Artist meeting 18/11

Present: Vincent, Ronny, Katleen, Jesse. Justin short Excused: Julie, Eleni

Ronny running through his note. NB: "DEF" in document title should be "DEV" for Development. The budget was compiled on the basis of the average figures of 2017-2021. Determining the time that is spent on developing and reflecting on artistic practice we came to a ratio of 3/5. Jubilee has maintained this ratio to attribute an amount to remunerate different aspects of these activities. This amounts to 156 days of remunerated work, to be divided as follows: Collective leadership: 2 days / month / artist (24) Initiating and/or participating in collective research trajectories: 2 days / month / artist (24) Associate artists and researchers: 2 days / month / artist (24) Development of individual practice: 1,5 day / week / artist (78)

VIncent: we are a sort of "poisson pilote", preparing models. We should invent a system that could be an equivalent of tax shelter for visual arts but then based on cooperative(s). Ronny: Yes we should work on that. There are also bad examples: Copper & Light, see our mail.

"Middelen onder beheer" €55.200 - 60% of artist production budgets managed by Jubilee. 60% is what we consider development and reflection (!) Co-productions

VIncent: a lot of the proposed activities are part of R&K's networks and interests now. Not everything should be about cooperatives and social-economic conditions.

Summer schools: 4 proposed now. 1 missing. Vincent could suggest one. Are mostly Reflection but contain elements of Development (support of individual practices core & associated artists). Are open but should give direction to our 5 year programme. Use them as guideline to be able to structure research trajectories. For instance, just as a possible structure: 2023 L'Asilo - collective project I & WE 2024 Brussels/Spa/Ostende (aka Moeraske Zeetje Bronnetje) - with (F.eks and Skal) on R&K's proposal 'Learning through the Soles of our Feet' 2025 Montavoix (Jura) - which collective project? 2026 Sonology - collective project Sounding Public Space 2027 PAF - collective project I & WE

Reading Rooms are more ad-hoc, pontential to go into topical issues. Reflection because only about larger questions, not about individual practices.

Assemblies of Practice: in collaboration with institutions, on a small number of practices. Mostly Development because it's concentrated work with acouple of peers and other specialists on individual practices. Contains element of reflection: choice of the artists for each session is in function of a certain thematic that the Assembly directly or indirectly reflects on (and there will be written pieces about each session?)

->Which artists do we invite? Associate artists from Collective research projects?

Justin: let's take a moment together to work on the organigraphs. -> Tuesday 23, 9:30h

Next general meeting: Fri 26, 9:30h

discuss points that seem not final that come up during Dutch translations of all material discuss present

NB Eleni's opening (26/11) is rescheduled to Saturday 27 during day time.