Meeting with Brussels. 19 October 2020

Jesse: We might go into questions of the upcoming application for the app, but the main reason are questions that should precede the app: how to work together, how to think of a soundwalk collection for Brussels, should it have a name and if yes, which, what kind of things do we want to organise around it, etc...

Julia: one think came from the other. Started from application Justin. We are working on an archive. BNA does as well.

-Important to have a coordination of all the soundwalks. More visibility & audibility. More sharing. Impulse for collaboration and inspiration.
-BNA-BBOT will also apply for Visit Brussels for their database: Sonorama
Ronny: -Could that application include a distribution model? If I were visit Brussels i'd appreciate the distribution of that database.
-"Bovenlokale Projecten" is an option? Working together with other Flanders organisations? "Open source" allows for this? DL: 15 November, https://www.vlaanderen.be/cjm/nl/cultuur/bovenlokale-cultuur/subsidies/projectsubsidie-voor-bovenlokale-cultuurprojecten

Justin about Echoes: Composing soundwalk on a map. Can be linear or non-linear. Includes sounds, but also written text and images. Different playback modalities, for instance repetitions, overlapping layers of sounds, etc. Took some time to get used to the software. For me it bugged, sent them a bug report, they sent me a beta version and fixed the problems remarkably fast.
Jesse about collection function and why Soundtrackcity
Justin: Michiel is also very interested in the extra values -I can imagine a curated collection, with a certain theme, in this case Brussels-located soundwalks Henry: let's talk about the collection. Aernoudt: Reason for a festival could be a place for developing the app with other kind of features, opening up to other organisaiton

Julia: -publication about sound walks. -app is just one possiblity to soundwalk. -possible collaborations: Musica Neerpelt, Meakusma
Aernoudt: Aifoon, art schools

Ronny on budget: Working proposal budget. Contributions in kind. Time is money. Each contributor invests time. Price offer by developer.

Henry: It'd be necessary to specificy the nature of the contributions in kind,
-Adapting existing works

Name: Jesse had in mind Brussels Sound Walks, but in case we want to open up to Flanders and posisbly other areas this doesn't make sense. Henry: In line with the open source set-up, I wouldn't be in favour of any geographical profiling. Jesse/Justin: There's another good reason to go for something else but postpone the decision: when applying at Visit Brussels we can pragmatically use Soundtrackcity name as working title. That way we can also include visual impressions of the interface as it's being designed now.
For future purposes, each organisation does a brainstorm about the name.

Number of existing sound walks:
Q-O2: 1 BNA-BBOT: 5 Jubilee: 1 Overtoon: 0

To do for application Visit Brussels (DL: 30/10): Jesse asks Michiel for a price offer by the developers Jesse looks into modalities and sees which parts could be (co-)written by/with others Jesse prepares a draft text by Friday. Jesse & Ronny prepare a draft budget by Friday. Jesse (+ other) & Séverine meet to synchronize btoh applications in order to mutually reinforce rather than compete.