Jubilee team meeting - 22 november 2022 jesse / ronny / julie

-Artist meeting Difficult to set a meeting for November. We'll drop that, and go forward with 19 December (8/12: Dinner, 20/12: Board meeting)

-VGC subsidies Jesse checks with his friend who's in the commission

-AOP3 Newsletters Jubilee en Caveat *communication is ready.

Jesse sends poster to Danielle to print A3 pink paper. Upload on website. Call Danielle, also about Off-Off & technical requirements screening, letter Vijaj. screening 350 euros all-in mail Kristien about time slot

  • Emptor AOP4 - julie makes pad ASAP to be able to follow up Ronny makes an intermediary budget. also considering lumbung moment and if/how it is on the account of Emptor.

*Justin Malmö

-Colin - Lumbung ERG: letters have to go out today *Invitations Lumbung. There are too many people that we're interested in: who to prioritize?

ronny & vincent have a meeting later this week with mihnea mircan/ has written on the work of hans van houwelingen before stephen wright Reinaart Vanhoe & mariëlle verdijk (ook_house) subversive film someone of Ruangrupa

-Vraag Katrien SOTA questionnaire on Fair pay. initiative of Anuta of NICC to include this in the launch of the Almanac. we don't fill this in collectively - who wants can.

-Dinner 8 December Jesse invited Rune Peitersen to share experiences on self-organisation, collective functioning - he is very aware of Dutch situation and how it responded to financial cuts. Co-founder Platfrom BK. Ronny wrote to Heike to present how radical house functions. we suggest to make cheese fondue - everyone brings something to add

Prelimiary longlist: -Colin Roustan (artist and financial coordinator Gilbard) -Maria Francesca De Tullio (legal specialist, L'asilo Naples, Culture Commons Quest Office Antwerp) -Rune Peitersen (artist and co-founder Platform BK) -Jan Denoo (Endeavours cooperative) -Lara Staal (theatre maker and organiser) -Rodrigo Ghattas-Pérez (artist, Verdensfrommet, Oslo) -Els Silvrants-Barclay (curator, organiser, Permanent) -Jeremiah Day (artist, organiser, worked with Fred Dewey) -Grégory Jérôme -Guy Geypen -Marie Logie -Mihnea Mircan (former curator Extra City) - Ronny & Vincent have a conversation with Mihnea this Thursday

-Impulspremie Development filmlab long 30.000 euros max. what needs to go in the application and how? budget/ content/ coproduction agreement. Coproduction contract stating Jubilee as initiator. deadline?

-Translation Sara Martinetti offer of translator is unclear. Jesse contacts him ASAP, checking what EN reduction can mean.

-Insurance Ronny recontacts KBC

-JUM No news from Genevieve. Jesse checks: reporting JUM after inserting Olivier's figures. Impulspremie - what's needed and before when?

-Betalingen Emptor follow-up!

mail of max/ tobias/vincent: Ronny follows up meeting tobias with clementine&katya (ronny follows up)

-Report VAT declaration: 1st week December