Tracks meeting 28 January 2021

Agenda proposal: -introduction round, -collaboration, -finances, -funding options, -app design, -public presentation, .... Anything else?

Present: Ronny, Michiel, Justin, Flavien, Aernoudt, Séverine, Julia, Henry, Jesse, Ludo, Beursschouwburg: Gilke Vanuytsel, Hanne Delodder, Excused:

Meeting notes

Jitsi from now on:

Q-O2 planning a soundwalk festival in 2022 - idea at the moment is to have the festival independent from the Tracks platform.

Collaboration & finances BSB started to develop sound walks as a reaction to the lockdown situation. BSB on the go. it is a mix of music (DJ's) and more sound-art type works. 15 different artists. Started in June. More focussed on pop music. At the moment runs from a website. it is being used quite well.

Dossier Visit Brussels is concluded now Melat needs to confirm BSB participation with money.

2 activiteieten premies has been granted for a presentation. Proposed dates: 15 / 16 May - Beursschouwburg will check whether this works for them. Good presentation framework, would be interesting if they can have a role in this.

How do we define Tracks? Tool? Platform?

Programme of the public presentation: question whether workshop would be interesting - in case participants create a soundwalk, what does this imply for the inclusion of external artists in the app/collaboration?

Protocol: how are artists remunerated for sharing their work? Ronny: opportunity
Severine: I thought Tracks is simply a platform to visibilize and audibilize sound walks Henry: Every platform should be responsible of fairly remunerating the artists their presenting
Gilke: Authorship rights. Sabam are not sure of how to deal with this
Ronny: Sabam's model is to claim the rights of their member (whether the latter wants or not). This is something to be solved. Discuss with Jubilee's IP lawye and jurist.

Julia: can the soundwalks distribtuted through the app also be shared through other channels? Michiel: yes, but the technical infrastructure would need to be provided. Julia: Independency? Curated collaboration is a lot of work/procedure. Huge difference whether we offer an artist a tool, or to be part of a collection. Ronny: Each of the partners will have an environment
Michiel: 3 filters. Per organisation - custom (f.e. festival, 'only sound', per language, etc) - 'nearby'. For each of the partners a page is available.

Michiel: no design available yet.

Visit Brussels demands public presentation -> budget? + 2x 2000 Culturele activiteitenpremie

Hanne: communication around sound walks, or also about the Tracks app per se?

On the agenda next time: -design (Michiel shares server spaces with mockup design) -agreement around shared ownership
-communication -public presentation