Jubilee artist meeting 10/01/2021

People present: Justin, Ronny, Katleen, Jesse, Julie Excused: Eleni, Vincent

Website: -price offer website update + upgrade (see my mail of 14 December "Fwd: Offerte website jubilee") -profile pages associate artists (see https://jubilee-art.org/?post_type=rd_project)

we cannot include associate artists this way on the website. the integration of their trajectories and relationship with Jubilee is not clear yet. so we should keep this more open.

make a clear difference between collective and individual projects. all associate artists have been engaged trough collective projects. this should be integrated as such on the website. (put individual trajectories of associate artists under 'collective research') what about our support for their individual trajectories? this is linked to the collective research and punctual.

the inclusion of the associate artists on the website should be in private mode for now and can be publicly included once we agree on where we put these.

maybe there is a solution in just using different typographies.

-> (Jesse) On associate artist pages, put thumbnail to connected projects. -> (Julie) Updated text on trajectory Agency -> Remove Caveat from menu

everything should be in line with the application for structural funding

roles and position of associate artists can evolve but this is something that is to be discussed over the coming years. relationships with associate artists cannot yet be formalized (managing budgets etc).

lots of the work we do with associate artists is invisible. we should discuss these collaborations thouroughly before investing in them from a structural budget. before engaging in it there should be a collective discussion and expectations should be clear.

katleen refers to structural dossier and relationship with associate artists. this should also be clear on the website e.g. participation in decision-making on thematics for collective research reflection on conditions for jubilee's support should go together with reflection on possible evolution towards 'cooperative structure'.

to do for website: - jesse: calls ingrid to make adaptations: main page 'invited artists': active link > list of emptor + caveat artists > link to caveat.be trajectories, limited to those who were engaged as research trajectory not those invited for one presentation moment (e.g. Eva Barto, Vijai,...)
under 'projects' - delete the list of names (triage by name is possible on the main page)
remove "caveat" menu button

Emptor reading rooms 21/01 RR 1 -> Jesse books space downstairs

Laeso Summer School R&K have regular meetings with f.eks & skal. We aim for 10 days. But not everyone can be there 10 days. Part 7 Walks and part Jubilee summer school? 3-4 days summerschool lecture on Jorn + collaboration with museum (19th century local collection + possibility to work on a more international 'nomadic' presentation) Availability: Justin from 25 June
Jesse flexible
Julie until 1 July, Piet's birthday is the 25th. Vincent until 1 July?

R&K are finetuning the thematics + create collaborations with local organisations and people locals can suggest topics for workshop/meeting moments. further finetuning will be discussed in the artist meeting.

seminar in Firenze on the position of artists (mid july) (residence program for german artists - director wants to open up to other artists but there is a conflict with Deutsche Bank) V&H invited speakers (former invitation was canceled due to covid) more info follows

Application 2023-27 attachments pdfs to be put online this week.

Jubilee output: Jesse makes proposal

Publications selection of publications to be included. (jesse made short list with publications linked to Caveat - sends a reminder) artists make an overview of texts written or written about their work by others that should be included.

Artistic projects Include longer texts (approx. 5 pages by artist) written as preparation for the structural funding dossier 1 image by artist as title page Editing is needed but keep the difference in writing style as much as possible + keep EN as it is a non obligatory annex.

Interview with commission Board is invited to formulate critical questions on basis of application. Perhaps not too much response.

Ask Zeynep to read full dossier and be critical? She is the only one who wrote something on Jubilee for application. Offer a fee?
3 representatives.

New Year's drinks for Jubilee network AG & RvB in March. -> New Years drinks at that time?

Set a date for fixing up Jubilee's space

first thing - fixing the lock on the door of the office/ change the door?

Emptor Julie will propose dates for RRs. 14/01 Stad Gent visits Kunsthal, interest in archive Grace & Julie.

SPA call for volunteers to make a kadaster of pathways in and around SPA = initiated by organisation 'parc natural des sources' which is agglomerate of cities around SPA Spadel is part of the organisation 2022 publicatie 'dark infrastructures'