Jubilee artist meeting 1 October 2021

Present: Vincent, Ronny, Katleen, Jesse Excused: Julie, Justin, Eleni


Ronny signals that last report(s) sometimes shows discussion more than the actual content. ->Note taking is a collective responsibilty, check every 10-15 minutes whether everything is there.

Core artists & guest artists: how to deal with relationship?

Emptor and other long term collaborations: working with artists, how to valorize & visualize them? Possible problem: expectations can be raised by those artists if we communicate about them as if they're part of Jubilee without clarifying the relationship & respective responsibilities. So let's make a careful plan about how to visualize, and not only on Caveat website. Development of the organigraph & network visualisation could be useful exercises to do at the same time. Also important because we should how how much work we are doing with/for other artists than the 4 core practices, not 'structurally' but certainly long term - Kobe, Katya, Grace, Clémentine, maybe also Orphans, Lonnie & Siebren, as well as Tracks and other future collective (research) projects.

Jubilee's logistics were originally developed to support the practices of 5 artists and have gradually grown into an operative framework with a collective program that makes it possible to empower other artists and a larger community.

Ronny: Jubilee can be compared to Kunsthal: not all artist that Kunsthal works with are on their front page

Jesse : Yes, but the way our front page looks now puts too much emphasis on the 4 singular practices. I don't know what would be the best - take all names off the introduction on the front page or add all other names in a new way, or another intervention, but it's crucial to avoid the impression of self-centeredness that one can have now when learning about Jubilee. Ronny: we can solve that easily by creating links to description about the artists in the section collective research trajectories. Just like at caveat.be. We are good at hiding for Caveat for ex. produsers : should be more visible at first glance. Rather than defnining identity as "produsers", "guest artists", etc: describe it as a relationship/collaboration through their liasion with Jubilee, for instance: "long term relationships with the following artists"... Now on the website the collective endeavour seems to disappear. Make collective program much more visible.

Vincent: our communication is much better (more visual) than others. Our activities need to be more in the picture. When Jubilee is a project partner, it should be better visualized by those whom we work with. We should be more assertive about these kind of things.

Metadata ('tag') system like in caveat.be? Overview with projects + list of people involved: click on one and then becomes apparent how he/she is involved in the project

Ronny: Wouldn't it be more interesting to have our names in the very end (credit/team page) like at an institution's site, rather than on the front?

Central question for us to solve: What is Jubilee? That's what we/dossier/website should communicate. -> Not singular identities, but the collectivity of the research platform - who and why they're involved becomes visible when clicking on their names. Not only artists, also Julie, Jesse, Jeanne? Only the "researchers" including artists, dramaturgs etc?

Vincent: There are always guests & hosts. Core artists & members. Other institutions host us as their guests as well.

COOPERATIVE as an option for production?

Vincent: Olivier is setting up a cooperative with which to distribute films

Ronny: crucial problem with Jubilee's own income. Income will be more and more invoiced through arists, so Jubilee will run more risk. Jubilee could work towards becoming a cooperative. We've always been talking about J in a cooperative way. Could be a research trajectory.

"Produced by Jubilee" won't be possible anymore, but "Co-producted by Jubilee" is, because what happened as development is part of the final work.

How do nadine, Spin, Q-O2, etc deal with 'function within function' on the level of finance? Especially production is tricky.
-> Jesse checks!


Continuity approach: past, present, future -> organic growth See: https://semestriel.framapad.org/p/outlines-structural-application-jubilee-9puz

Katleen: organisations and projects in the commission "Transdisciplinair" are underrepresented, could be interesting to consider applying there. Ronny: but the people in that commission don't know visual arts.

To understand how we need to/can deal with functions Development & Production: JUM as example. Development -> deal with other (production). Return on investment for 'developer'? Difference in needs for production - we outsource this. Devopment and Reflection are part of the dynamic of production.
How do we accompany artists into the production phase ? <-> Julie's plan We respect indivuality of the moments (film, walk, book,...different media) ORGANIC PROCESS1 -> redefine (for ourselves/for administration) the relationship development - production (<-> Julie's proposal for future of Emptor)

Jesse sends new financial spreadsheet xlsx to Ronny