Jubilee Artist Meeting 19/12/2022

Present: Ronny, Katleen, Justin, Jesse; Vincent

Agenda: -Finances -VGC funding -Lumbung Forum program -Next Common Guests moment -Tracks -Louise De Bethune -any other additions?


Ronny goes through budget document. Preparation of Board Meeting tomorrow.

Uncertain factors: VIA subsidy and end-of-contract & holiday costs Julie & Jesse.

To be sorted out:
-Rent & warrants.
-Do we reduce Jesse’s contract or cut it and start a new one? Big difference for social passive: the holiday money would be paid now or later with a more complicated/less foreseeable calculation. Are there any other implications?
Either way, Jesse should go to HWV and request ‘behoud van rechten’.

Important to keep Jesse on board to help the project


News not expected before February.

The preliminary 2023 budget contains 7500 of Jubilee money, this is money that could be spent for employment of Jesse to sustain activities until summer. At that time we’ll have a better view of future possibilities, regarding VGC structural and possible VG project funding.


App has been published. There remain a few important bugs in the Android version, Echoes now about them. -> After Christmas break, call Josh referring to public presentation.

(Vincent arrives on Jitsi)

April/May: public presentation - one in Brussels and a bit later also in Amsterdam (TBC).

Meeting (live!): 11, 13, 16 January? (NB Ronny has meeting with BSB on Wednesday, tell Ellen De Bin

Future coordination: -Jubilee continues as long as it goes -Collective coordination -Justin, has been central in the project since the beginning and knows both the partners as the technology very well.

Future costs: maintenance; savings need to be foreseen. Jubilee advanced money, partners need to compensate 3600 in total. Overtoon, BNA BBOT, Q-O2. We could invoice costs for coordination and contracting.

Louise Thesis research about collective authorship. Only 20 pages. Focus on originality, could be broadened by all issues to complexify but not very extensively.

Reading rooms: Clémentine, Vijai & Heide. Louise could propose one as well? RR on Friendzoned book with Colin?

Doesn't all need to be before Lumbung Forum/AOP4.

Next Common Guests dinner

Could be a lunch on 25 after Lumbung Forum?

Lumbung Forum programme

Vincent Ronny & Jesse had meeting with Subversive Films at The Kitchen last week. Not put them in a position where they need to defend themselves, but prefer to speak about the work - what's the difference with another commission? Write to them

David Bahar is very costly and not a good idea to let him work with newcomers here without the proper accompaniment. Perhaps better to work with in the future.

Mihnea will moderate a conversation with Hans and his students after the screening.

Global south is well represented in current programme draft, but not Africa. Christian Nyampeta could still be an option, Vincent reminds.

Too late to change programme, unless we postpone.

Questions remain: Will Subversive Film participate? When to have ruangrupa? 23rd? Also depends on Lara Khaldi's possible presence. Reem could invite.

FWB funding

Etablissements d'en Face applied project funding at both VG and FWB. One-year trajectory is possible, but for us more likely to do a project first.