26/06/2020 meeting Find the notes to the previous meeting on 05/05/2020 here: https://ethertoff.caveat.be/w/external_meetings::05052020_smallsizeorganisations.md

  1. SYNTHESIS of the meeting notes


  • Shared interests of this group: awareness of each other's dynamics and needs, thinking together about what is needed
  • Throughout the conversation with the cabinet the recurrent theme is: articulation and explanation of what our ecologies are. The impression is that either the cabinet does not yet understand this, and/or doesn't care. This makes it important to make sure we are well represented in the recommendations that Kunstenpunt will make
  • unclarity about the dynamic space and the relation for long term support for artists
  • what is our vision for the dynamic space? should there be a contigent or % preserved for the DS?

TO DOs: - can the report from the development group visit to the Cabinet be shared with us? (@Eva/Karlien) - can the report from PAM be shared? - can the report from Artiest coalition be shared / or share link to information? - read and comment to the note from SOTA in Google Docs here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DCE6WnJrPdQ8--gMrsZzxTMqyTmgYTVriSBv49yQxLk/edit?usp=sharing - Laura and Jesse investigate and think about an umbrella tool for sharing the various actions/reports/..; - SPIN makes framadate for the next meeting(s) over summer - SPIN makes an overview of the current group constellation (who gets the e-mails) - SPIN adds MATS@K-A-K.BE to the list

WHAT'S NEXT - next meeting in July and/or August - we need to make a connection to Kunstenpunt. Who will be working on the recommendations? How can we get involved?

  1. Introduction round
  2. Laura from SPIN: initiated the first mid size strategy meeting, to bring together organisation of similar size and workings.
  3. Sirah from Mesidor: 4 people in artist run organisation for development and production for their own work. Currently not structurally funded. Interest in joining today: What is growing mean these days? Do we need to think about this together?
  4. Anastasia Kosmonaut: new to this group, mainly development, project subsidies + fund from the city of last time.
  5. Katrien: different hats SOTA, OKO, IMAL, ARP, discussion with cabinet.
  6. Karel Caravan productions: new to this group, sharing the interest stated above
  7. Yasmina Hiros: 15 artists
  8. Karolien Klein Verzet: production, curious to hear about the reactions from the Cabinet
  9. Jesse Jubilee: artistic research, have sent letters to the Brussels government in relation to Covid. Is in connection with more Brussels umbrella organisations at the moment.
  10. Rebecca Elefi: not structurally funded, art creation, interest = surviving in the arts, learning about the developments, awareness about dynamics.
  11. Eva Manyone: was part of another group (development focused) that went to cabinet Jambon, they co-wrote a statement which they presented at the cabinet. A lot of the people here today signed the letter, also institution. Jesse > can the report of this be signed? (@Eva checks in with Karlien)

Mats KAK: new to the conversation here, (new to KAK), interest: in joining conversations about similar needs

  1. Recap first meeting: questions and clarifications? no questions.

  2. Debriefing: What is happening now (Politics, groups visiting the cabinet / other strategy groups)


* The development focussed organisations (Eva, Yasmina, Karlien, ..) 
        (A)  What was discussed
                > The biggest question: "Where do you see us in the visienota?". Their answer: BREDE VELD
                But: if there is no money = no support.

                > they announced two trajectories:
                Administration => they will start with workgroups (administration): to think about the landscape how it should be (topics like: grote instellignen, beoordelingmethode- & criteria)
                And simultaneously
                Kunstenpunt => will formulate recommendations for future vision. (= instrumentalisation) 
                            => this means our lobbying will also shift more towards them.

                > talked about the deveopment of the arts decreet. 
                            voting will be next summer
                            Rumour has it this structural period will be extended with 2 years

                > a clarification of ecologies (opposing the 'career' operations ) 
                Who was there: @EVA (can you add the represented organisations)

        (B) impressions and temperature
                > Brede veld will not be so broad. 
                > We need to actively make connection to Kunstenpunt to make sure our ecologies are represented

* Audiovisual visit (PAM)
        Emphasis on accommodation issues
        Any reports from this?

* Media organisations 
        there are only 5 organisations (small sector), focussed on the international network.

* Artiest coalitie
        Katrien: We need a solid statement that is co-written with many people, artists. 
        (TO DO collectively)!  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DCE6WnJrPdQ8--gMrsZzxTMqyTmgYTVriSBv49yQxLk/edit?usp=sharing 
        The state of this note now: emphases the social situation of the artists. it follows and relates to the vision nota
        How does this relate to N.VA-move to the sabotaging? (this is another issue, which artiest coalitie is also fighting against)


* Different letters and nota's from both the above mentioned groups.
        General: during many of these meetings the way 'how we work' was emphasized.


        Katrien has a meeting with Lyne Viskens / CJM? of VG administration...rumour that new Kunstendecreet will be finalized summer 2021.  
        Yasmina, Dirk De Wit, Ann Overbergh, Marie Logie, Tom Bonte, Adinda Van Gystenen, Annick Schramme, Haider Al Timimi... will also be part of a focus group with administration. 
        Katrien: Most important points of discussion seem to be evalutation strategies/criteria and kerninstellinge
  • ADVIESCOMMISSIE (in between the beoordeling and cabinet) > who is in the commision? How diverse are they / who & what is represented? http://www.kunstenenerfgoed.be/nl/wie-zijn-we/het-agentschap/commissies/commissies-nieuw-kunstendecreet/samenstelling-adviescommissie => this is something we would need to push on the agenda Katrien: there is a great reluctancy towards dynamics such as fair practice and so on.

  • THE DYNAMIC FIELD Will they preserve a contingency or % for the dynamic space? Will there be enough needs for the long term support? Sirah: rather than an overview of productions / activities, would be more sustainable to have the security of income for individual artists for longer periods of time. To secure the living. Karolien: the cabinet is reacting towards this. Katrien: the focus on individual artists is in the vision nota, they were clear importance of proper way of living BUT there can be less artists that can be supported then. Will there be the opportunity to apply for 3 year project? => something we need to think about: do we want this? if yes how much % or #? However Pohlmans said the bigger subsidy organisations should give to the smaller ones. They really keen on this idea of the bigger ones caring for the smaller ones. Another signifier of their lack of understanding the reality and ecologies. ? it's unclear how this would be executed and controlled ?

    => Katrien: reads in their communication the idea of "less production" (less artists) = there is no more money.

  • THE BREDE VELD Brede veld / structural = this is the amount you get as an organisation, "deal with it". Karolien & Katrien: structural funding excluding project funding seems to be about project funding for the organisations' own projects. Perhaps rather: structural funding on basis of an Artistic plan for 5 years, BUT yx`ou can still apply for project money not for the organisation but for artists part of/supported by the organisation. problems currently for Voetvolk, Zonzo company,... Presently this rule is already in place for organisations with a 300k + structural funding.

    Beurzen might be limited Yasmina: CJM (?) Doesn't see this as wages. (friction with the connection to precarious living of individual artists.


  • Will be up to the focus groups and Kunstenpunt to formulate the BREDE VELD => how can we get involved in these? (Katrien: ask the Kunstenpunt) => what happens if the BREDE veld becomes smaller? will they be pushed to the dynamic field?

  • KUNSTENAARSSTATUUT : "Abuse of the kunstenaarstatuut" - Cabinet (see recent developments in relation to that; the delay politics) They only want to pay the Flemish artists.

*CORONA EMERGENCY FUND 3 portions: 65 mil for the institutions, 18 mil for communities (gemeenschappen & cities: non earmarked (?) - geoormerkt), municipalities, 13 mil to the "harde gevallen". reactions: Karolien: they already fired the artists. Then what is it for? Is there a principle or criterium for the use? Katrien: OKO said the institutions are very silent Karolien: Institutions have no big losses now, if you put people on temporary unemployment they probably have a surplus rather than loss Katrien: OKO assumes the fee compensations from the institutions will be done fairly. Not sure sure this will happen Sirah: artists should get the money, and decide how to compensate the institutions for their loss. (so other way around). Karel: but when a company continues working (not on Temporary unemployment) you can't apply? Katrien: it's all still very unclear, let's be aware of the announcement today or tomorrow Karolien: why are we not able, as a field, to say: "drop the 65 mil for the institution, and give it to the unemployment. or a part of the coronanoodfonds goes to the project subsidies"

  1. The biggest question from last meeting: How does the cabinet view organisations like us (meaning: in between structural and project, in between dynamic and brede ruimte, überhaupt brede ruimte?) See above (3.)

  2. Kunstenpunt: what's happening now, who's going to make the recommendations (based on landschapstekening?)

  3. What are the next steps for us?

    Karolien: bring together the groups, let's not mutiply, but look for dual circuits.
    Eva: development based group is very similar to this one. It's larger, goes beyond podiumkunsten and live arts. similar ecologies. Goals: wrote a statement letter. now & future: find more institutions and partners to sign it the meeting with cabinet: it took place Next ? How to present and defend the existing ecologies = same intention as this group

    Katrien: also similar to the artiest centraal at OKO Yasmina: Me, Mats and Karel were part of a big houses group. (content focus, not really strategy focussed)

    => want to connect with the development focused group YAsmina: let's meet again in between the two sessions of the kunstendecreet - focus groups summers, for a feedback loop: between 15th & 22nd July & end of August

  4. How to deal with fragmentation of many groups? How to distinguish the groups / different aims?

    • How to bring together the information from the different groups, and connect to Kunstenpunt? proposal Laura: miro tool, transparency & accisible tool + buddy up with Jesse example: https://miro.com/app/board/o9J_kuTPrD0=
  5. SHARING POSSIBLE NEW MODELS Karolien: upscaling excersize by Klein Verzet for 12 artists, they still have their individual part. Most of them working with project subsidies. Production house by artists. not for You hit boundaries in upscaling: what is the ethical part of it? how do you defend it? you want to manage this in a way, that if you would apply it to more artists, that it's still sustainable. How do you stay within the limits of the arts field, and still be able to make your work.

    Laura: SPIN also started a trajectory co-thinking a new model that could sustain more practice than SPIN currently does.