“The possible evolution of art is constrained by institutionalised written contracts. Therefor clarifying one’s discourse should be central in a written contract.” (1:41:30)

“To be the author of the contract creates new freedoms.” (50:50 )

"Le papier n'est-il pas la source des problèmes au lieu de la solution? Why don't we use this language of weaving more than, for instance, English?”

«De manière générale et par ailleurs, quand l’argument de la sécurité sort, c’est qu’il faut arrêter. Il n’y a plus rien à faire.»

“We as legal subjects are implicated in and co-responsible for the reproduction of existing assymetries of power, for instance through forms of tacit consent.” (00:16:19)

“It's a romantic idea that we as artists are not working.”

“When you preserve the forest too well, the mushroom goes away. We need to allow some disturbances.” (00:42:06)

“It’s mainly a matter of assymetry in power.” (1:00:05)