Jubilee artist meeting May 2020

Present: Ronny & Katleen, Justin, Vincent, Eleni, Jesse Excused: Julie

Provisional agenda

-Approve last meeting's report? -Lockdown -Video-on-demand -VG Projectsubsidies -Interviews Jubilee artists -JB sound walks on digital media/Erfgoedapp -Intern update -Caveat update -Workshop Magda

-Sector updates: letter to Brussels ministers midsize organisations zoom meeting Tuesday 5/5 (coordinated by Spin. Invited: Manyone, Jubilee, Auguste Orts, Klein Verzet, Hiros, K-A-K, Kosmonauts, Messidor, Elephy) *replacements Inneke PAM & oKo


-Eleni cannot travel from Maastricht to Brussels without any good reason. Jesse can write a 'formal' letter by Jubilee specfying that Eleni needs to go to her Brussels apartment for professional reasons: hard drives that are need for a project. -VH symposium at Villa Romana (could lead to residency). Will publish Luke's publication on Caveat for now, symposium may be postponed. -VH presentation Queen Mary's University (East End) was cancelled/postponed. -VH presentation in Hamburg (June) is still pending. -EK group show Le Lait prolonged until end of September, may reopen end of June.
-EK VG grant can be longer than forseen, is in dialogue with various people dialogue with various people helps the VG grant but also s preparation for PArade Agora project set for September. PhD is a lot of work in the meantime.Deadline is extended for delivering report by 01/01/2021 latest -EK Museumnacht 2020 may be rescheduled in October. Exhibition in Maastricht theater also will be replanned accordingly -JB Sonic Agency (Cologne). Is rescheduled as an online radio series. . -JB Denmark & Sweden symposium + long term research project about art in public space. Symposium postponed to Feb 2021 probably. -JB BMB con: some things prolonged/postponed. -JB The Constellation podcast -JB teaching carries on on-line. Solutions for most of the students....graduations are a lot of work now. -VM short piece in Mousse Magazine about Agency -VM Muzee probably prolongued until end of August
-VM Sao Paulo Biennial postponed to 3 October. No news about co-production (in order not to have the piece built on location or old option : installation to travel). -VM works on a book about Blues Klair (ao Ultramarine) with Concordia University & Power Plant . Works with Pierre (Spec). Would like to be finished September, will be printed in Canada. -VM's Ultramarine installation was supposed to show at Watou. Postponed until next year. -VM JUM. Many festivals are cancelled. FID marseille selected the film for Interntional competition but the two other producers think the film can go in a bigger festival : Locarno (cancelled) , Venice (probably postponed), Toronto (September) might work. Berlin could become an option : February. Arte : the 78 min version will be shown at the end of 2020.
-> Jesse will update the relevant news pages.
-Jesse considers going back to work at the office from next week, or whenever this is legally OK. All of Hacktiris will need to take a lot of care regarding precautions.
Eleni: appreciate online work environments. WAB meetings are co-written and written only. Maastricht: centre for artistic sensibilities. Expects online initiatives to continue after lockdown will be lifted again.

-> Jesse checks clicks on Vimeo...
Vincent: There are so many things to see for free online.
Katleen: How to add value to what we've already been doing?
Eleni: Maybe it's too much to have both video-on-demand and sell videos as a work at the same time. Invite people to curate a programme?
Ronny: Could intern Ece make trailers? How do we take part in a growing local/regional art scene. How ? Whole thing...technical added value not only -> content added value. Vincent: Curated programmes will be the future. MUBI & Tenk have an advantage since they've started earlier. Access is more relevant here than commercial interest. Maybe making our catalogue part of MUBI or Tenk or others could be interesting. Don't think a platform for artist moving image exists. Ronny: Last year : Zeyneb (rekto-verso). Idea : proposing her to curate & write a programme, including one Jubilee film + other films. To pay online. Line up of people. Eleni: Even programmes that don't include Jubilee films, but thematics that we're interested in. Ronny: Fertile ground for interns
Katleen : could be also includng drawings for ex. we should speak of PROGRAMS development Jesse : in Potion cinema a sound work by Justin was included

Interviews Jubilee artists Could be by external interlocutors (Karima Badou with VM & Samson) and for existing publications (Mousse). Jesse could also do this, but isn't specialised in each of the practices.
Fee could be an option, but it's more about context of publication (perhaps includes fee) and

VG Projectsubsidies -15/5 new DL VG projects. We're not applying with Jubilee because it's unsure whether structurally funded organisations can still apply for project subsidies. R&K will apply through themselves. This will not work for Justin and Eleni as they're not registered in Belgium.
-Possible problem: our current approach is quite obvious, maybe too transparent that Jubilee will still have the role that they would like to reduce.
-This will remain a problem later. How to reenvision Jubilee's role? Ronny: perhaps apply with structural budget including project budget (yearly average for instance).

JB sound walks on digital media/Erfgoedapp -Justin tried but technically it wouldn't be easy, as it works with fixed points/locations where sound is activated. Maybe this is solvable. -> Justin has a call/meeting with Julie before getting in contact with Erfgoedcel.
-Soundtrackcity app: set-up to do audio walks. Based in Amsterdam but not linked to there. BNA BBOT might have an app. -> Jesse check BNA BBOT app.

Intern update Ece Era (KASK - film master) Casting Call: Eleni sends HDs with existing footage to Ece so she can edit. Agora Parade: could do camera. Jesse includes her in production emails, perhaps interesting for production assistance.
Caveat: Ronny will propose some time-frames that should be included.

Caveat update
-Socio-cultural projects with laboratory function. Are accessible to organisations that aren't 'socio-cultural organisations' normally.
-Invitation by Agnes Quackels of Kaaitheater to inform about any Caveat contract. Ronny & Julie will discuss tonight.
-Website: Gijs will send a price offer for navigation tool. Will fix the previously mentioned elements on the website for free this week.

Workshop proposal Magda Maaoui
Invited Jubilee for a workshop "documenting how the creative community copes with times of confinement due to Covid 19. The idea would be that Jubilee is bringing in interested participants who would participate to the workshop, and Magda and collaborator Rocio Calzado-Lopez would guide people into writing short texts about the rhythms of the city and how they impact public spaces in times of confinement. They would then make sure to collect everybody's piece and design a video collage of the workshop short texts that could be then circulated through the Jubilee network."
Magda Maaoui: urban geographer and her research interests are urban governing, inequality, housing policies, social stratification, participatory planning methods.
Rocio Calzado-Lopez, based in Madrid and Rotterdam, working for MVRDV’s architect office.
R&K write a little introduction for the google doc that they shared. We can invite people privately. R&K pick a date and coordinate.

-Sector updates: letter to Brussels ministers : Jesse with Rob & Els, Katleen answered by a long letter : important to coordinate. SOTA is positioned on VG, VGC will follow VG according to Kobe. Midsize organisations zoom meeting Tuesday 5/5 coordinated by Spin. Invited: Manyone, Jubilee, Auguste Orts, Klein Verzet, Hiros, K-A-K, Kosmonauts, Messidor, Elephy). -> Jesse will participate, will forward the report.
replacements Inneke PAM & oKo.
OKo: AV group and Board.
-'Artiest centraal' Katrien is part of this working group, but may be discontinued because it was mainly about the Charter Fair Practice.
-Visual arts: Ronny is part of this.
OKo Charter Fair Practice: OKo itself prefers not to enforce it obligatorily.