Team meeting 3 May 2022 present: jesse, jullie, ronny, vincent

VH - project dossier for VG will send to Jesse & Julie for input later this week.

R&K in contact with Katie Scott (Courtauld Institute of Art) - if cartography is an historical basis for capitalism, how could a cartography be imagined to get out of cartography? https://decolonialatlas.wordpress.com/

Nadine is interested in Open Street Map as a tool. also considering Kunsthal, K-NAL and la loge as partners. History of Reclus and anarchist education in Brussels.

Katya - project dossier for VG discussed it last week with jesse and ronny. she needs institutional support for the project, if not a project dossier is no option.

VGC - emptor dossier for the 15/05 - complete overview of the budget and project incl VG reflection. specific Brussels outreach. reduced/summary of the dossier (Jesse) Julie has a meeting scheduled with Lilia on 13/05.

Question: "Whose Collection" Artists: Kobe & Grace

There's no intention letter but an email to Ronny, stating there's an uncertainty budget wise (March 2021).

involvement of KANAL in this moment? we need a discussion with the one responsible for collection there. Conversation till now is with Claire Contamine - working on the question of having 'non material' work in the collection. Work of Vincent on Wiertz...

Ronny has phone call with Guy Gypens this afternoon about mapping. Kobe also wanted to talk with him. Vincent is in contact with head of collections Jennifer Beauloye . Work towards letter of support for participation in the moment of december. KANAL conversation with Vincent about public discursive moments - next year they will focus on their 'functioning'.

Grace would focus on the work she did in Ghent: is it an artwork or a set of archival materials? Who can/should acquire it? Use of heritage by local South African communities. Apass - artists working on local community struggles and colonialism (Túlio Rosa).

Paul Dujardin is new director of Museum of Art & HIstory at Cinquantenaire, wrote about creating a place for artistic creation / Mundaneum

Conversation with Constant about an interface could be re-activated? Could we work on an interface that activates official collections in Brussels within KANAL. 1 October VGC deadline for projects from 1 January.
Julie has a conversation with Rosas about the potential acquisition by VG of the work Work/Travail/Arbeid - didn't go through because of distance between dance and visual art. Maybe question of price. But is mostly a score and a book - would have to invest again when activating.
(Luc Vandenbosch was reponsible at Rosas) Ronny recommends speaking with Theo Van Rompuy former director of PARTS.

Write sketch proposal only about and for a.pass, discuss it with Lilia ASAP, feel the waters regarding Kanal involvement. Vincent can call Jennifer

Dates Emptor September isn't possible for AOP at Kunsthal. No artists, but instituions. Each Friday in October is possible.

Dossier stops on 30 November -> Ronny asks prolongation of the Dossier @VG.

Vincent sent a text by Brenna Bendhar <> That might be right reading club <> Lonnie & Siebren

Collective writing AoP 1 Julie wrote a basis

Put it in the Ethertoff Ask artists, dramaturgs to contribute: collective moment, orchestrating collective writing?

Hybrid writing: include images? Clémentine makes documentation of waffles Tobias & Jens: family law/foster parents > artworks Steyn/Vincent: land instead of territory (Glissant, Entretiens de Baton Rouge/animist take on landscape)

Text Patricia Couvet on Clémentine's practice Not analytical enough for Caveat website, but good introduction for general audience.
Jesse looks into it but it seems to be too late to publish in HART (online).

VG structural Vincent send a little mail to Mieke Mels to test the water, but no answer. Ronny saw Els, Els called to Mieke - didn't want to say anything.
Mieke isn't on our newsletter list. Christophe is but never reads.
Vincent prepared a call to Hans, will call perhaps today: -sent repliek, but don't know the agenda. When is the meeting? -we could not change budget or put it in attachment -Ultima -New organisation Femke Geyselinck applied with new organisation, positive. Myriam Van Imschoot: ditto, Newpolyphonies, we're a partner in her project (Justin)

SOTA ALMANAC nieuwe final deadline 15/07 propose hybride & co-written versie van verslag van eerste assembly. architecten + cartografen.