Jubilee arttist meeting November 26 2021 present: jesse, katleen, ronny, julie, justin

  • on organigram: we made some live adaptations justins sends new version

  • associate artists also need to have a place in the dossier in the part on the collective research projects, with some names Miram van Imschoot can be included as one of the confirmed associate artists for the collective research that Justin is coordinating. she asked us for an intention letter.

  • history take out the 'only artist within jubilee' in justin's part on the overview exhibition part on polyphony is still a bit strange but we should re-read and see where we include it in the dossier maybe it's better in the synopsis (with cross reference to the history)

  • Ronny is writing 'abstracts in bold' + synopsis these can be added for 'quick reading'

  • we still have too many signs/ 5 pages to be precise

  • on the visual lay-out it could be an option to include some of the text in image not to overdo the number of signs we need: a cover: the jubilee clay tablet + the quote is a good image visual interruptions: after each question a one page image of one of the artists' trajectories/collective projects we need 1 per artist - 1 per collective research *OSP visuals on jubilee activities the visual regrouping all activities is maybe too much Jesse suggests to take different projects in the drawing and maybe link them the the online archive on the Jubilee website we could include this 'all' visual as a last page with an active link which allows to go in it and zoom in. it's better not to cut it up into pieces per artist and project - it's a structural dossier so we should focus on the collective overview

Katleen: way we work with associate artists isn't clear enough: how are they selected, how can they participate/give input to research structure, ...

needs to be written in "inhoudelijke werking - reflection" Vincent: funding for collective research projects/summer schools? writes on a strategy for this - on how these moments create output and a longer-term agenda. Ronny: 24k per year. Some participation expected from certain partners.
Vincent: it would be good to apply for some more budget. Jesse: What to say about research output reflections?
Transcriptions, notes, reflection texts, sound-based reflections in Tracks (especially for summer schools which are most experience driven), "building an agenda with peers and come to some kind of conclusions" Explicate that Summer Schools, AoPs, RRs are all public.
-Katleen: Input: What do we expect from the collaboration with Associate Artists

Jesse: edit. Title pages for dossier & intention lettres, sonology (coming today), Miriam V I, Agency ( Julie sends a proposal to Kobe), Level Five, PAM, Kunsthal, Asilo, Spectre, Heike L,
Ronny: abstracts > synopsis + finalisation of the budget (we need a computer that runs the excell file!) each artist: select an image