOR proposal? Use Bovenlokaal (news April, would start July) as point of departure? Ronny & Julie discuss this afternoon. 12.000 is limited, but this call could be a way to involve Kunstenpunt itself. "Do it together" was a one-off call, not really followed-up on/

Vincent Meessen Finalizing budget JUM for VAF, Ronny in collaboration with Genevieve.

Justin Bennett Justin's proposal for 'Interdiscplinary research group' (The Hague Conservatory & KABK) was accepted: "Representation, Exploration, Creativity and Control of, and in, the City". Payment for 1 working day a week. 1 year.

Invitation for project on walking as (educational) method. Perhaps more technological/scientific approach. They're applying for funding.

BMB con was invited by Soundtrackcity to create a walking piece in the park...a listening excercise rather than an audio work. Made a cassette, waiting for them to arrive from UK. Publication connected, but no decision on that yet. NL lockdown until end of first week of February. Only food & medicine are sold. Status of Denmark project is not clear.

Forgot to reply to Ychaï about archiving of harddrives. Difficult to send, but could perhaps already prepare something.(i did forget but I already emailed him - justin)

Eleni Kamma 21/01/ Performative event-exhibition one day initiated by Oracle.May need letter to come to Brussels this Friday, to bring a drawing. Ask WAB, if that doesn't work, Jesse will draft a letter. VAF: rapporteursgesprek Edwin Carels. To be scheduled early February. Commission comes together 22 Feb. Possible exhibition centre de la gravure - invitation by Emmanuel Lambion - waiting for confirmation. March 2021. Applied for an exceptional development grant at Mondriaan. Will know February-beginning March 2021 latest. OdaPark- Venlo possible partner for this project in the Netherlands Psychiatry interest: Ghislain Museum. 3 March Corners of the Mouth. Possibilities for public (virtual) gathering to be discussed. Present protocol: 10 m2 per person. Meeting with Samah, Philippine,Gosie 25th of January. Will need a letter for that day to come to Brussels. Eleni is interested in possibly combining the Etherpad and performative live presence Solo Exhibition in planning for SPACE Liège, October 2021. Publication following Making Matters symposium by Valiz, contributor 2021

PAM series: PM instead of a virtual event, especially for the artists PAM is running a series of moments where people can ask questions to "specialists" using "open office". max amount of people that can participate. they send a proposal and questions. Breakout rooms in zoom for discussion. 1st event was at STUK.

Jesse + Vincent Stroep organise 2nd session 20th January. Topic - artist's film

kunstenpunt organises the technical side invitees are (jesse insert the names!)

Jubilee artists could also be relevant conversation partners. Julie - legal aspects of filmmaking. Relationships between artists, artist organisations and producers could be an interesting topic for PAM session. To be discussed for one of the next sessions. Inneke or Ychaï?

"Retraite" in 2 weeks to discuss structural dossier. 25 January, 10-13h - will we combine structural and project funding? - internal rules document (needs to be finished anyway for annual report) - should be formalized at General Assemby 29 March Ronny will forward document - which describes how we are working now.

Opportunity to create a clear identity for Jubilee. Distinguish from other organisations. Jesse creates Co-writing document on basis of Ronny's latest version.


Urgent Embrace. emergency support fund launched by Globe Aroma. People can donate and ask for money 25 - 500 euros - focus is on newcomers. Jubilee or members could consider donating. http://www.globearoma.be/an-urgent-embrace-en/

Artist's fee for collectively running Jubilee Was possible at the end of 2020 thanks to VIA subsidy that turned out to be much higher than expected. Amount of VIA is on basis of amount of employees in the previous year. So for 2021 we will receive less.

Kunstendecreet Detaileds available through VG website.