Tracks meeting 15 June 2021

Michiel didn't hear back from Echoes after his contact last week.
We've slimmed down the technical programme a lot the past weeks in order to make it feasible in time/budget....They probably have taken too much work on.

For Q-O2 and BNA it's not explicitly urgent. For Beursschouwburg (not present) it is. For Overtoon (not present), not sure.

Michiel: everyone can already program their walks into the Echoes system. We do need to double check whether the technical possibilities are the same, and also whether one can choose to not publish them on Echoes but publish them on Tracks later on. Jesse will call Josh, keeping in mind that: -> We have walks that are NOT gps-triggered. But one could locate the starting point and perhaps change that afterwards when transfering the walk to Tracks. -> Michiel wants a Zoom with them this week.

Plan a meeting with Justin to have an overview of the Echoes web soundwalk programming?

2nd price offer didn't work because the programmer Sountrackcity always worked with has quit his activity. 1 other possibility: -Programmer who worked for Jonathan Frigeri (Belvédère sonore) (-Udo Noll : not interested in developping apps, more skilled in audio for the web)

 Jesse makes sure 'scope of work' is sent to Caroline so she can ask at Belvédère Sonore. Also important for framing agreement between different project partners.

How long will it take? "Normally for an app like this, 6-8 weeks". Michiel & Justin think that it can take less long, since they have done the ground work as well as the design. But then it depends on how busy they are, and the fact it's summer holidays soon.

Tracks meeting 5 March 2021

Development app is on track Presentation: what? Soudwalks, presentation, drinks, workshop, combination? How much time does it take to upload? If you're a little bit used to the software, around 2 hours per walk ->Set-up a working version of it asap so we can start (trying) to upload Michiel estimates ca. 2 hours upload time per walk

Still missing: autoplay button. An initiative by: order arbitrary? (See for instance, Possibility to seach by artist/maker? Now provided by search function Tags: Julia: no "popular". We'll correspondence to moderate the tags. App language set by phones automatic settings ->Users should be able to change language (of the app) through the menu ->Help page should be filled in with text by us. -> p6 Search by "maker" (dropdown menu? separate page?), "tag", "organisation", "show nearby walks" (lead to ), "show all walks" (lead to ) ->Guest book? ->"featured walks" ability to (dis)activate ->move down "More near you" and change into "Other walks near you" Between p. 8 & p. 10, we prefer p. 8 Between p. 16 & 18, we prefer p. 18

My downloaded walks: ook map en lists view?

Waneer teksten binnen? -Bij betaversie, daarna redigeren/vertalen -> van te voren weten hoeveel tijd daarvoor

-Wanneer teksten aanleveren voor beta-versie? -Wanneer beta-versie?

Web site? Not easy Email? Decide later

Tracks meeting 16 February 2021tban

Agenda proposal: -design -maintenance -agreement around shared ownership
-communication -public presentation -...more?

Notes of last meeting:

Initial screens: instructions? Play / download An initiative by: order? Alphabeticly, as it is now or otherwise.

"All walks": Most recent at the top Share-button to bottom? Featured walks; Walks can be set (or unset) to ‚featured‘ in the back-end. This needs redaction "Please mail us" -> Please mail BNA-BBOT d.i. Mailto-link to publisher of specific walk

Julia: Language as filter is unnecessary. Hanne question: objective of the app/communication strategy: focus on content or on the app as distribution tool? Michiel: The app is a curated platform. Not open to everyone to publish. Ronny: Collaboration is a good story to tell! Justin: artist/organisation/user should be able to decide to skin the map Second color? no, the first option of the landing page is selected. Julia: privacy: geolocalisation "when app is activated" etc -> warning/disclaimer/toggle... Switzerland example. Michiel: This is something taken care of in the operating system itself nowadays. The user can choose granular; to enable geolocation once/always with this app (and only when the app is active)/never. In the case of TRACKS an extra warning in the app itself.

App interface in 3 languages. We need native speakers to do endredaction for final language set (EN/NL/FR).

Tags: to be rearranged. Move language choise to tags

Designers will build 1st iteration of the app, changes afterwards will be new invoices. This also goes for the info about partner organisations because they are hard-coded. Text can only be changed at a next iteration

Organisations page: limiting the information to website links and/or email address, because the pageinformation is tied to the app code and this cannot be altered once it is published

Jesse contacts partner organisations to propose first "About" & communication texts.

Mirror website?

Maintenance: Idea is a fixed annual sum (like rent costs to be shared by partner organisations) to guarantee that it stays up to date with new phones and operating systems. Michiel will inform about the costs for maintenance. How often? Annually, once every six months?

Moved to next meeting: -agreement around shared ownership
-public presentation New: -editorial working group