Jubilee team meeting 30 August 2022

Present: Vincent, Ronny, Jesse Excused: Julie


Book accomodation today. Who comes: Julie: tbc Clémentine: Katya: Max: tbc Filip: ja, met vriendin Saartje Katrien Ronny Katleen Vincent Justin Jesse

Jubilee advances money, people pay back. Also for gas for cars (Clémentine, Saartje Antwerp, Vincent). People pay back from fee to participate in reflection workshop. Vincent: organise a meeting after dinner each of the 3 days. Open conversation, taking notes. A few themes should come out. Ronny: we could do that in a park, picknicking.
Write an invitation/description with the plan. Breakfast we could share, daytime + dinner plans are open to organise for everyone independently. Order books Good School for Jubilee library.


Olivier Marboeuf emailed. Genevieve is on holidays, we need to wait for her answer. Expenses should be clarified by Sept 5. Possibly a bank problem for reimbusing Plan B for dakar costs.


We move out end of September. Jesse calls Tania. Forwards info to r:v. Sends out info to Meyboom & FB.


Deadline 30/09. If late, saldo (12.000) won't be paid. Ronny adds Jubilee overhead costs & finishes financial report. Vincent didn't consult Kiosk but will do so ASAP. Done. Question for reporting has been sent to them as it is not appearing in the Kiosk.

7 Walks

Financial report done, overspent a little bit. The text report will be reread by Jesse today. So it can be uploaded today. Extra walks scheduled on 9, 15, 16, 22, 23 October in Spa.


Underspending. Extra workshop is a possibility. For instance refection workshop Documenta / Whose institution. Prolognation is pending, Robert Michel told us there will be news ASAP. Sara wrote a text, would be bringing in editor costs. 27 September: Reading Room, Andrea Fraser/whose institution - later RR with introduction text from catalogue.


Resigned from her position as core member of Jubilee. Has been communicated to the members of the board. Q: does it need to be published in the monitor?

Extra Board Meeting

Ronny will make a doodle to meet on 10 or 11 October 18-20h.


Answer Rekall is pending

Ychai meeting about future of audio-visual archive

Jesse contacts to schedule meeting

Refugee Walk

Team name: 'Frontier Walks' https://www.refugeewalk.be/frontierwalks


Vincent saw Sven & Auguste Orts. Had proposed to work on the gypsy archive of Jan Yoors (?) Ronny suggests to take Ychaï as a producing assistant. Vincent will propose them to raise their support (5000) and sees only this as a support on an upcoming research (Yoors or film project soon in discussion with Arte & TYAGN )