Jubilee 22/09/2021

1/Mission & vision -> achievements & (social) impact : to make clear for the Admin how relevant we are for both the field and for society. Notably to legitimate a rise in funding asked while government is neoliberal and highlights cultural enterpreneurship (eu funding, co-productions, crowd funding, etc) as ways to bridge the gap between fair payment and the budgets they make available -> how does this relate to our long term strategic goals -> our position in the landscape -> how is Jubilee different from the other vzw's that will be applying -> Organigram / Network : what is our relationship with artists outside the core (Emptor, Tracks?)

2/Functions Development and reflection. according to jesse it's not so hard to argument the change of production to reflection

Definition of Developt : -content: quality of research & experiment -quality of accompaniment, support, development -vision on ambitions/outcomes of the project and the contribution it makes to the tajectory of an artist

production : to scale up / to find the skills -> we outsource

"ONTWIKKELING 1° voor de functie ontwikkeling: a) de kwaliteit van het beoogde artistieke onderzoek en experiment; b) de kwaliteit van de voorgestelde initiatieven ter begeleiding, ondersteuning en ontwikkeling van een artistieke praktijk of carrière, een artistiek talent of oeuvre; c) de visie op het beoogde resultaat of het beoogde einddoel"

Julie > could the artists set up a collective research dynamic ? Eleni : like 3 people who might be interesting to bring in such a dynamic. Ronny : to provide fundings for ourselve : it's already a big challenge ! If you have structural bugdet you can not apply as individual But we could still do it as "production" project. Development and reflectionare much harder to get, most of the time they are valued lower. Convincing for "before" and "after" the production & presentation is more difficult.

Function within function: for ex Nadine not a presentation function but they make presentations : they test the work that ahve been developed. That's a good way of framing/legitimizing it. Public output (still part of a project in devopt : like 7 walks in Spa)

"REFLECTIE 5° voor de functie reflectie: a) de kwaliteit van de beoogde reflectie over de kunstpraktijk of het kunstenveld; b) de mate waarin de beoogde reflectie betekenis kan hebben voor het kunstenveld; c) de kwaliteit van de manier waarop de reflectie verspreid en toegankelijk wordt gemaakt. " -> = a collective practice How to make it visible? (caveat & emptor projects) + tracks + other researchers we support + Summer School How to make a context for this collective work? Values we contribute to society -> this impact (to define)

3/Financial - Budget The financial side of this will be more difficult to argue. The (neoliberal) policy is that "entrepreneurism" (ondernemerschap?) etc should fund the arts. We need to map the funds that we've generated outside the subsidy circuit of VG, VAF and VGC. How about the 7%??? Can we not use any (Flemish) subsidy as own income?

Fair practice is obligatory Paying artists is a must Jambon accepts to shift part of the budget to visual art (Ronny estimates that theater will have to work with less-> 25% + for visual arts )

Ronny started with a calculation : 1 day / week as artist which mounts approx 16.800 € / artist This would double our general budget ! Artist-run dimension : work for Jubilee as organization or in collective endeavours (not for everybody !) - the extra time would be for practical work - logistical - communication - admin - meetings.

Ronny proposes that each artist lists what they would be developing in the next 5 year and how reflection is part of this. How do you and your project(s) take position in the landscape? What is the content of your practice - how is it relevant to the national and international landscape? What makes you tick? On the basis of this, a calculation can be made with the wage calculator oKo is developing. (Hours of work and type of activity.)

We contribute enormously to the values of society - but we don't capitalize on that.

Structural collaborations with institutions - contribute to budget? Kunsthal development programme, for instance?

Probably NL based artists can still apply individually for subsidy if there is a relevant connection to Belgium (e.g. an exhibition, etc.)

In project applications entered by artists individually, especially for production: Jubilee covers 'ins' and 'outs' of this practice (development, reflection but also admin, bookkeeping, archiving and communciation) - now the production needs to be supported.

How do we talk about our "contribution to society" & "impact"?

Collective research projects

Emptor will be finished by the end of 2022, we should come up with new chapter/project/trajectory for Caveat/Emptor.

Eleni: thinking about a research project. 1 day doesn't cover the research project that I am thinking of. How can I involve other(s) (and who) in this? "Jubilee as a place were we think together." "A space where I can work with others."
Would there be space / finance for this project within this budget?

The choice not to do production is that it allows artists to apply themselves. And it's difficult for individuals to apply for development / reflection. Better to do this collectively.

Ronny: Long-term strategic goal: remuneration of us.

Vincent: There is a great richness in diversity of our connections with for example academia. Worried about lack of support in production. We need to talk about how we will deal with production and agree about this among us.

Ronny: our production needs are very different - this is why it's difficult for Jubilee to do this for all of us. To be defined clearly : what can be expected.

Caveat and Emptor thematise the reflection issue but there could be other ways. And how do we do this collectivisation as artists (apart from emptor etc). Jesse: Casting Call/Corners of the Mouth is a good example of this - reflecting on collaboration itself. We also need to expand the renumeration rhetoric to include others (collaborators, the whole field?). Otherwise it just looks like we want to be paid by the govt. Whereas the societal impact has to be clearly set out - also in our long term goals.

Corners of the Mouth as a collective research project within Jubilee could work as a think tank - it would involve a certain number of people (open structure or not?) Open!

Involvement Julie. Jubilee supports development, also collective endevours that can be seen as reflection as well. What could be the role of Jubilee in accompanying projects from development to producting/presentation phase? Jubilee sat around the table for JUM, from a develpment context supporting Vincent working towards production/distribtion phase. If Jubilee is involved in Development, some return should come in Production/Presentation contexts. Vincent: Jubilee plays main role in seperate part in contract for what's happening in museum contexts. Julie: This idea should also be relevant for non-audiovisual practice. When you're receiving a fee in a presentation context, what regard is there for everything that came before production phase?
Vincent: We should look at everything that has already happened/achieved around this issue. Ronny: For this dossier we need to consolidate what we managed to accomplish. A summary of modus operandi. We need to fill in the gaps - they have not read about e.g. Caveat. Need to make visible/transparent the lack of funding for things that we've been doing the past years. Collective reflection on negotiations done by individual artists. Within negotiations, pause and turn to inner circles. Julie: maybe focus on agreements.

Long term goal: Where do we see Jubilee in 2027/28 ?

Ronny: -Jubilee may manage to install a form of research which is not covered by institutional field - precarious & disputed ('art is failed if it has no end product')
-Jubilee may be able to develop a sustainable economic model as mirroing image of collective reflection. -Artistic research would be considered a valid & complementary form of research (and mirrored in economic return that it already delivers to society). (Innoviris: humanities can't cover all fields that artistic research can.)

Eleni: -Jubilee could find new ways of thinking how to come together with others. Thnking how art can help changing the conscience of people? Thinking about the roles of the self, the other, the collective to enable awareness and/or change? What is the role of an institution/artist-run platform in raising awareness, ? <-> art as state of execption?!

For inspiration, the question from commitee member of Eleni's thesis: "Rather implicitly the thesis argues that that the space of play and, related to this, the fictional character of modern art both facilitate a parrhesian attitude. I think this is correct, but play and art, like carnival, are also cultural-social 'states of exception'. Powerlessness is the price to pay for being able to tell the truth within these spheres, a paradox that has berefited the 'Dadaist undercurrent' from the outset. The thesis could have dwelled a bit more explicitly on these issues."

Julie: Thinking of the discussion around Artist Placement Group: what kind of organisation is possible? Could Jesse & Julie be part of organisation to allow for other disciplines to be part of collective research? Differentiate from other organisations? Not employer-employee relationship. It shouldn't be the artist who's in a state of exception, in an 'artist statute' - but artistic research as a possibility for non-artists as well. Difference artist researcher and legal advisor researcher.

Collectivity (unemployment, artists statute etc.) is put into question by the Ggovernment. How do you calculate the contribution of art (and artistic research) to patrimony.

Vincent: For me personally, this is a period of redefinition. I have been researching many different projects. One linked to architecture, another to cinema. Jubilee: a keyword that seems to be missing until now is "self-respect". We need to avoid sacrifice - advocate in dossier in very positive way. Paradigm shift: legality of practice (<-> state of exception, however confusing it's been used between Schmitt, Benjamin & Agamben).

Justin: I have support of various kinds that will come to an end around 2022-23. New Babylon & Tracks are getting into something that I can't really define yet - perhaps I take up a role like a curator? I could work more at the conservatory but I don't really feel like that. Research along lines of education but outside of institutional education. Developing something (perhaps with Tracks) with sound in public space. Including remuneration in that idea would make it a sustainable endeavour. Artist members and team members are all in Jubilee together (- how do we see the knowledge dynamics?) How to deal with production? Vincent: externalizing is always possible. Solving it internally is more interesting, but you have to be ready for it as a structure. All main research trajectories take (at least) 3 years. This shapes the way we (should) approach(ed) the present dossier. Eleni: after PhD I could go into teaching but I'm not looking forward to this. Vincent & Ronny: let's invent a new school <-> dialogue a.pass. Eleni: I agree, to my understanding part of development and reflection in and through Jubilee would involve what education could mean and how we can develop other ways. Ronny: lets ask ourselves with whom we want to collaborate? Ronny: outsourcing production does allow us to scale up. Vincent: Let's use that idea for the dossier

Katleen: Next year we'd like to organise a summer school in Denmark (anarchist examples in education). Infrastructural critique: connection our work to Jubilee/SOTA, inspirational exchange between art & activism.
Vincent: Collective/collaborative, possibility to come closer together -> Justin & Eleni expressed a need for a place/project/locus for exchanging, and I'm not sure whether that should be Emptor. Gallaitstraat could have been.

Jesse: Coming years I would like to continue developing this: -Brussels artist-run network <-> collaborative reflection artist-run spaces/ collectives/ sturctures in Brussels, Flanders and Europe-wide (reflection) -Level 6/Meiboom (development + presentation) -SOTA Almanac (reflection) -Tracks (development + production + presentation) -Workshops fair payment? (refelction). Actually this is education but still relevant? Develop with Jubi artist -PAM pm's? (development). I just do this a tiny little bit but still relevant? -Permanent? (reflection). I just do this a tiny little bit but still relevant? -Potion Cinema? (presentation). We could define this presentation + development) --> how do all these things contribute to the collectivity of Jubilee? How do some of them intergrate into Jubilee's strcutural working? Be selective

Jubilee in the future: To be able to apply for production as well in 2027. Work toward this by: -Interrogating relationship development-production (Julie's idea for future Caveat/Emptor chapter. -Applying for production of collective projects. Other long-term goal: European project on (economic) role of artist-run structures for members, audiences and others.

Ronny - you need to figure out what are the common elements and logics in this list. What do they share and how do they relate to Jubilee? The dossier needs to speak about structural levels of engagement.


01/10: 9:30 meeting. Before this: outlines of answers in framapad https://semestriel.framapad.org/p/outlines-structural-application-jubilee-9puz 14/10, 9:30 meeting. Before this: proposals sturctural & aritstic plans ready 12/11, 9:30 meeting 01/12, final deadline

Things to do in the meantime: -Definition relationships wiht 'second circle' artists (and other researchers), and work towards a visualisation of this on website/other communication.
-Organigram & activities/network visualisation. Check in with Gijs. -Collaboration agreements.