SOTA Almanac day 3 Out of Order Contemplations: proposals for a future class Preparation meeting

Present: Laura, Roger, Lucas, Joan, Wouter, Justine, Kobe, Jesse

A rough agenda: - quick review of the communication of our event - how to take notes during the event? make sure we have what we need to begin working on a text after the event? - budget: clarifying how it will be divided + naming someone responsible to make it - remuneration - rehearsal plan before the 27th

Communication Wouter: 1) First announcement in larger newsletter SOTA (we hope to send it this Friday already): is the current info on the website ok for now? Do you want to add more info about timing/subscription… already? 2) Second announcement in special Almanac Newsletter, by the end of next week: is it possible to have all information for the event ready by next week? How do you want to have it announced? 3) Mailings to different art schools, with a general e-mail that people from SOTA can send to different contacts in different schools. (because they are an interesting target group, I guess?): same question as above 4) Facebook: we think about stickers with questions as we did for last Almanac Meeting on Social Security: what do you think? Do you have questions you want to propose, or do I make a proposal?

-> How many people do we want to reach? Depends on how many participants: 3 groups of 15, including 7 organisers. So 38 participants. Is that a low number? Roger's proposal to have a 4th group where a more general brainstorm would take place - also possibility to host more people. Kobe later on about possible 4th group: ask graduated people to go back to the future and ask what they would have liked to be better prepared for?

Wouter: Perhaps a wide FB communication is not necessary. But a mailing to art schools? Joan on official language: in principle in English, only NL in case people prefer to express themselves in NL and people could translate on the spot.

-> Communication text tomorrow? Joan & Laura think this is possible. -> Registration form is online at https://kunsthal.gent/en/events/sota-fair-arts-almanac-2022

Kobe: We could reactivate the network of Decolonize ... (Contour Biennale 9)

Jesse/Wouter: opening up the working sessions to non-students by leading them to a 4th working group would be more inclusive? Roger: Opening up to recent graduates would be constructive.

Notes Jesse: with Caveat, we found it works best to take notes by keywords + timecode of recording. -> Check with Kunsthal whether recording can be made in breakout rooms. tell ppl that they could go through the transcripted text and add / check if they are well represented Otter running in the background?

Budget Rough outline In: 4000.- Culturele Activiteitenpremie Out: 500.- OSP 50.- catering 300.- Jesse admin supervision let’s count 150.- for material costs, if there is any. Leaves us with 3000.- that we can use for fees. Joan & Roger have a SOTA contract that states €600 each.

-> Jesse sends email with Amplo instructions, link to empty budget spreadsheet, CAP modalities and useful links