Jubilee daily management Meeting 17 August 2021

Present: Ronny, Vincent, Jesse Excused: Julie

Agenda: -JUM technical dossier VAF -Clémentine/Florence -Dirk De Wit -Statuten -Watou -Spa -Dossier Kunstendecreet -Kiosk -Artist meetings planning -Ychaï -SOTA -Verslag erfgoed VGC (VH project Brussel) -Verlenging doorbraaktraject VM -Permanent

Vincent leaves for Sao Paulo 26/8 - 8/9

JUM technical dossier VAF Need to sign but Sari is on holidays until end August. Ronny can sign in her name. Jesse uploads & calls to apologize for delay. Genevieve makes sure that there's a signed copy. -> Jesse checks whether digital only is ok.

Clémentine/Florence Jesse sends polite reply to Florence. Clémentine's question about VG Beurs application writing on RR CAP budget: OK. If Jesse: CAP budget through R&K's presence during RR. Otherwise: Laurens Otto?

Spa Orphans 10-11 sept Ciap 12 Apass 15 (evening) - 17 Jubilee 13 & 14 or 18 & 19? Vincent worked a lot on La Charbonnerie a part of VH's research.

Els Silvrants entered the Board of Bozar.

Dirk De Wit Invitation for a panel. 8/9 is only possibility for R&K. Ronny checks whether Julie is available as well.

Statuten Jesse checks what's the problem now again.

Watou Contract hasn't been solved yet. Vincent wanted to send 2 invoices to Watou: 3000 fee 3600 + VAT for costs But in contract it's stipulated that 3600 is including VAT wheras oral agreement was that it would be excluding VAT. Didn't send invoices yet. Ronny proposes to send them a cost note. Willl call to Benedicte G first to see if we can "break the stick in the middle".

Dossier Kunstendecreet Function 'Reflection' possible thanks to greenlighted Emptor reflection project application. Is there a preview of the application already? Nothing at oKo website. Jesse checks with Katrien.

Ronny's idea of solving impossibility of project funding through the organisation: Hire artists 1,5 day per week for Jubilee, 1 day per week for own projects (or other way around). -> Necessary to really define the tasks for Jubilee (compare to employees of (big) houses) Vincent: summarize/evaluate how it's worked out that we're so successful. Network - both local and international. Local: important for facilitating external artists (Caveat/Emptor) and Tracks.
Need to reserve time with Gijs to visualize network.

Kiosk access Checked with Vincent's Itsme account - Jesse still doesn't have access. Can't find a way of giving admin rights to Jesse & Ronny.
Jesse calls Katrien.

Doorbraakproject Ronny called Robert Michel, project can be extended max 3 years until 1 month before original end date. For Doorbraaktrajecten, contact Peter Hinoul. Ronny will call.

Artist meetings/retraite planning 20/9, 13h 18/10, 9:30h 15/11, 9:30h

Tracks Possibility to invite other artists, especially who work on artistic research that could have an audio as output. Ronny: possibliity of not having sound, only a map with information. Jesse about Gary Farrelly's soundpiece on the Congress area. Vincent: probably not difficult to find budget for this, but it's about selection and quality: how to find works keeping artistic consistency.

Video archiving and distribition Renew agreement with Ychaï, or send invoices when work is done?

SOTA Kobe's proposal is difficult

Verslag erfgoed VGC (VH project Brussel) Jesse downloads and sends to Ronny.

Next meeting daily management: 24/8, 9h? Check with Julie