Jubilee artist meeting 04 November 2021

Present: Justin, Vincent, Ronny, Jesse
Excused: Eleni, Julie

End of last meeting https://ethertoff.caveat.be/w/jubilee_artist_meetings::2021_10_28.md Ronny recapitulating: if there are producers who'd like to produce a project (for example JUM), development costs need to be part of production budget. So coproducer Jubilee could invoice a part of the development costs to producer. But there would not necessarily be enough money for that. We could write a Jubilee policy about that, but it's not evident what Julie proposes.

Perhaps VAF development still possible - but according to Ronny perhaps more difficult than it is for an artist to acquire a fee.

Informing the Board

Organigram: circles! 3 diagrams: classical one (earlier version with timeline and connections of decision making) + spatial one with circles + output (in abstracted form for future?! <-> output 2017-2021)

Jesse: Mission and vision are still missing. Vincent is an artist statement but doesn't describe an overall statement on the organisation.
Ronny: vincent's text is a synthesis on artistic research - not a synposis of what jubilee is. Jubilee is more than that. Mission and Vision are already in the texts but need to be extracted. Katleen elaborated on Vincent's text, could be used as basis for Mission & Vision.
Extending the scope of AR is problematic, because of the academic / neoliberal angle (which is the governments point of view).

Katleen: the visienota is ambiguous on their relation to AR. Landscape commitee will select organisations (in a second round) to propose funding for. (this needs to be checked)

Cross- and trans-disciplinary approaches are undervalued in the dossiers, so it's possible that the landscape committee will pick this up . So it's good to stress this in the dossier (without applying to that committee) This can refer to collaboration with humanities but also to sound / performance / publishing practice.

Ronny - this is a really good basis for arguing that we can leave production because of the diversity of practices / knowledge.

Katleen - has explained this also in the new introduction.

Ronny: Financial model has to align with the work. - Robert Michel say it's about connecting the numbers to what you're doing in a clear way. We can go away from a balanced situation in terms of development and reflection. So more money can be allocated to artists development.

artists remuneration: - organisation level 12x 350

2/3 (14000) -> individual

If 1/3 of an artist's budget 7000 would be earmarked for collective reflective moments, and someone doesn't participate, what do we do with that money?

it could go to a pot of money (urgencies) - ext or internal.

2/3 -> individual

Vincent: my plans would describe themselves in the transdisciplinary piste. Jesse: how about your relationship to the collective research? You propose a lot of invididual plans but no collective research. You can certainly be very active within one of the collective projects proposed, but we do have to propose the outlines a programme 2023-2027. Perhaps some collective research projects could be more than one year, but it would be an obvious possibility that you propose a trajectory. Vincent: distinct individual programmes and collective research. Who runs/defines collective projects? Julie suggests that Emtor will be only a one year project but I would see it more as a longer project. How are these projects going to be run? Ronny: In the beginning of Jubilee (projects with F Wust for instance) collective research project were also because we could apply for budgets for it. We hired someone external to run it in dialogue with the artists (also goes for Florence and Julie).

Ronny: I & WE for me was more like a theme than a defined project. The cooperative project for instance would also fit in. But it also feels as a handy way of getting funding for a small clique of friend artists. Maybe Eleni intended it also as an invitation to contribute. David Aubin is speaking about a permanent education project.

Vincent: AOPs would be more stronger under a theme of for instance "redistribution" - counter to start-up culture (of privatizing commons). What is think is interesting in ELeni's proposal is the methodological issues. Has to do with tension we all experience in our collaborative projects. How can we invite all artists to contribute to this project? Methodology to collectively discuss/decide this?

Ronny: name "Jubilee" is about dept cancellation and redistribution. Eleni's I-WE proposal is her articulation of this. VIncent's proposal of cooperative with Olivier Marboeuf is an articulation of this. Our civic think tank in Spa is an articulation of this.

Vincent: dossier should begin with elaboration of our name and how it's relevant for the present society, organisation and art practices.