Team meeting 12 July 2022 Present: Ronny & Jesse. Julie for point on Emptor

Mail Genevieve Problem: Genevieve didn't get paid at all, Vincent around 25k. Director and producer normally get 10% each. But Vincent is in the budget as Director, Scenario rights, Post-production coordination with specific amounts. At this moment, there's not anything left for Genevieve. 6k has been kept apart that would normally go to Vincent but can go to Genevieve. How to balance the situation better? -> Ronny and Vincent will discuss -> Genevieve asked very concrete questions as well.

Jesse job interview VUB/Cosmopolis/ Last Friday. For "WELCOMINs" innoviris project <-> Permanent. Jesse has been quite critical of extractivist principles, yet could still be interestign if there's a lot of freedom (most important 'deliverable': policy advise Brussels Region). Currently, Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest promotes precarious temporary rental systems at real estate conference in Cannes (cfr Katleen).


a.pass, mail Lilia -> a.pass participants ok to participate/engage/propose in AOP or RR, but no obligation for all participants. ->Participate in Emptor, not the other way around. ->Kanal as external expert, not as host > AOP as starting point for something new.

Julie contacts Bas Blaasse (Hart)
OK for Steyn to write - Julie volgt op...en bespreekt 'deadline' met Bas

Question Clémentine & Patricia about publication. Interesting to publish? PDF on Caveat server, link in Trajectory.

Julie, Jesse, Ronny & Katleen back in the week of 16 August + last week august.

Future project Jesse
On the thematics of 'work/labour' (VGC?) <-> Gregory Jerome - Nantes conference around labour.

Deadlines 15/9 -VG project. Idea to have collaboration with Kanal in the context of a programme/festival around property as linked to Emptor -VGC project. a.pass, Hart, Kanal (?)

Ronny calls Guy. NB Guy G has an interest in Katya's Mother Milk project. Jesse sent him & Claire C documentation, would have meeting around 1 September.

Mail Dirk Snauwaert We wait for Vincent for input

Tracks Jesse belt Michiel Tomorrow 13/7 14h development meeting.
'Infrastructural' contract between all partners? Manage app as commons, specifying different responsibilities.

Website update Purely archival function? Also on paper. Could be a dialogue with CKV. Ronny prefers to partially spend 8000€ on that than on the website. Technical functioning should be guaranteed. €3000?

Jesse checks

Jesse's agenda Administratively nothing should change (too complicated), but limit to core business

VGC Structural Not impossible to still have some support. If Jubilee continues in some way, an ambition would be to have money for 1/3 employment contract (around 18k?).

Future bookkeeping Too expensive to continue like this, but continuation would be necessary if we have collective projects. Ronny will try to have a meeting with Pieter Van Reybrouck.