Team meeting 22 March 2022

Present: Vincent Julie Jesse Excused: Ronny

1/04 - 16-18h - NFT learning together invitations went out yesterday. Perhaps get back to each/some of them personally: invitation is framed as a newsletter, not as a personal invitation for a private event. Presentations 2x 20 minutes. good to prepare some questions

17/03 RR - Symbionts in Jurisprudence small group jesse made notes in a word document these should be in ethertoff there are also sound recordings -> Jesse uploads & edits

25/03 @ BOZAR screening & debate Vincent made 10 bullet points of relevant themes & topics video intro to the film by authors and co-director. artists and co-director will join online after the screening. extended co-authorship - taking into account the role of nature for the indigenous community - legal pluralism < > legal personality to nature - how is it settled within the project? (it is in the final moments of the film) /framed in a very theatrical/cinematographic way < > community ways of acting (Brechtian?) are performing an account of the Marron culture that obliterates the omnipresence of modern techonology & communication in present-day communities. Could be considered reductivist and exoticising if it was exclusively made by 2 white filmmakers. NB people playing their own role <-> Vincent's films -First question? Ask Tolin (co-director theatremaker from Suriname, ambassador & interpreter for Lonnie & Siebren when making the film - central figure, perhaps deserves center stage) how this process was for him, negotiating between 2 widely different sets of codes. script with community, edit by authors - what is scripted/ what is not? -> Vincent invites Laurent De Sutter -> Jesse answers Sofia Dati & reminds Melat - would they like to invite others?

25/03 meeting on cooperative - 10h Longer term questioning by Jubilee COOP <-> case of the film JUM as shared experience to look at a future concrete plan for film prod/distr cooperative.

Everybody brings their experiences/needs to the table. -> Jesse sends a reminder

Javier (director of CBA/Brussels French community distribution): these co-producing bodies offer different support services (montage/distribution)

Olivier: being present in many productions as SPECTRES without investing a lot financially - = creation of a catalogue for FR his idea is to hire Lea Morin, scholar with experience on African film, who is interested in programming - distribution is necessary for him to get money - he's working on 3/4 new films/ building a cooperative would allow to screen a program) - from cinema industry point of view: he is convinced the FR model is a good model/ FR system is a redistribution system with money coming from US (CNC - avance sur recettes - system allows for whole crews to be paid)/ is there another way to operate? is he ready to challenge the system? / by-passing existing distributors, creating new networks could be a good thing// could a cooperative be build by/for producers or by/for filmmakers

working on a specific case not to lose ourselves in the bigger system - On distributing efforts and gains in the case of the production of JUM? film producing is impossible from within a VZW structure/ how is the system preventing producers and makers to work as they would want to? how can we make our way around it by collaborating cooperatively by 'distributing' in a different way afterwards / also as a way to re-distribute, manage collectively curating touring film programs is since a long time an ambition of Jubilee/ VRIZA is also interested in doing this/ Courtisane is already doing this punctually, but touring programmes could still be interesting between B, FR, and/or Benelux

Vincent's expectation/warning: Olivier pushes technical conversation about money flows in cinema as industry Julie's wish: intentions for the future <-> experiences with JUM

1/04 deadline for SOTA almanac -> Jesse works on 1st draft Empowering Artist-run Spaces today, invites active participants in past working sessions to contribute through Google doc. -> Emptor: base on website text, complement with quotes/insights from reading rooms & NFT blurbs?

NL+FR dialogue next meeting on 28/03

Plan to apply for cultuur/culture SOTA + laFAP / using Almanac (content: 10 Almanac days 2021). Working sessions by artists in art schools as way for activating the almanac content, for (master) students and recent graduates. Main intention is to make meetings possible between different communities (FR/Dutch) Making a unified front and coordinate ideas on fair remuneration/policies/artist status

25/04 = deadline - what is possibly interesting to engage into as Jubilee? Bringing people together & bridging cultures rather master students/not bachelors - artist presentation/talks (a bit like what vlaams letterfonds offers for writers) //budget: 20k max contribution by CultuurCulture which can be max 60% of the budget, so ideally create a budget of at least 33k. Vincent: 7000 euro for translation What else is possible in financial terms? case studies? Schools don't seem to have money for this (at least KASK nor La Cambre do). Idea: involve Kunstenpunt (Jesse had good talk with Lissa yesterday) and FWB Direction des Arts plastiques contemporains (Pascale is responsible for Pôle ressources there AND is part of the present dialogue)?

28/03 board meeting & general assembly from 18h Downstairs front right room because office is still a mess. Drinks from 19h downstairs front left (circle room) - put Jubilee fridge there. Jesse organises office with the help of his friends who helped moving (volunteer fees 2x100€). -> Putting plants in bigger pots, treating light-coloured wooden table: R&K? -> Bringing & hanging posters (framed!): Jesse & Julie. Vincent as well?