Justin (Jubilee), Michiel Huijsman (Soundtrackcity), Julia (Q-O2), Ronny (Jubilee), Flavien (BNA BBOT) Marilyne (Beursschouwburg), Ludo Engels (Q-O2), Marius (Q-O2), Henry (Q-O2), Caroline (Q-O2), Renate (Soundtrackcity), Niels (BNA-BBOT), Kate (BNA BBOT).



Marylin: A lot of apps are named Tracks, 'audio' is important to find - visibility could be better Audioplay malfunction, also on-site (iphone) Information in "Home", Ludo: Zones aren't marked, so one can't see whether you are in the right spot. Justin: it would be useful if the maker can choose whether to show the zones or not. There's a question about the compass arrow - to be checked. - also about the ZOOM function - to zoom out to see your relation to the start point. Marylin - would be good to be able to pause / scroll through audio sometimes (back and forth 10 sec arrows also possible?) About text: "content will be triggered" "auto play" and instructions need to be re-written. Walks show up more than once in the list Maryline likes it !!

- Tip to include info about how to get to the starting point - perhaps just the closest public transport station.

Language: we still need to make translations of the app texts into French and Dutch. It should chnge automatically if the system of your phone is set to F or NL.
The menu in the app is not translated automatically (it is only in english)

"Autoplay" as a term is vague

Intro screens could contain instructions

Look again at About text/instructions

Jesse: the plan is to make a second versoin of the APP, that includes the multi-language option

Julia: Q-O2 suggests try-out phase : see how is the response / resonance: wiill the app be used ?
Question: to what extent will we have insights into the statistics of the app?

Julia - could we change the name if it's so generic?
- we would normally link to it from our own websites.

Ronny - visibility is different from findability - how to start a campaign.
  • at the moment Tracks is curated by the organisations -

    Ideas for second version: Language toggle (manual)
    How to get to the starting location of the walk: include a link to map app

Manual Justin made something and will adapt it for Tracks-specific problems. Justin could do a workshop for everyone involved (from the organisations), so that we can share the knowledge with potentially interested artists. Sometime before the launch? May?

Maintenance Development app was funded with support of Visit Brussels (Brussels Region). Now there are still things to sort out with invoicing. Jubilee will only be able to take less important role, after 2023. Echoes doesn't charge for bug fixes. But for maintenance: maintenance is when there is a new version of the phone. Yearly costs: 600 pounds per year (justin checks this) -> We need this in writing, confirmed by Echoes (via mail !!)

"Exhibition" format Ronny: the app is free - so if new pieces are going to be made then we need to think of a way to fund this. Each organisation could "curate" "exhibitions" where artists can be invited to make work. each organisation has to find their own way how to invite artists, to create new work (commissions, etc), and to pay for production budget and artist fee.

/Shared tool that curated by each partner. In case someone is interested, they can approach one of the partners. Niels: more contributors means more visibilty and visitors - festival could be an idea? Michiel: it's also meant for experiment - we need to think about what artists need or want.


Ronny - for development it was financed by Visit Brussels. Hannah: Brussels digital development fund. German community in Belgium has interesting funding (Q-O2 - Meakusma?) Polsslag: money available to attract flemish people to Brussels. Q-O2 is a development organisation and doesn't have money for commissions, so money would have to be found somewhere else. Jesse: project applications could cover that.

Public presentation

could take place before this summer ? Hannah - BSB programme in June - out loud music festival. Glike has already programed some of the artists have also produced On the Move walks. This would be good to combine with TRACKS launch. Ideas: Commission an audiowalk that leads to BSB, to bring people to the opening night Podcast about Tracks (interview justin, make a playlist with samples from walks) - see if Kiosk Radio could programme it, maybe even starting there.

Later in the year: Amsterdam launch (<-> Sonic Acts). Elsewhere in the Netherlands: WORM Rotterdam, Rewire The Hague or Sonic Acts in Amsterdam. - worm would work better because of contacts.


Soundtrackcity dedicates a section in each of their newsletter to an audio walk from their catalogues. (Used to commission on a regular basis, now down to 1 a year for funding reasons) they used to have 8 commissioned walks per year (each 25.000 eur)

Jesse- we need to create announcements, facebook events / instagram posts etc. from the organisations and Tracks itself. Henry offers to do some of this work.

Michiel will forward the design kit (from Michiel Uilen) to be able to keep things in the Tracks style. Henry can make some simple content on basis of that. Campaign for the public presentation: Instagram Banner / Facebook Banner Hart Magazine

prepare PResskit : add screenshots of the APP BSB can coordinate a press release. Artists list photos of the artists. Contact of one artist, one each organisation

presentation: starts with a walk ends on the Rooftop (beurss)

Press release - See if Bruzz can feature something, radio as well. Flavien contacts Panik and Campus.
Caroline & Henry could think of a jingle. BNA-BBOT have their own webradio Hart L'art meme Flux (Liège)

see with the Brussels City, if they could include it on their website , like here-> Q-O2 podcast: ->Radio LYL

Future coordination

What coordination would be needed after the launch? -Contact person -Contact with Echoes

Can we come together twice a year? Can we do it taking turns?

NB what role for Overtoon? Also: are we open for other organisations stepping in? Germany, Meakusma are for sure interested, Kunsthal and Aifoon may be. But let's first make this work, and see what's next.

there are already many possibilities within Tracks APP, it has a lot of potential, to explore, it is also not just : put headphones on, and that's it, it can be much more, conceive it as a more experimental tool

Justin has obtained a research grant that offers interesting possibilities for Tracks. Also coordination is a possiblity.


Jesse: would be good to have a list of artists on the website

Update content

Akio Suzuki (Q-O2 ) Anna Raimondo (Q-O2) Kaffe Matthews (?) aRzu (Overtoon)

-...anything else..?