Jubilee - Summer School Brussels 22-26 September 2023 Summary - 20230830 In collaboration with radical_house, Orangeries de Bierbais, PhD In One Night and Project(ion) Room

Friday 22/09 - Orangeries de Bierbais

travel from Bxl North Station 10:12h - arriving Mont-Saint-Guibert: 11:11h walk to Orangeries de Bierbais, arriving: 11:30h or do we travel by cars?

Program 11:30 coffee - everybody introduces her/himself introduction on the Summerschool introduction of the Orangeries de Bierbais, historical aspect of english garden (1828) + actual reconfiguration in "Third Space" while walking through the garden", finishing with small presentation of trailer on history of Bierbais Orangeries (the winter garden was inaugurate on 29 september 1828* N.B.projection under the apple tree , if weather conditions are ok, if not under the tent

13:30 lunch - pizza - mobile oven (Mont Saint Guibert in transition) ( to be confirmed)

14:30 - Presentation of PhD In One Nigh, international platform for aesthetic experimentation and education of all, in in long term residency in Orangeries de Bierbais : presentation of Guerilla University; in collaboration with self-organised kurdish University in Rojava
screening of film "Poems From Which We learned"
*short presentation of Laboratory For Radical Piece inagurated in Les Orangeries de Bierbais on 1st May 2022 presentation by Ivana Momcilovic, dramaturge ( Yugoslavia/ Belgium)

 *Activity ??

15.45 - break & coffee

16:30 - Carte blanche/ Chambre d'ecoute - listen to music on specific topics ( to be confirmed a form), by Axel Pleeck, philosopher, current director of Academy for Visual arts Molenbeek, researching forms of transmission of knowledge since more then 25 years while teaching in several frames

18:00 - drinks / snacks -test of the live-presentation of the film ASGER JORN, directed by Per Kirkeby // 1977, 62 min.DK/Documentary Danish version: Rikke Ehlers Nilsson has translated the Danish off voice in English - we will perform the English version live The original soundtrack of the film was a sound piece by Dubuffet and Asger Jorn - Justin Bennett will perform his verion live to accompany the film

19:30 - end

return to Bxl by train - 19:46h or 20:47h unless we travel by cars?

*Last year the 29.9 was commamorated in Bierbais with radical turn in reconfiguration of Orangeries, with the "Day of Easthetic Cartography of Situations" and Jacques Ranciere's intervention in situ + This year Les Orangeries and PhD In One Night will make support of actual occupation of Gecamin building in Brussels by 50 Congo citizens and by Patrice Lumumba library, so we will invite for short presentation of Philip Buyck on the Patrice Lumumba library - it is confirmed ans 4 minute film will be presented see: and: and:

Saturday 23/09 10.30h Fred Dewey Library Introduction and presentation by Filip van Dingenen Reading fragments of Dewey's book The School of Public Life (published by -

Fred Dewey had a fierce commitment to creating public spaces for intellectual and political engagement. His home base was Los Angeles. He was the executive director of the literary arts center Beyond Baroque and the founder of its imprint Beyond Baroque Books. Founded in 1968 as an experimental literary magazine, Beyond Baroque cemented itself as an incubator for writers and seduced scholars, punk rockers and Beat writers into the center. He ran the Baroque Poetry Center and curated the LA Venice Beach Poet’s Monument — four concrete walls along the boardwalk engraved with the words of Jim Morrison, Charles Bukowski, Manazar Gamboa and other well-known poets from the neighborhood. “People are more willing to talk ... when they’re sharing something deeply meaningful with each other,” Dewey said at the time. “That’s why poetry becomes the foundation of a new kind of dialogue.”

He published “The School of Public Life,” inspired by his profound engagement with the work of Hannah Arendt, the German-American political theorist. After retiring from Beyond Baroque, he split his time between Santa Monica, North Carolina and Germany. Berlin he found too bureaucratic, so he also spent time in Brussels. The Berlin storage space of artist Jeremiah Day had all his books, but Dewey had them moved to Brussels. During the covid pandemic he went back to LA, where he passed away. To ensure that this legacy continues, the Fred Dewey Legacy Project was initated, aiming to set up initiatives that extend Dewey's work, as well as preserve his considerable library. For the time being that library is currently installed in the house of artist Filip van Dingenen.

Filip intends to make this Dewey legacy public and will invite artists to work with the library.

seaweed footbath during the morning ?

12.30h lunch

14h Atlas of Ovens - Les fours banals / banaux Ciel Grommen, Maximiliaan Royakkers and Clementine Vaultier investigate how thermal infrastructures can transform not only matter, but also our relationships with communities and territories. Atlas of Ovens is an artistic research on heat practices, through the study and use of the infrastructures that contain and accompany them. How and what do we fire, and with whom do we share the resulting heat? Atlas of Ovens investigates how furnaces function not only as containers for physical energy, but also as relational infrastructures. Furnaces are more than mere technical shells that guide energy transformation processes, they radiate to communities and can generate new forms of social relationships.

With this in mind Ciel Grommen, Maximiliaan Royakkers and Clementine Vaultier wanted to participate in a firing of one of the public bread ovens, the so-called four banal, in Brussels. The banal oven is an infrastructure (type of maintenance ?) dating from feudal times. It is a wood-fired oven made available to the inhabitants by the lord, like the banal press or the banal mill. The lord imposes its use on his subjects and collects a fee on each use. Today there is a network of bread ovens in public space in and around Brussels. Nowadays the Fournil de l'Hof Ter Musschen is part of a network of Brussels bread ovens and managed by an association which rebuilt it and opens it to collective uses.

Making dough Collectively making a bread starts on Saturday with making the dough. The whole process will be accompanied by artist Marion Aeby, who also works as a professional baker. It will be a sour dough bread, a process which takes a lot of time, since the dough needs to rest before it is reworked a couple of times

Making dough with Marion Aeby In collaboration with Marion Aeby: knowledge about dough and fermentation, time to discuss our trajectory around breadovens (linked to Algae Diplomacy, to baking experiments during Emptor... Monday 4th, we will have a call with Marion so we will know more of what experiments she is thinking of, about the timing too.

Baking in coll. with a cooperative community - date to be fixed in function of that While dough is rising, we look at Tupaia - collective mapping project -seaweed foot bath - link Laeso (in the morning ?) - windmills and flour from Zwalm - interest in adding the soon-to-be bread oven in La Cambre to the network, learn about

Sunday 24/09 12pm - 5pm Baking Bread - public oven a short introduction while heating up the oven, then the baking bread around 3, and the day ends around 5.

From what Elvira explained, we could be there at 12pm, heating is starting at 1pm, baking at 3, then cleaning and off at 5. Maybe arriving 12h30 is enough. An introduction will be done, and we will participate in the firing. We will share elements of our archives and questions we have. Maybe what would be nice is to try out the bread there, so to bring toppings, have some wine ?

Monday 25/09 morning - radical house f.eks. / Scott William Raby - The critical, post-, anti-institution afternoon - radical house School of Equals / Stijn van Dorpe, Sara Kesenne evening at Project(ion) Room (TBC) screening Le Balai Libere

Tuesday 26/09 morning & afternoon - Tracks/ Justin Bennett, Jesse van Winden, Louise de Bethune evening at Project(ion) Room (TBC) -Per Kirkeby - film on Asger Jorn

Jubilee - Summer School Brussels 22-26 September 2023

The summer school Brussels edition will be 5 days: 22-26 sept 2023

Program focus: alternative learning This summer school will bring together a group of artists and researchers associated with Jubilee in a way that we all imagine as a reinvented version of the organisation. By September Jubilee will have integrated the associate artists in its General Assembly, which means they will as of then be taking part in the formal decission making processes of the organisation. For this summer school everyone involved will present a work/research/process connected to alternative learning, or present their organisation and ways of working (e.g. cooperative and/or collective forms from which we can learn). Another possibility is that you propose someone or an activity to do for the programme, but also framed by ideas of 'alternative learning.'

Participants & Public The plan is to have workshop moments among ourselves and peers. We will also bring together a group of young, recently graduated artists to take part in the different activities via Heike, nadine, Colin, school of love, ERG, and ourselves registration / paid ? not the whole program

Being in a city like Brussels we will also schedule some moments in the evening that are open for the general public. We will send out the peer program asap, and a newsletter with the public program around 20 August

Partners We collaborate with Radical House: they will offer workshop space, a place to stay for 2 people, and a place where we can make food together. Radical House will present their mission

We will also collaborate with the Orangeries de Bierbais - see below

Accomodation Radical House can accomodate 2 persons V&H can accomodate 1 person or 1 couple Hélène & Filip can accomodate 1 person or 1 couple Stijn can stay at Eliens appartment in Brussels and probably one extra person can stay there.

Funding There is no separate budget but some funds (+/- 1000,-) were set aside for traveling/hotel costs and small fees for artists & other presenters (if not employed elsewhere) Additional: if you have access to funding for travel and hotel that would help out a great deal of course...

Summer School Brussels 22-26 September 2023

1/Day program proposals to be developed further on a practical level by each contributor

Friday 22/09 -Orangeries de Bierbais: work on alternative pedagogy, permaculture gardening, third space... program ran by Ivana Momcilovic, former Yugoslavia who was active in collectives when it was still communist - Vincent knows them from late 90s. Ivana and others. Also graphic designers Skart: We spoke about hosting you at Orangeres de Bierbais one whole day, presenting our international platform for aesthetic education and experimentation of all- PhD In One Night, in long term residency at Orangeries de Bierbais. Our guest could be on that day Axel Pleeck, our long term collaborator, actual director of Academy for Visual arts Molenbeek, who has been engaged for a few decades in alternative education.

Suggestion / Ideas: -maybe invite people from UCL: David Aubin; Max knows people from architecture department (many architecture programmes use these kind of places like laboratories). We could end/start the day with a from from or to LLN? From La Baraque to the Orangeries? -Idea to invite them to cooperative breadmaking. Vincent wonders if it's a good idea to invite her to discursive moments...maybe not. -Vincent: linking to the Bierbais past of the site and specifically to Belgian passion for Orchids could offer an interesting way to speak about both colonial matters, ethno-botany and interspecies thinking. Maybe with botanic specialists or landscape architects, like the ones responsible for re-planting at the Botanique in Brussels. -raise and discuss the issue of fund-raising? -afternoon public program??

Possible schedule (proposal during meeting 30/8 - to be finalised on 3/9 latest): Take a train, arrival at Bierbais around 11-11:30h Introduction with coffee, walk through the garden (if the weather is ok) Lunch: Mont St Gilbard has a mobile oven in the garden, for bread or pizza, we could cook with vegetables from the garden In tent: show some of the Bierbais projects (PhD in One Night; collective text: 'Thesis on Sensible Intelligence') Axel Pleeck's Chambre d'écoute Supper Film Kirkeby Jorn try-out

Amount of people: 12-20?

Saturday 23/09 - Tupaia a public presentation and workshop on the digital mapping tool in Radical House with all partners Intro: It will be a first public launch of the map (in the state of development it is in at that time). It is a mapping tool for research-based transdisciplinary practices.

current partners are: Ciel, Clementine, Max, Atelier Cartographique, Loes (nadine) (TBC): Scott & Rikke (f.eks)

-Filip van Dingenen: presentation Library of Fred Dewey (The School of Public Life)

Context: Fred Dewey ran the Baroque Poetry Center (LA), organised Civil Citizenship Summit (LA) and was a Hannah Arendt scholar Moved to Berlin - but found it too bureaucratic, then came to Brussels (Superdeals) - liked it and he stayed The Berlin storage space of Jeremiah Day had all his books - Filip's gallery went to pick them up - moved to app in St Gilles Sue Spade is a good friend of him - Filip wrote a response on his PhD problems in coll. with Fred Dewey In corona he went back to LA and passed away. Sue - what to do with his library? Filip said to not donate it - he proposed to have it in the residency of Superdeals (Komplot). Superdeals will continue on Place Bethlehem (St.Gillis) In the end the partial library needs to be reuinited with the books in LA / Santa Monica - possibly as a writer's residency - a long way!!!

Books now stored at Filip's place To make this legacy public he will invite artists to work with the library Fred Dewey legacy project - a number of people involved Christian Mooney (Arcade Gallery, London & Brussels represents Jeremiah) - Sue Spade, Flat Time House - Gareth (can he come over?)

Program: Reading Room - text from the book The School of Public Life (published by - - fragment related to the library question?? Video recording (?): reinstalling the library as a collective activity: Jeremiah and Filip while disussing the library organisation Knowledge ordering in a library: Max refers to the Sitterwerk library - How to activate this space - it is too small to bring in a lot of people

-V&H will go into how to use the tool but will also explore how to govern this mapping tool as a commons and a relational infrastructure. All partners will also present their practices, related to the mapping.

-Ciel, Clementine, Max: a tour of bread ovens In public space in Brussels

-Ciel, Clementine, Max: making bread We would like to collectively make bread and participate in a bread oven firing of one of the ovens that is part of a network of bread ovens in public space in and around Brussels. At the same time this would be an occassion to deploy the Atlas of Ovens and share archive material and stories related to bread making practices. In collaboration with Marion Aybe: knowledge about dough and fermentation Baking in coll. with a cooperative community - date to be fixed in function of that

-Loes Jacobs (nadine) - to be developed (V&H will discuss with Loes) Toolbuilding dedicated to Jubilee's expertise as builders of tools for bringing together, archiving and activating research: Caveat, Tracks, Tupaia.

Alternative Location: Maxima - Filip can ask to host? this intervention + performance at night - Veronique knows them

Lucia Farinati (Italy/UK) is an independent curator and activist. In 2007 she established Sound Threshold, an interdisciplinary curatorial project that explores the relationships between site, sound and text. (in Flat Time House)

Public Moment -Performance Jeremiah - in London across from FTH align with Jeremiah Day (HISK program)

-video: Tribute to Fred Dewey: The Fred Dewey Legacy Project - 5:11 Jeremiah Day - 1:12:40

-Performance Pia Jacques: Archival Encounters ?? An 15' exploration of the notion of coincidence in context of record preservation

Monday 25/09

-Stijn van Dorpe: School of Equals (with Sarah Késenne) or pKp (para institute for art and precarity) with Elien Ronse... working with the cleaning staff of Luca Sarah wrote a text on the whole process - share the text Stijn wants to involve Zehra Aviz with this project:

Interested in the notion of 'access' Connect to Le Balai Liberé Connection to the Molenbeek Academy

-f.eks. / Scott William Raby - "The critical, post-, anti-institution"

In discursive event The critical, post-, anti-institution, Scott William Raby will connect radical, critical artistic pedagogical practices he has taken part in over the years between his experiences across the United States and Denmark. By unpacking some of the different, unique critical institutional, post-institutional, and anti-institutional art educational strategies and philosophies he has encountered as a student and arts organizer - focusing on interactions with artists John Knight, Katrine Dirckinck Holmfeld, and Jakob Jakobsen – a point of departure in rethinking (higher) arts education will be unfolded.

Raby will begin by highlighting his interaction within John Knight's seminal course “Advanced Beef”. An lesser-known example of Knight’s institutional critical practice (in arts education), “Advanced Beef” was a seminal “critical studies” course starting in the late 1960’s that Knight taught across a number of Southern California art institutions, in which students were encouraged to articulate their “beefs” (or American slang for their socio-political artistic criticisms) as part of a self-organized and deheirarchicalized curriculum. Furthermore, as an arts organizer with f.eks., Raby collaborated with Katrine Dirckinck-Holmfeld as part of “Reroutings” in Aalborg in 2022. During this project, he was able to get a deep insight into Dirckinck-Holmfeld’s collaborative and cooperative critical thinking, especially in relation to “rematerialization” and understanding new pedagogical, post-institutional, and decolonial thinking. Further, as curator/organizer of Jakob Jakobsen’s Livø Memorial project – one of his last major solo projects before his retirement - Raby was able to work closely alongside and understand Jakobsen’s anti-institutional methodologies that ran from Copenhagen Free University until his Livø Memorial project. These unique case studies, and personal experiences, will serve as points of departure to further unpack new ways, strategies, and methodologies to reframe, resist, and rethink artistic pedagogy (within the frame of) higher art education as his contribution to the Summerschool 2023 program.


  1. Proposed Event: Glossary of Alternative and Radical Education (w/Maria Alejandra Gatti and f.eks.) - Presentation and Workshop f.eks. would like to invite curator, writer, and interdisciplinary practitioner Maria Alejandra Gatti (AR/NO) to enact one of her collective creative writing workshops as part of her ongoing practice on creating alternative and radical pedagogies, but this time in a Brussels context. This would be an extention and elaboration of the event Gatti recently performed in Aalborg "Magical Thinking - Dialogues Around Different Experiences of Alternative Learning in Argentina". In this event, Gatti presented her practice on deconstructing the Argentinian "art clinic" - a critique model frequently used there that is also aligned with the country's institutional, governmental, and psycho-analytic traditions, and reconfiguring this toward more emancipatory educational methodologies and dehierarchical experiences of learning.

As such, in Brussels, she would present some of the history of the visual arts clinic in relation to her knowledge and experience with it, and then guide a short writing workshop with the participants/public to produce a new alternative educaitonal glossary. Guided and moderated by Gatti, and going from A-Z, the participants will collectively share, or speak out their written words gathered during the writing exercise - the ideas, structures, thoughts, feelings, gestures, etc. - in an alphbetical order as a collective speech act that would be recorded and documented. This would be a similar exercise as Gatti has done across Buenos Aires, Madrid, and recently Aalborg as part of developing this glossary making methodology with Gatti's participation in f.eks. AIR. Afterward, if resources provided, it could be great if Gatti could publish a short digital version of the Brussels glossary on the Caveat website as part of this exercise as a form of documentation.

Gatti's lives and works between Buenos Aires, Oslo, and Madrid and her practice engages thematics such as radical education, migration politics in the art sector, and new forms of self-organization within the art sector, among many others. See links here:

  1. Proposed Event: Advanced Beef - The Pedagogy of John Knight (f.eks./Scott William Raby w/ ???) - Presentation and Workshop John Knight's "Advanced Beef" was one of the most fundamental, radical, and experimental yet lesser known higher educational courses that shaped the artistic educational landscape of Southern California for nearly half a century. The critical thinking course - which knight declared was open to anyone whether they were students or not - had no cirriculum, and rather invited those curious in artistic and broader discursive conversations eminating from art to produce the cirriculum themselves. Scheduled as a weekly six hour conversation (which often ran much longer than this into the evening over dinner and drinks) the participants self-generated the course content, with the primary aim of articiulating their "beef" - or criticism, or argument, in relation to different social, political, economic, cultural and other concerns eminating from the art world. This could take many forms as "advanced beef" would in practical terms produce critical reading circles, site visits, extended conversations, artist dinners, guest speakers moments, and much more - but predicated around extended critical discussion as a point of departure.

Not only did many interesting and notable artists take part in the "Advanced Beef" course from the late 60's to the mid 2010's, but its geneaology is rather unexplored. One of the most interesting pedagogical courses and conversations to arise out of Advanced Beef, was that Michael Asher - well known for his extended critique course which has seen revived interest after the recent 10 year anniversary of Ashers death in 2022 - was a student within the very first Advanced Beef course at UCI Irvine taught by Knight in the late 60's. Therefore, in the context of tracing the genealogy of Asher's critique course, revisiting the legacy of Advanced Beef gives clues into these interrelated points of raidical, critical courses within the increasingly neoliberalized American University system.

As such, as a former student from 2010 - 2012 in some of the last "Advanced Beef" courses and as a former independent study participant with John Knight, Scott William Raby would like to revisit Advanced Beef as a point of departure for an event within the program. This could exist as a presentation, interview with Knight, enactment of a "beef" discussion, etc. - it sort of depends on the budget and how much Knight - and or some other previous "beef" students could be involved before a final form can be decided upon.

Tuesday 26/09 - Tracks -Justin Bennett: Tracks initiation - we make a walk (what -where?) // keep the different phases (recording/editing/presenting) together I can do something around listening / walking, maybe concretely an internal workshop on using Tracks as an archiving / presentation / composition tool - we could create a Tracks piece integrating some of the content from everybody. - also an evening performance could be an option if you think it fits.

Also considering ways of connecting Tracks and Mapping tool. Mini workshop on how to program Tracks, make a walk together. How do we deal with the payment of artists whose work is on Tracks? Prepare a conversation with the Tracks partners by investigating the possiblities as a test case during the summer school. We could use the walk the Jesse developed around Meyboom at the Congress site as a collective work - people should be able to add.

Evening performance

I can probably get my travel costs back from the Conservatoire here but I don't think they will pay a hotel for all that time.

In terms of dates, I don't have my teaching schedule - fully available

Expand on how Tracks is governed with Beursschouwburg: an agreement on governing a common resource Invite people of Tracks in a later stage

-Louise de Bethune - writing a thesis around legal underpinning of intangible art forms (collaborative, open ended); thesis on systems for legal frameworks around collectively created, open-ended, organic practices - all legal details about this what are the legal ramifications of Tracks Recently attended a VUB Summer school organised by Privacy Hub. Could provide useful resources about a collaboration agreement for Tracks.
<-> Agency, Tracks, Tupaia collaborate with TWIIID - fostering agreement Kunsthal

-Jesse van Winden...I could present some of my research on the past and the future of Brussels' Congress quarter. Exhibition program at Meyboom - Jesse made a work on the location: history of global capitalism connected to the area Musical ouverture + guided tour around the neighborhood.

Jesse sent the sound and text files: A Spectre is Haunting the Building, project on Meyboom in its Congress environment: Sound (20 min): Text and credits:

Proposal to organise a walk around the Congress station and its links to capitalism. Connections: federal adminstration; real estate (Panorama project, maybe invite urban planners of the area?); middle ages (Meiboomstraat, Cathedral); Botanique - Bièrbais (same architect, and Vincent knows landscape designers of renewed Botanique plan, Carbonifère,, orchids; also Congress park garden Pechère) ; towards Nieuwstraat: school Gatti de Gamond; National Bank

Can be part of Tracks.

Connect to learning: Gatti de Gaumont Connect to Botanique: invite the garden designers of the Orangerie of Botanique: Carbonifer Maison Autric - on inside gardening (residency in Rome : garden historian) Wasp and the Orchid (Deleuze & Guattari)

-Vincent Meessen? orchid project

To be discussed:

-Katja Ev: a sjamanistic session ? In relation to alternative learning. Katya is a bit apprehensive, also because of a large amount of people. Perhaps a small try out could be an idea. Perhaps a brand new project that Katya is preparing, potentially for FRART.

-Julie van Elslande? -Tobias Van Royen?

2/Evening Program

-Per Kirkeby - film on Asger Jorn Danish version: Rikke can do subtitles in English from Danish, and has agreed that this could be an interesting linguisting and productive way she would like to collaborate. She does need the film as soon as possible though as it might take her some time to complete a transcript for, so that would be one condition is that it is sorted early on so she has amble time to complete the task.: performed live during screening Justin can do live sound ??

-Looking into possibility to screen the film Le Balai Libere, by filmmaker Coline Grando.
+32 (0)2 221 10 54 It would connect well to stijn's proposal for the summerschool. The film is about the meeting of the two cleaning teams at UCL louvain la neuve, from the seventies and from today. The cleaning team of the seventies fired their boss and started a cooperative that lasted for 14 years, cleaning at UCL. The two teams discuss the option if creating a cooperative would be possible today... Rent cinema - Palace (morning) Projection Room (evening)

-Music performance - Roger Fähndrich ?

-Performance Jeremiah Day

-Reading Room School of Public Life

-Reading Room The Conquest of Bread (Kropotkin) ?

People who participated in the first edition or people that we might invite for this or other editions:

-Nico Dockx/Judith Wielander: Expanded Academy (Antwerp)

-David Pereia / Dan Farberoff (Italy): participated in the Learning from lumbung event in January (next week we will publish the video recordings)

-Rodrigo Ghattas (Peru?): participated (online video interview) in the Learning from lumbung event in January *f.eks. would highly recommend inviting Rodrigo to contribute to this context. Not only is he quite smart, sharp, interesting and we know can contribute new ideas and perspectives to the program that add to the program, but we know he is also looking to continue finding ways to stay connected to a European cultural context since he is now back in Peru against his will due to Visa issues.

-Juan Pablo Macias / Carico Massimo (Italy)

-Maria Francesca de Tullio / Exl'asilo (Italy)

-Noah Holtegaard (they/them - Denmark) - It could be interesting to invite current students working abroad on these initiatives as well that have been apart of the program. Noah - who attended the summer school on Laeso - has recently co-founded the UKK (art's interest organization in Denmark) student group in the MFA program at the Royal Academy in Copenhagen focusing on LGBTQ inclusion, new institution making, and student networking - which has famously experienced many institutional struggles in relation to minority rights and the firing of Katrine Dirckinck Holmfeld, etc. If you're looking for international perspectives on new student organizing, Noah could be interesting to invite.