Jubilee artist meeting 12 November 2021

Present: Justin, Vincent, Ronny, Jesse, Katleen, Eleni

Missing: - connection with own artistic practices R: the 3 pages per artist are intro -
herein we should add which formats (RR - summer school - AOP), tools (tracks, library) and collective projects, would be useful to work with. this will allow to make cross-connections between jubilee and the individual practices -Jesse: proposals for 'collective research projects' should be more detailed in terms of research (sub) questions, methodology, objectives - public output overviews per year + statistics & highlights

Budget: - detailing for the first year so that it does not become a generic document / income and distribution of resources important to allocate funding for artists in operational level to financially translate the narrative on 'artist run' organisation - remuneration for participation in artist meetings / remuneration for 2020 will come later because we don't know how much we'll receive from VIA

  • dev. & refl. = 3 d./week
  • organisation = 1d./week this is funded by an input (3 days) by the artists/ it is not sure if the government accepts this as 'own funding' at the moment we make visible the investment of the artists. (unpaid work)

because 3 of us are independent, Jubilee misses income. apart from this there are different scenario's possible for creating 'income' in the organisation: - Jubilee collects the income and redistributes, could become a cooperative (=a company)
in the currently proposed situation, cost to develop would be covered by Jubilee.

possibilities: - raising the membership fee to 250/month (but it's unlikely that we will get 1 day a week per artist - but we should insure that all logistical work by artists is paid) if this 1d./week doesn't come through, a raise of the membership fee is very difficult - working 3d./week (dev. and refl.) but payment of 2d./week which means 1day/week = input in the organisation - recuperate the development costs (payment for the individual artist) in production phase e.g. in case of an exhibition try to negotiate an extra fee for the development (a 'communication to the public' licence fee), apart from exhibition production and artist fee

overview of past 5 years - R calculated on basis of an average of these activities

If Jubilee budgets 22k per artist for dev and refl, it's logical to negotiate a return for Jubilee from prod and pres. At least 10k? Depends on amount of prod and presentations

Jubilee's analyitical bookkeeping as a tool of 'credit' per artist where balance doesn't need to be equalized each year, but a buffer. Vincent: but I don't pay per year, but per project. Starting your project can be on your own resources, if there are costs this can be advanced through the mutuality of Jubilee's bank account, as long as there are budget buffers.
Jubilee doesn't seem ready to follow-up budgets in a way that is necessary. We need to have someone on top of budgets.

R: we can work with budget per project. today it is followed up in the framework of the total budget. V: for JUM there is still a problem today - in the future there is more support needed in follow up of budgets

Budgetted for each artist: 1 day/week development & reflection 2 days/month for 'leadership': artist meetings, retraites, summer schools

Input budgetted: 250/month membership per artist 3000/year contribution by production/presentation partners (per artist practice =R&K are 1)
(input from the past years - make difference between artists and then average to explain the difference within the organisation and also the principle that everyone contributes according to its own possibilities and practices)

But each artist's situation is different: output and turnover differ a lot. Fix membership fee, but contributing more to the organisation if there's more work done for you.

Katleen: risk of participation artists, "artist works for free". Ronny: it's an investment. And that's the reason for looking at becoming a cooperative. Certain types of income could be invoiced by Jubilee, others directly by artist.

Eleni: collectivity through difference. Jesse: differentiate prod/pres contirbution per artist practice on basis of past averages

Eleni: let's bring more bridging between individual practices. Eleni
R: list made by Vincent on how to zoom in on the data of the past years V: most important data are the Flemish organisations we've collaborated with - each artist could make a list of this and collaborators (depending on the quality-term of the relationships). Maps of Belgium, Europe, world? E: for me it's about the making of 'casting call' and everyone who was involved in PHD 2 layers: collaborators and acknowledgements V: e.g. new babylon - lots of people are connected - does Jubilee have anything to do with this or not?

Add funding bodies? J: let's keep in the fact that artists take on the process of production as individuals - Jubilee is linked to this process by supporting the development V: we cannot say it this way - because last 5y. most of the work has been produced by Jubilee - the production issue cannot be solved by leaving it to the artist to deal with R: as long as we don't explain what we mean by 'production', there are possibilities to support it from within Jubilee V: the flemish government has a clear understanding of the term - it is impossible to outsource everything because then you loose the possiblity to earn - this possibility is in the production phase not the distribution phase. how can we have examples that have been achieved and are speaking for the turn we want to take with Jubilee for the future? make them more readable in the dossier. Where is the inventiveness and creativity that has been fueled by Caveat for the operational level of Jubilee? -> Should be part of the section "how do you guarantee the quality of the accompaniment of artists?"
Vincent: idea to write 4-5 lines about each other's work, as beginning of the bios. R: there is a lack of visibility of board members - ronny would like to propose tothem to write about 'why are they part of this organisation?' Or "what is Jubilee for them?" V: maybe we should ask more explicit questions and make the dossier less 'functional' and more content-oriented R: let's do this - add a detailed, personal, artist practice linked question to the more generic

Vincent: create more references to individual & collective practices in text on Jubilee (overhead)

we keep writing in doc's (with comment notes) - Jesse will make an edit in Dutch, he will be the voice in the dossier, except for the artist contributions (these remain the voice of the artist - who will translate? - Ronny thinks about the possible new intern)

COLLECTIVE PROJECTS REDISTRIBUTION of values break down into different trajectories: - I & WE - sounding public space - cooperative trajectory - new glossatoren?

R: different letters of recommendation - F.eks - Agency - Maria francesca - Orphans - Tracks partners to be addressed: - Kunsthal (Eleni) - Joep (Eleni) - associated artists (yes - to ask them how they would see this - emptor artists + lonnie & siebren)

SUMMER SCHOOLS duration?: average of 5 days

make a longer term trajectory by spreading the invitations over a longer period e.g. danish coming to Belgium not in 2023 but 2024 where to host them? Spa might be an option if the cooperative manages to buy the building it will be available for precarious rent during a certain period

I-WE could take place in 2023 at PAF, Eleni prefers to organise it in Greece there is no funding but maybe possibilities to share resources with small local organisations (not necessarily cultural organisations) maybe PAF is too much in the art's already

Justin's proposal is also possible for 2023.

R&K are working on a proposal in Finland

Possible locations of Summer Schools: -PAF -Spa -Institute of Sonology -Greek Island
-Wim Cuyvers Montavoix (Jura)

TO DO: - artistic contributions: link to collective projects > different formats (summer school, RR, AOP's) (all) - feedback & add suggestions for collective projects: sub-questions, methodologies and objectives (all) - calulator (R) - letters of interest for individual and collective practices (all) - ask board for contribution (R) - approach associate artists to ask how they would see themselves engaged in the structure (J)

Planning rest of November: 22 start translations 25 pre-final dossier
26 meeting to discuss 30 finalize