Jubilee retraite January 2021

Present: Jesse, Julie, Justin (the 3 J), Eleni, Ronny, Katleen, Vincent

Excused: Jeanne, Jasper (2 more J ! ) ?

Note : Jubilee -> is your first name start with a J ? Then you belong a minority or you might have been inflitrated. :-)

Provisional agenda

-Structural funding / Strategy -> Within a possible structural funding from 2023 onwards, no more project funding can be applied for. Instead, we'd apply for overhead costs + average project budgets all at once (around 300k average 2017-2020)....How do we see this?

Julie looked in the draft of the new Decree J : Not prohibited to apply for both (§4. Kunstenorganisaties kunnen naast een aanvraag voor de subsidies,vermeld in paragraaf 3, ook een aanvraag indienen voor werkingssubsidies als vermeld in hoofdstuk 4") R : it is prohibited " you cannot combined' ("Art. 11.§1. De subsidies, vermeld in dit decreet, kunnen onderling niet gecombineerd worden.") J : only not "for the same program" Katleen has a meeting with Bart de Vos (Kabinet Jambon Cultuur) K prepares a list of questiosn to ask for Tmr Cabinet sent a document (uitvoering besluit-executive order) the decree is a skeleton, executive order will be added R : in the past you canot combine (a project can only apply once : not permitted different grants for the same project /different moments ) ex : travelling + publication for the smae project -> Essential question

Article 11 : "it cannot be combined" to show differnece berween art organization adn commercial / private bodies (like galleries)

R : let's assume we cannot because that"s what we heard so far It's still a relevant dicussion : arguments for our choice R in touch with Hugo van den Driesse (founder & still working for oKo): combination implies risk, as subsidies are usually not granted 100%.
Possibilities for a raise ? Organization are encouraged for not asking for more At Oko rhetoric but no dynamic to "ask for more in the visual arts" (because visual arts work in bad condinations) -> Jesse checks with Anne-Marie through Midsize Strategy meeting. Really aware about invisible work Tsunami of unpaid work (info went to Vl. Parlement - commissie sociale zaken - issues in arts and in particular in visual arts)

Stopping the groing part going to working subsidy organizations Support artisi directly - >OK But the question is Who is in the organization ? Supposely supporting artist individually -> invisibel free labour here again BUT with us, artist-run org, some of the work in Jubilee is shared -> STRONG argument for our mode of organization Disbling artist-run alternative management structures would again obscure all kinds of work done by artists (professionalisation)

against our mode of organization = problem of renewal they feel like the artists build up something for them -> fixed structures Overtoon is a healthy situation : it is clear. When you're paid for your work, you are described as undynamic K : if we apply for bigger budgets, we would pay artists ? R : pay artistic meeting for ex. only, very limited -> Time spent to write artisict projects -> constantly struggling with formats (finetuning your project-> time invested in trying to find funding) We need to discuss how to share if we would achive this J : what it would mean to ask for structual funding (werking subsidies ) ? R : Theater companies do collaborative work (ensemble of collective) but more artistic director invite other directiors to come and play in his house. We could present ourselves like this. Big advantage : more autonomous, the discussion about internal fucntionning and not about finding money all the time.

K : we need to avoid individualist "scenario"

J : In Jubilee, what is the goal -> need for a more common narrative.

 V - we have to convince the commission by keeping / stressing our openness - following on from Caveat / Emptor - a Network where a lot of people thoughts and knowledge meet. A diagram of all the people connected. 
 it's not a scenario about 5 people. we have to claim the uniqueness. A network in an ecological sense.

R : rahter than a network, we function as catalyst organization (bringing experts together)

reconfigure how visual art can work together

 jesse - i identify with the idea of a chemical process as a metaphor 
 Jubilee = as a vehicle (make use of the engine and the energy that sets free a format ), 
 creating places on the bus
 ex : Clementine Wauthier writing her A/R

 R : how we differentiate (words and their use)
 what is an artist in J ? 
 how is that function ? 
Uplifting / Upgrading in terms of reach out/ambition -> collective

E: we have been extending the social role of art

investigate together (people get implicated) our practices = different narratives developped and interconnected

     Unity (values) and diversity  (terrains, and hospitality) is what we are looking for. we can maybe find some other metaphor. 
     V - redesigning / rethinking the role of the organisation. Also we need to organise a format so that we can share things (work that stays invisible to each other). like the Retraite - it could be a way to discuss the foundations and the common values .

     we need to shape the (5) different kinds of narrative and show the links between these practices. Formalise the narrative around values. how can we defend Jubilee as something which it is not (5 individual trajects only-> very different than this ugly words : management bureau that we've been refusing from the start !)

     Jesse - we need to include the financial background to doing all these projects that go beyond the individual artistic projects.

-> see attached Julie's and Ronny's proposal, as well as in this pad: https://ethertoff.caveat.be/w/jubilee_artist_meetings::21_01_2021_internal_rules_document.md +oKo's 10 principles of good governance

Ronny has gone through the internal rules document and related it to the 10 dimensions of good governance.

Lidmaatschap: Eleni Jasper and Nav are not official members - this needs to be fixed

we need to put the Jasper Question (and replacement) on the agenda for the next meeting. Replacement would be an occassion to make Jubilee a more diverse organisation. Julie- the might be a reason to have working members and "other" members

Artikel 4: - diversity clause needs expanding roterend lid - jaarlijks is too often to bother changing stuff. replace with a maximum of 4 years.

we need to change (check) the statuten so that board members can be re-appointed twice.

evaluation: president questions the members (self evaluation) which will then appear in the report of the meeting.

question about dagelijks bestuur - should the makeup be defined here? Julie thinks that it's better not to. dit wordt uitgehaald -

We need to think about how the artistic direction would work / decision making particularly if we receive structural subsidy - how to make plans about how to deal with money / projects in the eventuality that there is not enough for all the artists projects.

what is the procedure for defining urgencies?

julie - maybe for this document it's not necessary to define this.this should be about general principles for good governance.

mediation can be a possibility in the last resort.

prepare for the next meeting.

-Varia: Invitation Grace Ndiritu / BOZAR (see below) 2 questions : Jesse : problem of accountabilty of Bozar mistreating interns and problems linked to governance -> do we remain alibi for big insitutions ?

Julie : beware not to overload the program with her or is she looking for a brainstorm with us

K : Ilaria worked with Pompidou (email sent to Jubilee but no reaction) "Artworkers Italia" working on fair practices want to work interntionally SOTA is on the website Is Jubilee want to be part ? Project : Hyper-unionalization -> bringing together artists from Europe

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