Jubilee retraite February 22, 2021

Proposal for agenda -Internal rules, new proposal by Julie -5th artist or collective project? -President Board -Structural funding: If we decide to apply with an overall budget covering overhead and project budgets: how to decide on division of the project budgets? -...anything else?

-Internal rules, new proposal by Julie Julie: It's important to define the decision making mandate of the Artist meeting. Ronny & Vincent are also mandated to take decisions. Also Quattro meeting. Difference between "Responsible for daily management/operations" and "Responsible for decisions of / speaking on behalf of collective artistic research" ?

Daily operations: quattro meeting, executing decisions made in collective & make suggestions towards collective meeting: the relationship is two-directional Spokespersons for Daily Operations & Artist Collective with signature mandate: RH & VM

Julie: Ronny and Vincent

artist meeting: two parts: one pragmatics 'other: wider artistic scope twice per month: one of which - 'Retraite' - is driven by questions about positioning Jubilee

Advising body twice a year to discuss Jubilee project plans alos to advice us on difficult artistic choices with regard to our individual plans... Julie: equal share to be able to continue research. Project budget divided upon opportunities. Ronny: part of the budget should be distributed equally. Other part according to necessity

Joint members/toegetreden leden: could be Emptor artists, Jasper, ...

-President Board

koen brams (art history) pascal gielen (sociology-commons) rudi laermans (sociology-dance) nico dockx (artist) anne-marie croes (cultural policy) zoe gray (wiels curator)

Rudi Laermans seems to be a very good option. May be seen as an adversary by right-wing politics. very knowledgable about the landscape. / Flanders.

Judith Wielander with Matteo Lucchetti responsible for Visible, award. With Nico Dockx coordinates post-master programme in Antwerp. Has an international profile which could be useful if working on a european project. (e.g. Emptor)

also possible to ask eg Judith to be a member of the "advisory board"

Katleen contact Rudi

  • Office

Leakage and Entract' not supportive.

viewing a new building = close to Congres -> Boulevard Pachéco 34 Rental price : 7 € / sq M Works in the buildings next to it ?

  • Guest artistis

in & out on thematic basis caveat & emptor from a distcnae : how to come to a point -> visibility sarah final text has arrived research trajectories -> publication ?

5th artist or long term collective project?

Ronny: with present capacity, 5th artist isn't really a possibility. Guest artists from caveat / emptor should have more visibility on the website.

Katleen: maybe make a differentiation with jasper (like julies idea about joint members). Not necessarily support all of their projects, but creating longer term relationships with artists. For instance a project, or involving them in programmes, ...

Vincent: difficult to just consider artists part of the website and communicate about their work - needs to come back to Caveat website. Jesse: Other good example is Clementine Vaultier, part of Orphans of Tar, now support by Jubilee for her A/R project. Vincent: But that's not granted yet? Ronny: Not yet. But I consider it also an opportunity to create possibilities for younger artists.