Jubilee artist meeting 8 February

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Proposal for agenda: -Comments report of last meeting -President of the board -VM JUM : announcement, promo, press, march & june
-SOTA developments: artist statute, Still Standing protest (Katya Ev performance Netwerk 20/2), event Kaaitheater -Tracks Beursschouwburg -Culturele activiteitenpremie -JB: Listening in the time of corona, event rescheduled, 11/5 -EK: The Corners of the Mouth event 3/3 -VH: Triennale Brugge -Caveat/Emptor -...any additions?

President of the board Dieter withdraws his candidature. Personal life suffers from professional overdemand in relation to Covid. Motivations to choose either/or : profile ? Admin : Saartje & Katrien other profiles : Anne-Marie Croes, Koen Braems (UG, Efap), Christoph Rausch (Dutch, Maastricht U & JVE + Tilburg new Phd + free port in front of Boymans & VB> art & economy), Irit R (visual culture at Goldmsmith)-> content speaking partner not governing aspect of it

Different kinds of profiles: - someone involved in the Flemish art funding situation. (Anne Marie Croes OKO) ( could be a way of expanding the OKO focus towards Visual Arts) Katleen: position of contact with politics, very open. But cannot openly lobby for (for instance) visual arts. Therefore, K doubts whether she would be interested because it might stand in the way of her other activities. - belgian academic profile (Koen Braems) - NL academic profile (Christoph Rausch) - international academic profile (Irit R) Ronny: fairly good chance that she would say yes but wouldn't often come over from London. Katleen: COST funding caused EFAP to fall flat a bit -> disruption but Irit reactivated R&K's working group. Good relation with her now. Vincent: EFAP about artistic research but risk of academisation of practice. R&K have been very aware of that.
Vocab in Efap : R&K nearling running the group. E : Psdt should be connectd to Brussels? Should be aware of local complexities? R: We have 2 people on the board for that, Irit would be more like an 'honorary president'. International profile. E: I don't really know her but she will bring her own very large professional profile...don't know whether I 'll like her. Dieter was interesting because he's both international and has good knowledge of local circumstances. V: Risk with Irit or Dieter is their connection to intellectual discourse. We draft our thinking of what we do ourselves, also in conflict or opposition with academia. We need to be able to phrase it.

V: it could also be an artist "of a certain age" who could play the honorary role... Boris had the quality of working in different fields. Eleni: the president needs to be able to listen above all. Ronny - i can't really think of an artist who would fit. The game was great Ronny: At the administration, no one knows Irit Rogoff... Justin : somebody interntionally interesting. Arno Van Roosmalen: worked with Netwerk, is there an equivalent person in brussels? , involved with art on a paractical way, involved with insitutional discussions with authorities, R: A 'practical' profile doesn't add so much to what we have, whereas a 'theoretical' / academic profile is lacking now... Julie : bringing an academic and infusing practice into theory. Someone who knwos the context a bit, used to translanting content to an organizational level on status. Engagement is done by some artists, not the core of Jubilee R: I do think that we have researching policy as our core business - Caveat etc. K - we are in between the artistic and the policy levels - jubilee is inscribed in SOTA to do this kind of work. we as researchers find it interesting to focus on the position of the artsts. - also with artists statute / decree. The borders become fluid between reality, speculative and the artistic. Julie: the board... it's the general assembly that creates the direction - the board makes the decision - it shouldn't just be someone who is involved with content. President will remain someone with a leading role on the board. It should be someone who understands the context. V - look at who might change / leave in the board. at the moment we have a good balance. we should reopen the discussion to the level of the whole board. R people can stay for 3x 4 years. V - its goood to take the temperature - just to see if there might be some opportunity for change. *French speaking Connection, International profile/main Flemish institution. Vincent will pop the question. Boris will stay on a bit longer but we need to keep this discussion toward reaching a conclusion around the time of the next Board Meeting 29 March EVERYBODY should share their ideas / proposals for the president / profile. K - also the question of Jasper. does he want to stay or not. When we come to writing the dossier it's important to know. Vincent will call him to talk about this.

VH Invitation by Bassam El Baroni for exhibitioins Bourges (La Box, July) and in Oldenburg Germany (Edith Ruß Haus, October) and a book contribution on Infrastructural Critique It came through a book sold online by Jubilee -> invitation purely based on content

Juste un Mouvement Olivier hired a press agent in Paris. Genevieve considers hiring one in Belgium. Jubilee handles Dutch speaking press & VAF relationships. Cinema release is unlikely even if theatres reopen (too many films waiting), so looking at (S)VOD possilities - possibly more than 1 platform. Genevieve isn't expecting a lot of money from the distribution of the work. Vincent is in contact with Avila (Brussels, from people behind Sabzian) interesting in Flemish context. Festivals: Berlinale, Doclisboa, Ann Arbour. Screening Dakar? Exhibition: Sao Paulo, Vincent is looking for more. In case JUM gets selected for Best of Berlinale, it will be shown in cinemas in June.

ELENI Step by step Rapporteur meeting with Edwin Carels (VAF) on Friday. Vincent: Listens a lot, into theory, very smart. Try not to make it too complicated. Relate to the specificity of the work. Show enthusiasm about the project. Edwin is knowlmedgable about theatrical dimension of cinema. Also early pre-cinema. Part of Animism project of Anselm Franke. Programmer of exhibition part of IFFR. Relationship between performative dimension and film, situate yourself in that. Clarifying dimensions, to what level does cinema bring something new to what the performers are doing / what the spectator is experiencing. GSARA resurfaced, we could re-apply our February 2020 dossier. Manon Bovenkerk (Nearbyfilms) is interested in a collaboration but not sure what she could contribute. Mondriaan Fonds De Verbeelding could be a opportunity for her. https://nearbyfilm.com/portfolios/manon-bovenkerk/ Vriza could be interesting, too. The Corners of the Mouth: 3/3 online event with Philippine, Gosie & Samah.

JB Listening in the time of corona: Rescheduled to 11/5. Justin thinks of writing an invitation to the 3 participants to propose a work. Interdisciplinary research group (Conservatorium & KABK), first meeting: 4 researchers. Close meetings + open sessions (roundtables, public presentations). Period: around a year. 1 day/week. Paid. + support for travel. Artistic research as a paid position! Others have a phd. -> none of the artist is Dutch (Lindsay Housden music/architectyre -> good connection with Justin's work, Jed Wentz a american musician (acting and early music), Thalia Hoffman form israel (o friend of Eleni, working on meeting with artists and things coming out conversato-> resonance with Jubilee )
-> this could be open for Eleni next year if renewed, it is a pilot experience.

WATOU Visit next week locations with Emilie. Ultramarine/Blues Klair installation. Possible launch of the Blues Klair book this summer (proposed the idea) on In march in Brussels . Not sure about budget. Interesting context because of connection with poetry. News about book (printing now) probably this week. Could be presented at Watou but possibly also in Brussels in March. Vincent is part of an event with Manon De Boer

Bruggge Triennale Discussion to set up a public moment in September connected to R&K in Spa -> first Dialogue Create a public dialogue. To be followed. They also mentioned the possibility of a walk, not entirely clear what their idea is. R&K proposed two different budgets.

EMPTOR Julie: Conversation with Alicia of CIAP. Interest in VH's 7 Walks & Ciel Grommen's project. Liesbeth Huybrechts, professor architecture Hasselt. IP Kunsthal: Grace's working period is defined, after summer. Kobe, Cooperative: meetings with legal researchers who might become the core members co-founding the cooperative. More difficult to engage collectors, curators etc. Going slowly, but it's interesting. Meeting Ciel tomorrow, notion of property as living on site. To what degree is authorship claimed on things created, such as an oven? <-> Clementine. Will bring in contact. J met Steyn Bergs. (teaching in karslruhe, not yet finished his Phd) If we wan tto apply for reflection, bring art historical perspective a bit more. To apply project funding for VG -> March (or september) Considering writing on katya. a.pass with sofia

Katya -> sent 2 mails (about Netwerk 20/2 performance + Reading Room (postponed) planning Ronny : people hire themselves in Japan for 90€/day-> you can rent someone (like in Alps by Lanthimos)....simple short answers only and only there-> a physical presence

OKo -> enquete to fill in

Grace -> answer / Bozar
Paul Dujardin remains at Bozar as a sort of advisor (100th birthday of Bozar). Grace's Carpet <-> Broodthaers 1968 intervention Jesse will reply to Grace's email (from own point of view)-> euh... V would prefer a Jubilee answer as linked to discussion : let's sit and talk withtin Emptor frame .

Culturele Activiteitenpremie update Granted: March 3 The Corners of the Mouth (Eleni) March 26 Caveat Reading Room: Orphans of Tar April 26 Caveat Reading Room: Rising Warmth May 11 (rescheduled) Listening in the Time of Corona (Justin) May 15-16 Public presentation TRACKS app May 20 Enactment performance Katya Ev

Postponed: February 5 Caveat Reading Room: Doing Nothing (Katya Ev)

Not granted: April 16 Caveat Reading Room: Agency