Collective dialogue on the stairs of Friedrichsplatz in Kassel Group visit Documenta 15, 21 September 2022

Sound recordings: part 1, 45min30: part 2, 9min22:

Notes Katleen

What are our shared values? Why is it worthwhile to do things together?

-interest in research practices -interest in sustainability -does it feed the relationships?

The principles of Lumbung and nongkrong inspire us: share needs and dynamics between people collaborate What could be surplus values for us/our practices? Knowledge as an asset? What is it that we can share?

Gudskul The idea of the school inspires us We have the experience of the summer school in Denmark Inspired by direct experiences of environment, hands-on workshops, not to learn how to do or make things, but to help thinking in different ways, learning new methods from experimenting and to collaborate and discuss.

Question could be if Gudskul is a way to monetise the nongkrong, or the free flow of knowledge?

Jubilee used ‘lumbing’ as a practice already for some time, it is about sharing the funding and the risks to make projects possible.


Clementine It is maybe good to start from a white page If there was the funding, perhaps this creates possibilities, but I would feel more like a satellite to Jubilee. Decisions on collective programs were taken by the Jubilee artists as a team, not by the participants. Would be good to make that decision making more collective. My main interest in Jubilee is our shared practices and shared interests.

Max The exchange is most appreciated Learn every time from each other This value can be opened up to others The invitation to participate in/with Jubilee is valuable This exchange value is different from a ‘currency’(opportunistic ‘networking’)

Filip learning and exchanging criticality of the research, different from criticality from within a frame (for example the Arnhem art school distancing themselves from critical research of their own students) There is a power in having a peer group, not to do things alone, a position of trust, for example how SOTA works.

Helene It is special to be invited as a ‘stranger’ to come to document with this group Enriching to share something of value Wonder what I can bring in to that.

Justin A moment for a new opportunity. What can I get out of it and bring in into it? Spending longer time together, learning together is special Summerschool in Denmark already shows the potential. Also, the connection to other organisations makes the peer group bigger.

Jesse learning and getting together Time and place for activities together

First idea:

For example a Jubilee Dinner, with a guest presenting and reflecting on this presentation together.


Notes Clémentine

what can we share ? what is the surplus ? values shared ? why are we hanging out with each others ?
what do we share already ?
what are the needs ? what are the opportunities ? using the needs as opportunities to learn ? Being a group with different expertises ? Being connected to other groups "international friendship"

being a collective visiting documenta, very powerful to have the opportunity to reflect with many angles and knowledge.

Nongkrong: a protocole of gathering, connecting people what matters is that there is a dynamic, to keep the connection and set conditions for reconfiguration collectively

"corporate love" and notion of friendship

"a jubilee dog" a shared responsability that connects us

"planter des choux"

Artist statut or phds, dealing collectively with finding individual solutions to sustain a living, allowing to invest time in collective interests

Max: Learning together, from each others How to sustain this learning experience ?

Katrien: encouragement bubble, this is a chance to have peers that support ideas and projects gives power

Jubilee report : "un texte martyr" the text should be a prototype, a tool, a starting point to launch a communal discussion ? to open up to other collectives, individuals in Brussels, to launch discussion here.

Choreography of the discussion in Brussels important : people to people, no institution ? "step down, step out, step by step, speak up... " social organisation Q&A, no stage and a microphone which travels through the crowd.